A couple days ago we posted how to get Lean Pockets for just $0.78! Score this same deal with a new printable Target coupon! See how below:

The coupon policy at Target doesn’t restrict the use of a coupon on an item made free by a promotion, but remember that your store may refuse to accept it.





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15 thoughts on “New Lean Pockets Coupon, Only $0.78 at Target!”

I was coming here to say the same thing! I just purchased my 6 boxes last night. Hot or Lean Pockets are $ 2.04 ( I grabbed a limited and it was $2.19) with the buy 4 get 1 free deal at Target. I then used 2 of the buy 2 get 1 free coupons and they both rang up at $ 3.99 NOT $ 2.04!! I also had the Target coupon, the mobile coupon on frozen foods and cartwheel. I made the cashiers head spin with all of my coupons but I made the deal work!

I lost my Target coupon $1/4 so I paid $1.78 for 6, i also got catalina $1.5 off 8

It’s because there’s a manager at the Target I went to that day who is a real stickler with coupons. A few months ago she wouldn’t let me use 2 Suave coupons because she insisted 1 per purchase meant 1 per transaction & then laughed at me when I told her my daughter was the second guest for my extra Target coupons. When I called back the next day to complain about her I talked to a different manager who said a guest = a paying customer. I try to avoid that Target whenever possible, but I just so happened to be near that one…I was just happy they didn’t hassle me over the B2G1 coupons & I got the deal I did!

You can stack a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon and a Target Cartwheel offer.

Went today & got 6 lean pockets & 6 regular hot pockets, used 4 of the B2G1 free coupons, the $1/4 target coupon & the 5% cartwheel on both varieties & my pretax total was $2.41, so about $0.20 per box!! Great deal =)


Could the $1 off frozen food item from the mobile target coupons be used for this deal???

Yes, I’m pretty sure you could even use the mobile coupon along with the $1/4 coupon since you’re buying 6 =)

thank you @kcl-4db0728a01ac2eabb22a58f3a299a723:disqus I haven’t had time to go yet & I’m glad because now ill use the Schick Hydro Silk deal as well! Hopefully all goes to plan!

You could use it instead of the $1.00/4 if you wanted to. You could not use them together because the coupon policy at Target restricts using a coupon on items that are made free with a coupon and the 2 of the items are free from the two manufacturer coupons.

I don’t know how this all worked out.. but the only beeps the register made were about the B2G1 MQ because they scanned in at $3.99 instead of the value of the product which was $2.29 here in Chicago. My cashier just pushed a button and they both went through. This was how my deal worked:

Buy 4 Lean Pockets and 3 Hot Pockets – $2.29 x7 = $16.03
$16.03 – $2.29 (B4G1 Store Deal) = $13.74
$13.74 – $1/3 AND $1/4 (Target printable coupons) = $11.74
$11.74 x 5% (Cartwheel) = $.59 = $11.15
$11.15 – $1 off one HP/LP (Manufacturer catalina I had from Target from June) = $10.15
Use (TWO) B2G1 coupons which scan at $3.99 off = $2.17 for all 7 or $.31 per box

Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets are separate Cartwheel items. If you want to use both they take up 2 slots.

Yeah I just found this NOW that I am HOME. Blech! It’s okay tho, my 12 hot pockets only cost me 42 cents because apparently the guy goofed and instead of doing b2g1 free, he accidentally took off the full $3.99 w/ each coupon, plus I had catalinas for $1.50 off 5. 2 of them.

Not a bad deal!