Save $0.30 per gallon on gas just by shopping at Kmart! Shop Your Way Rewards members who spend $50.00 or more at Kmart stores will get a coupon for $0.30 off per gallon at checkout. Redeem the coupon at BP or Speedway gas stations. Check out the details on the offer at





There are a few details to note:

  • This offer is only available for in-store purchases; you will not qualify for the coupon if you shop online. 
  • Redeem the coupon for one fill-up at BP or Speedway. 
  • At BP there is a 20-gallon maximum purchase, and you will need to enter a pin code inside the station before filling up. The pin should be printed on the coupon. 
  • At Speedway you need to be a Speedy Rewards member, and you must scan the coupon inside the station before filling up. 
  • Speedway limits the coupon to a 15-gallon maximum purchase.
  • There is no end date for this promotion. We’ll let you know if we find one.

If you aren’t a Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards member, sign up online or at the register at checkout. Click here to learn more about maximizing your savings at Kmart.

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7 thoughts on “Kmart Gas Promotion—Save $0.30 per Gallon with Purchase at Kmart!”


The only BP near me doesn’t accept this deal. They have a sign taped at each gas pump that states they are not participating in the Kmart deal. Bummer!

That is so disappointing!

Can the $50.00 be reached before coupons?

The Kmart site states “Purchase requirement is before taxes and after other discounts”

My experience has been that it’s before all mq’s, but after any Kmart q’s. What is really cool is that their BOGO free deals count for the full amount of each item—I guess the computer doesn’t take off the free item until they hit total maybe, not sure. When they have BOGO’s on vitamins that I like I stock up and easily hit 50.00 for the gas deal but after bogo’s and mq’s pay very little out of pocket.

Great input! Thanks!