This coupon is still available, and we have a new $0.50 Ibotta offer to pair with it! Go to to get free Lance XTra Fulls crackers. Click on “get a free sample” and a free product coupon will print. Then use Ibotta to turn this freebie into a $0.50 moneymaker!

Some readers have reported issues using this coupon. Though coupons for free items are against the general Walmart coupon policy, this coupon is specific to their site and only redeemable at Walmart. Try calling your store before redeeming for an easier checkout.


Lance Crackers XtraFull, 8 ct $2.78, regular price
Buy 1, 8 ct any variety, Earn up to $0.50 with Ibotta
Use FREE – Lance Crackers Xtra Fulls, Up to $2.78, Redeemable only at Walmart – (
Pay Nothing, Submit for $0.50 Ibotta Credit
Final Price: $0.50 Moneymaker


Thanks, Reader Jessica

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18 thoughts on “Moneymaker Lance Crackers at Walmart!”

Everyone – check your local Walmart – these crackers are ringing up for
$1.00 at my store in NJ! I had six of these coupons and she took the
$2.78 off of each one!

ATTN couponers: winn Dixie has them on sale right now for 2/$7 and i used 2 of my coupons stating that they are worth up to 2.78 ech but my winn Dixie took off full price making them FREE!!!!!!! good luck !

I have been to 2 Wal Marts in 2 different cities with no luck. Where else have others spotted them? No Winn Dixie in my area.

And it printed twice! I only expected it to allow it to print once. Hope I can find it now.

I tried my Wal-Mart here in FL twice and they only carried the regular lance crackers!!! disappointing… maybe my publix has them i hope!

I bought this over a week ago and still had the receipt, so i tried the Ibotta offer and it worked!!! a week later :) I also redeemed it yesterday which gave me a surprise Christmas in July bonus of 25 cents

It should work. The coupon doesn’t say free, rather save 2.78. No different than save 3.00 on a product that costs 1.50.

I used mine at Publix. Crackers were on sale 3/5.00.

Love to try this

I so was wondering if this would work esp since I got mine when the offer first came out but IT WORKED! AND I earned the Christmas in July Bonus for an extra 25 cents- I know I don’t have to explain that every little bit counts to couponers ha ha

Thanks for the tip on the Christmas in July Bonus! Every little bit DOES count! :-)

I bought the crackers early this morning then got an update from ibotta about new products. I was excited to see it was there! I was gonna post about it but you guys are always on top of things. It wasn’t a planned ibotta trip but i was excited to get an extra $0.75 on a free item today :) (I got the christmas in july bonus as well and i didn’t know about that one either)

I love the way the crackers taste. We picked up the peanut butter filled ones and the extra sharp cheddar cheese ones, Yummy..

My coupon for the free Lance crackers is a manufacture’s coupon – can’t this be used at any store? I’m hoping to avoid Walmart because they always give me a tough time, even with basic $1.00 off coupons!

sorry – manufacturer’s

I cannot find it @ my local walmart.

my WalMart had them on a end cap near the sodas…. ( they only had peanutbutter)

Mine didn’t have them either, in Cali. They didn’t carry the brand.

Mine got them in a week after the coupon expired! The manager says usually the bigger stores get the new products first, mine were on a square “cracker” rack in front of the milk