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4 thoughts on “Free Colgate Toothpaste with eCoupon at Kroger!”

As many of you know, Pizzaz is a very curious person. Pizzaz is interested in finding out what would prompt Colgate to sell it’s toothpaste in a 4.6-ounce tube. Why not just round it off to 4-ounces or 5-ounces? Why such a precise amount as 4.6-ounces? Was 4.5 not enough? Was 4.7 too much? It may take a lifetime, but it is now Pizzazezz life mission to find out! I’ll keep you all updated.


It has to do with the ratio of fluoride parts per million.

According to the America Dental Association:
A 4.6 oz tube of NaF toothpaste (1100 ppm F) has 33 mg F/oz X 4.6 oz = 152 mg F. To meet FDA regulations and to bear the ADA Seal of Acceptance, OTC toothpastes must have less than 276 mg F per tube.


Now I have nothing to do the rest of my life…thanks a lot Xena! 😉


how about….. Why did they choose the colors red, yellow, and green for intersection lights. And why a hexagon for a stop sign?