Skinny Cow single chocolates are ringing up at $1.00 each, when you buy two this week at CVS. Pair this with the buy two get one free promotion and a buy one get one free coupon in last weekend’s inserts to score six Skinny Cow single chocolates for only $0.16 each. Confused how these all work together? Here’s the line-item detail:


Buy 6 Skinny Cow Singles, 0.5-2.17 oz $1.00, sale price through 8/3
Buy Two Get One Free through 8/3
Use three B1G1 Free Skinny Cow Singles Candy, 0.77-1 oz, up to $1.09 from RP 7/28 (exp 9/15)
Final Price: $0.16 each, when you buy 6


Thanks, Reader kellylynn18

Skinny Cow Chocolate Bars are just $0.09 at Rite Aid this week!

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13 thoughts on “Skinny Cow Chocolate Singles, Only $0.16 at CVS!”

Could be, but there were two RP inserts that week. The Skinny Cow coupons were on the front page.

Thank you. I have been trying to figure this one out for a while and it was way over my head. Going to CVS at lunch time. Keeping my fingers crossed that I did it right!

Love it! Thank you!

Yesterday, I purchased 6 at Rite Aid 0.59 cents each and used 3 coupon for $1.00 on two. I paid only 0.18 cents plus tax. To me they were free.

hi guys, ok so im the one that sent KCL this deal and its super simple. basically go to cvs and get 6 skinny cow candy’s. you give the cashier 3 bogo skinny cow coupons and you will end up paying .16 per candy. or if you dont have 3 coupons you can use 2 you will just be paying a little more per candy if that makes sense.

Worked like a charm. You can do this w/ the m&m’s coupon from RP 7/14 too! I love stocking up on chocolate! :-)

So which is cheaper and wiser? CVS deal: in one coupon you can get 3 but pay $.33 ea or RA $.09 in one coupon you can get 2.

I’m confused!!
Wouldn’t it be b2g1 free “cvs ad”
B1g1 free coupon
$1 each bar,
So i can get 3, use 1 coupon, pay $1 making it $.33 each. Help! Thanks

I’m wondering the same thing! I only have 2 coupons and I don’t get how these b2g1 deals work with bogo coupons.

Well you should get 3 items per coupon. im not too sure about the price tho. I did this deal. I use 1 bogo combined with their deal b2g1 free. So i got 3, handed the coupon, took off $1.09 and i paid $.91 for 3. SO its $.30 each

So if I have 3 coupons I should get 9? I actually have 4 coupons so 12??. Someone HELP!

they are $1 each = $6
2 are free from CVS = $4
3 are free from the coupons = $1
1/6 = .16cents each. Although, I think it might be less since the coupon is taking off 1.09 instead of 1.00
I did this deal today.

lol i am assuming this is the deal i sent you guys but my username is with kelly with a “y” not an “i” lol