Stack a printable manufacturer coupon, a printable Target coupon and a Target mobile coupon offer and pay just $0.72 each when you buy twelve Smart Ones frozen entrees! Text FRESH to 827438 to receive the mobile coupon offer.

The coupon policy at Target does not restrict using a coupon on an item made free by a promotion, but keep in mind your store may refuse to accept it. 

Buy 12 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees $1.89, sale price through 8/3 
Buy 5 Get One Free through 8/3
Use one $5.00/12 – Weight Watchers Smart One Frozen Products – (
Or $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart One Frozen Products – (
And use one $3.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Food Items, limit one coupon or offer per guest, Target Coupon – (
And use one $1.00/1 Any Frozen Item, $1.00 or higher, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 8/31) Text FRESH to 827438
Final Price: $0.72 each, when you buy 12


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4 thoughts on “Smart Ones Frozen Entrees, Only $0.72 at Target!”

You aren’t, but if you notice, the post says buy 12 and the Target Coupon is only for 10, so the mobile coupon can be used toward the other 2. However, I’m going to do the deal without the mobile coupon.


I don’t get how these are .72 cents. You can only use the Frozen Item once right? or at best two if you have another phone? With those of us with only one phone I calculate $1.14 for 12 or $1.09 for 10


I was confused at first also but this is how it breaks down….
Since it’s Buy 5 Get 1 Free you calculate using 10 items (until final breakdown price then use 12) @ $1.89 ea.
$1.89 x 10= $18.90- 9.90 ($5+3+1 coupons)= $9.00/12= $.75 each


When you buy 5 you get the sixth one free. Meaning you buy 12 but only have to pay for 10. 10 X 1.89= 18.90. Then you subtract 5/12 and 4/10 and 1/1. That brings out of pocket to 8.90. 8.9 for 12 = .74.