Save on diapers with a new Huggies Target coupon! Take $2.00 off the price of Huggies Little Movers Slip-On diapers. Combine this new Target coupon with a Cartwheel offer and a $3.00 manufacturer coupon for a super sweet diaper deal! Take a look:

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43 thoughts on “Huggies Diapers, Only $3.64 at Target—Hot Price!”

That just means that it cannot be combined with any other manufacturer coupon. A store coupon is fine : )

I’m not sure how long the sale price will last. And the Cartwheel offer expired 8/3.

There is a new 5% Huggies cartwheel.

It will depend if the Catalina is a Target store coupon or a maufacturer coupon.

Good tip, Monica!

Awesome! Glad it worked for you : )

There wasn’t an ending date listed, so try to get to the store as quickly as possible : ) You shouldn’t need to do separate transactions either.

No, please don’t copy coupons! It’s illegal : (

Yep or you can print the offer.

I know that, I hadn’t been to the store yet & It was nearing the end of the week when the sales ended, that’s why I was asking. Thanks though.

Thank you!

That just means you can’t use another manufacturer coupon with it & only buy 1 package. You’ll be able to use it along with the Target one =)

As long as the catalina says it’s a manufacturer coupon then yes. Target spits out both store & manufacturer catalinas, so just check them! =)

I’m wondering how long this sale is for too, it doesn’t seem to be posted? I would imagine you could do them all in one transaction since the link in the post says the Target coupon has a limit of 4 per transaction. Check the MQ coupon though.

Bummer!$3 coupons say can’t combine with any other coupons so I couldn’t make it :(

Tree is right! That’s just a fancy way of saying not to use it with other manufacturer coupons.

I did this deal today. Had to go to a Super Target because the other Targets in the area stopped carrying size 5’s in the bags only boxes. :(

I’m trying to get 2 pack of the diapers – I have 2 manufacturers coupons and 2 Target coupons…is there any issues with using cartwheel for more than 1? I am completely brand new to the coupon world and am wanting to make sure I don’t go to check out and not have something right. Thanks!!

No issues! Cartwheel applies on up to 4 identical items. Check your receipt just to make sure it came off though :)

You’ll be fine!

Ladies, just noticed when I went to brick coupons, it says offer has ended. wierd.

Ladies, I’m going to a baby shower and pampers are always a good gift. When I click on the coupon here it shows $2 not $3 value. ?

I wish they would reset the diaper coupon! I only have access to two computers – I don’t know how the rest of you do it!

You can go to the library and it should be only a few cents to print something and you can get more coupons that way I know lots of people that do that

I actually did try that and unfortunately my library does not allow me to install the coupon printers required to print! Oh well, I am happy with the savings I did get from the coupons I was able to print.

Yeah some do and some don’t it just depends.

I only have 2 computers too. I know some people are able to print from work & you can ask family members/friends to print for you or trade for them on KCL’s FB page…I don’t personally like the idea of trading the printed coupons though since there are people who think it’s okay to photo copy coupons & they can trace them back to your computer!

Perhaps a friend or family member would print for you?

Technically, you could, but that won’t be honest, now would it?

Yes, load Cartwheel to your phone and show it to them while checking out.

Awesome deal, wish mine didn’t have a sensitive booty for this type of diapers! Great find on the Target Coupon!


So I can use different printed off coupons ? one from target and one from the above listed sites and they will accept that ?

Yes. Target’s coupon policy states that you can use 1 manufacturer coupon, one target coupon, and one cartwheel offer. Although, the % off from cartwheel will be applied on the amount after any target coupons.

Yep, you can “stack” coupons at Target as long as one is a store coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon.

no they’re always the same, store coupons are not unique

how many times can we print the target coupon? i printed them twice however when i compare the bar code number it appears to be the same number. wont this cause a conflict at the register?

you can get two per computer. they are all the same, some targets only allow one per customer as stated on the coupon. my target does not limit them. i used 8 a couple days ago. 4 like target q’s per transaction, had two transactions.

I think you’ll be fine.

I don’t see a Target coupon listed here? Am I missing something?!

Oh I see it when I click on the $2.00 one. Duh :)

I forgot to add “target coupon” to the write-up : ( Thanks for catching that, Jenna!