Take a trip to Walgreens, spend $30.00 and earn an additional 5,000 Balance Rewards Points today, tomorrow and Saturday! This offer is only available in stores 8/1 – 8/3. To snag the extra Points, submit this Walgreens coupon at checkout. 5,000 Points are worth between $5.00 and $6.25! Read more about the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program. Here are the promotion details:

  • This offer can be used one time per Balance Rewards member.
  • You cannot earn Points in the same transaction in which you redeem Points.
  • $30.00 must be spent in a single transaction.
  • Reach the $30.00 threshold after Walgreens coupons, sale prices and discounts. You can reach the $30.00 before manufacturer coupons.
  • Print the Walgreens coupon before visiting the store. It must be scanned at checkout to receive the extra Points.

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40 thoughts on “Earn 5,000 Extra Points at Walgreens—Three Days Only!”

Went to use my Pediasure voucher for WIC at Walgreens today and to my surprise I earned 8000 points with the $30+ coupon earned 5000, so 3000 points for the Pediasure. Although it is in next week ads. It gave me the points. I use the point to get some baby wipes for free.

I believe it will work, however I see that others have said that it won’t if it’s from the same manufacturer. I’ve only had that problem if the RR I was using was from the same manufacturer AND for the exact same $ amount. That said—not sure if it’s worth risking it unless someone can tell you that they did it and it worked out OK.

if you need to stock up on dawn right now is the perfect time to because you can buy 31 dawn dish soaps for $31.00 and use 31 dawn 50 cent off coupon and pay around 15.50 and receive 10 dollar register rewards and 5,000 points

This week I got a coupon for $30.00 off Phillips Norelco SensoTouch 3D. However, this coupon is also working on the Norelco electric razor and the Norelco Body Groom, both on sale all month for $34.99. I used this 5000 point coupon with the Norelco coupon making it free after my employee discount!! I bought three in consecutive transactions and snagged 1,500 points!! YAYY!

Do you know if this coupon is one per card? Just wonder if I can use one this week and another one on Sunday. TIA

Apparently people have used more than one and got the points each time….but it is only valid through Saturday so it won’t work on Sunday.

Trying to figure out a good deal to earn these points—haven’t figured it out quite yet but thought I would share a ‘good find’ that I will be including. The Freeman Barefoot Repair overnight foot cream has been on clearance for quite awhile for around 7.50 and in the Diabetic Magazine that you can find in store there is a $5.00 off coupon. It’s not specifically for Diabetics, just Diabetic safe. Anyway, I’m not diabetic and I love this stuff—really works on rough heels! And if you haven’t done the rebate on it yet there is one in the box, although it is an after coupon rebate–but still makes it free. :)

does anyone know what the limits are for the register rewards and the balance points are? I mean if i buy 5 of teh same item and that item gives me register rewards will i get 5 of those rewards or is it just 1 no matter how many of the item you get? also same question for the balance points?

I was told that only one RR will print no matter how many you buy, the cashier’s tell me to split up my transactions so I will get all the RR’s I want. The points are the only ones that will be added for all qualifying purchases (even in one transaction).

The post above describes the answer to that question.

Walgreens makes it so hard to shop with them.

Question about Walgreens. i got the $10 RR from the P&G deal yesterday. I know I can’t use the $10 off on that deal again and receive another $10 RR. If I use the $10 RR with this deal to cut down on my OOP (I haven’t really done any planning yet, so I’m not sure if I will use it on this or not yet), should I stay away from ANY P&G deal that gives RR?

That’s right, you won’t get another P&G RR if you pay with the one you got yesterday. You will, however, earn more for other non P&G products.


Does anybody know if the $30 is before of after manufacture coupon???? Just want to make sure……

Before manufacturer coupons but after all Walgreens coupons and discounts.


Read the post above. :)

How about buying PureLife products and a small filler to meet the $30 mark? You get 10000 points each plus the extra 5000!

Great idea!

That is my plan, 2 Pure Life Vit 29.98, 1 Wex folder .10 & 1 Accu~Chek: 7.99= 38.07, less (2) 3/1 Pure Life, 5/1 Accu~Chek = 27.07, receive 25,000 Pnts. Should be .93MM or more (depending when you use your points & what if any state tax you pay) HappY CoUpOnInG!

Just about every Pure Life vitamins box at my store had $5 peelies so free!

Oh, I forgot about those! I did see them at my store, too!

I bought 2 of these today (with the $5 peelies) plus a .10 folder to put the price just over $30 ($30.08) and used the 5K/$30 coupon. $3 MM (after tax) for me, wahoo!

I did the exact same transaction last night :)

Haha, awesome!

Can this be used in conjunction with this week’s “Buy $30 of P&G products, receive $10 in RRs.” That’d be a pretty sweet deal to get $15 back!

Pretty sure it can.

You’re right!

I plan to purchase Pediasure for my son around $30 but the restriction on the coupon for this deal says, “point cannot be earned or redeemed on dairy.”

Does Pediasure consider and qualify as dairy because it is milk base.

I don’t think so

Ooooooh good idea! Now might be my time to stock back up on Tide :)


Or if someone has a little one, diapers as low as $3 a pack!
(3 Pampers $29.25
1 Dawn Hand Renewal $.99
Total: $30.24
Coupons 3- $1.50 Pampers,
1- $ .50 Dawn
New Total: Pay $25.24 Receive $10 RR, 5,000 BR
With BR at $6.25 max value Total OOP is $8.99!
Dawn is basically free 50% back and $.50 coupon so just $3/pk diapers!)

My little one is hairy and meows :)

i had 1.50 off manafature coupon for pampers and a walgreens coupon that was for 2 bucks off on any two pampers… i had got these instore coupons about 2/3 months ago and kept them they expire sept.

I was just thinking this same thing!!! great minds think alike 😀

Yes! Good idea!