Make any purchase at Burger King by Aug. 11 and earn 1,000 points with Plink.

That’s enough points for a free $10 gift card to Amazon, Starbucks, Target or one of Plink’s many other retail partners, just for grabbing lunch or stopping for a $1.00 fountain drink!

Plink links securely to a credit or debit card to give points for purchases. As a read-only encryption service, there are no unwanted fees or unauthorized access to your credit card. The feedback we’ve received from folks about Plink is positive. Readers say the service is easy to use, and the gift cards are always a hit.

There are no coupons or membership cards to keep track of. Simply shop and dine out normally to earn rewards. Best of all, it’s worry free. Plink has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and great online reviews!

Remember, as a private offer, Plink Burger King might not show up in your Plink wallet; this is normal. Just make your purchase by the August 11 deadline, and you’ll get your free gift card within 7 days after the transaction posts.

Get Started:

  • Visit Plink to sign up for free in under 5 minutes.
  • Enter an email address and password.
  • Link a credit or debit card to your Plink account.
  • Make any purchase at Burger King by August 11 (as a private offer, Burger King won’t show up in Plink. Don’t worry, this is normal).
  • Once the transaction posts, 1,000 points are automatically added to your Plink account within 7 days.
  • Done! Rewards are waiting.

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24 thoughts on “Spend $1.00 at Burger King with Plink, Make $10!”

  1. cheapo428 says:

    Is this offer for Burger King still good, or did it really expire on the 11th?

  2. Alissa says:

    On their website its saying the purchase must be made by August 18th.

  3. jennifer cuti says:

    What exactly is plink? Can someone please explain it to me….much appreciated!

  4. emkat13 says:

    Last time was 50 cents and I notice this says $1, can I do this again with the dollar amount or is it a one time offer?

  5. emkat13 says:

    I just cashed in my points for a Target card and it worked. I chose the TANGO CARD which you can redeem for any of the other retailers offered like Target, Rei, fandango, home depot, etc. You type in the card # and pin # thats emailed to you then click the “shop now” button which will take you to the options of choosing donate or select a gift card. Choose gift card then choose which retailer you want and the amount you’d like to cash in ALL or PARTIAL of your plink $$ amounts (nice feature) or you can redeem for cash (they take a small fee for this) THEN you can redeem online or with the stores app use it in-store. nice! Everything is emailed to you after receipts, point status, gift card, etc.

  6. mel says:

    I purchased a coffee at Burger King yesterday and have yet to see any points applied to my account–I’ll see if they are applied within the next 6 days.

  7. Jessakittyis says:

    Oh I didn’t see the Tango Card option but when I went to authorize my Walmart gift card it sent me through Tango so I think technically they are all Tango cards, Well I’ll just have to keep earning points so I can get another one right? =P

  8. Yes. Plink tracks with the card you link it through.

  9. Glad to hear things are going well for you :-) Keep up the krazy couponing!

  10. Ashley Allen says:

    It is just flat out not letting me sign up. I’ll try later I guess.

  11. rooty1988 says:

    i only got 150 points. signed up, first time and didn’t get or see the deal after i signed up. i wrote to them but the haven’t written back

    • Someone else had the that trouble as well. Plink usually doesn’t have this issue. As long as you make a purchase at Burger King by 8/11, the points should go to your account within 7 days.

    • hpearson says:

      I am not impressed with Plink at the moment. I signed up, received my points. Spent $ at Taco Bell, Dollar General, and Old Navy, received my points. I participated in BOTH the Burger King promos and have yet to receive my 2000 points. The first (I spent $.54) cleared my bank account since 8/5 and the second (spent $1.08) cleared my bank account on 8/12. I emailed Plink three times, today making the third. Still no points, no response, no nothing. I enjoy Plink but starting to get a really bad taste for it. Not happy right now at all. Is there a phone number for their customer service I can call????

  12. Meggslovesu says:

    You can use the giftcard in store if you download the Target app. It shows up on your phone screen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I only got 150 points:(

  14. Kathie says:

    Is this only for new members?

  15. Jessakittyis says:

    I signed up and went to Burger King last Thursday and had my rewards points in my account today. All I bought was a 50 cent ice cream cone and it worked. Only complaint is the lack of variety of gift cards. They advertise that you can get a Target card but that wasn’t an option when I went to redeem my points.