The digital wave of couponing has brought about more ways than ever to save—no scissors needed! Electronic coupons (known as eCoupons) can shave down your grocery bill with minimal effort.

The first step in getting eCoupons is to sign up for store loyalty cards at each store where you shop. These free cards are usually available at the register or customer service.

To access eCoupons, go online to the specific store’s website (such as or or the master list on the KCL eCoupon Database and the following sources:

Scan through the available eCoupons and select the “Add” or “Clip” button to load them. When you’re finished, go to the section often labeled “My Coupons” or “My Card” for your full list, which you’ll want to keep handy on paper or on your smartphone. When planning a weekly shopping list, make note of matching eCoupons. Make sure to have your full list handy while shopping just in case you come across an unexpected deal!

When scanning your loyalty card at the cash register (or giving your phone number) you will automatically receive the savings when making a qualifying purchase. Electronic coupons are one-time use, and at the great majority of stores, eCoupons cannot be combined with a paper manufacturer coupon.

For more on how to save with SavingStar, check out our video!


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4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Load eCoupons to Your Store Loyalty Card”

It was from last week on their website. Once I used it, it disappeared so I am not sure if you are able to still get it or if they have updated their coupons.


I have a question…I went to Kroger and I forgot that I had loaded a Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning digital coupon to my loyalty card, so I handed the cashier my paper coupon and my total was $0.18. I was confused as to why it was so low, because I was expecting it to be $1.18 with my paper coupon, but it looked like it stacked. I am reading that ecoupons cannot be combined with the paper coupon, but why did I not get the dreaded beep? I am just wanting to make sure that I am not committing coupon fraud because I am new to the game. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


It might have been a store coupon vs a manufacturer’s coupon that was loaded onto your card. ? Safeway has “just for u” deals that reduce the price, sometimes only by a few pennies, but it still makes me feel special. 😉 If you look in Safeway’s flyer, they have the “clip or click” coupons, but I’m a little skeptical as to whether they apply them or not, so I generally clip them and turn them in with my other MQs. Bonus, you get to hear the beep. 🙂


That has happened to me several times too. One time, the cashier told me that I had already used the ecoupon and gave me back my paper coupon. Another time, the cashier must have pushed it through somehow. I noticed as I was going through my receipt at home that the coupon had been taken off twice, one ecoupon and one paper. I’m surprised their system lets them do this. I try to make sure I don’t give them a paper coupon when I have an ecoupon loaded, but sometimes this crazy coupon business gets me nuts!!