If the Buy 5, Save $5 Sale is still going on at your Kroger, load some of the super sale digital coupons to your shopper’s card and stock up on General Mills Family Size cereals for only $0.79! This special digital coupon can be used up to 5 times in one transaction.




Buy 5 General Mills Cereal, 21.6 oz $2.99
Buy 5, Save $5 Instantly through 8/15
Use one $6.00/4 – General Mills Cereal, 11-21.6 oz, Kroger eCoupon – (
General Mills Cereal, Only $0.79 at Kroger!Final Price: $0.79 each, when you buy 5


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You can stack those paper store coupons with manufacturer’s coupons to save even more! 😉

They are a Kroger affiliate, so I would recommend calling the store to see how the sales pair up with the prices listed here.

Thank you 😉

The sales there are very similar to Kroger sales. Call your store to be sure! 😉

Just left my Kroger hoping to get the deal again but it was over. I was going off the date above (through 8/15). I guess each store has different ending dates?? Won’t make that mistake again. Bummed.

Each region has different ending dates. 8/15 will end the cycle for the possibility of this deal. Those able to get this deal must still be on the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event. Most regions are now in the midst of the Super Sale.

ok I just talked to customer service and she told me to go to promotions and it was there for Kroger ( click on super sale and extra savings and its there

ok I found the 6 off 4 but its under Dillons if I put it on my card can I use it at Kroger

Nice last name, its mine as well (;

For those of you who are still searching for this eCoupon, it should be available again for download after all regions switch over to the new Super Sale. Keep watching for it!

It will automatically be applied up to 5 times in one single transaction. You can use the digital coupon 5 times to purchase 20 boxes of cereal.

Atlanta, Georgia prices are the same as yours.

I can’t find this General Mills Coupon??? Am I missing it? Or has it been removed now??

Kroger has temporarily removed the $6.00/4 cereal coupon. Once your specific store begins the Super Sale that advertises digital coupons, you should be able to load the eCoupon to your shopper’s card.

Thank You!

I was still able to add it about an hour ago. I just signed in and added it to my card. I am in California I dont know if that makes a difference.

Yeah, I went last night and 2 of my Super Sales coupons that were loaded to my card did not deduct. The manager entered them manually for me.

Is this ecoupon gone now? I can’t find it.

If your paper shows the Super Sale, which is the new sale cycle, then you will not be able to get the listed deal on cereal. You can still get some great deals though!

I can’t find the coupon on the Kroger site either. I wonder if the paper copy of the $6/4 GM cereal that came out in the Ralph’s ad today (starting 8/14) would work if combined with the $5 off 5 that is still going on today (Tuesday). The coupon has an expiration date (8/27) but no start date indicated. Anyone tried it?

It’s worth a try!

It worked!

Awesome! Hope you stocked up! 😉

i have the exact same coupon for $6/4 . can you please give me a break down of what you got. since i cant find the digital coupon i was hoping to use the paper one and get at least something. thank you!

Kroger has removed this digital coupon from their site as of lunchtime today. :(

I hope you know you made my day !!! Thanks !! (:

going today hope my kroger is still doing the 5$5 deal :(

I could not find this $6/4 on my king soopers website… I scrolled down a bit in comments to see if anyone else is having this issue, but didn’t find anything. Any help? :)

Is the ecoupon still available? I can’t find it. :( please help. Is it available in all kroger affiliated stores? We only have Ralphs here in our area.

It should be available for Kroger affiliated stores. Hope you found it! It should be back up on the site now!

is this coupon still available.. i cant find it .. is it only for certain regions

I could not get this coupon, so called Kroger help line. Found out it has been taken down for trouble shooting and will be back up later today or tomorrow!!!!

How do I know if my Kroger is still participating without actually going into the store? Can I find this information online?

Check your local ad on and see what dates are on your sales ad, if it runs wed-tues then it should still be going on through today, if your ad runs from sun-sat then it’s already expired.

The 21.6 oz is the family size box!

Is your store a Kroger affiliate? Kroger affiliates do tend to participate in the same sales/ads. Occassionally, the sale will vary in price because they are different chains. The Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event has ended for some regions and will be ending for other regions tomorrow. The new sale is called Super Sale, where you can load digital coupons to your shopper’s card to be applied up to 5 times in one transaction.

Awesome find!

You can not combine an eCoupon with a manufacturer coupon at Kroger stores. Kroger does not allow ‘stacking’.

Sale cycles vary per region. For example, the Mid-Atlantic region is now on the Super Sale, where digital coupons will be applied up to 5 times per transaction. Some regions are still enjoying the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event and can pair the digital coupons with their current sales.

Yes! As long as the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event is still going on at your store, you can use the $6.00/4 eCoupon to pick up 20 boxes in one transaction!

Keep in mind its on the larger boxes. The e coupon did not come off. I didn’t realize it was on the larger boxes until after getting my paper coupon in my weekly ad today. Question about the paper coupon. Can I use it today even though my weekly sale doesn’t officially start until tomorrow.

Yes, the cereal sale is for the family size boxes. You should be able to use the coupon today. To get the cereal deal, you must shop at a store that is still working on the Buy 5, Save $5 and you must have the $6.00/4 digital coupon that can be used up to 5 times in one transaction.

The family size boxes were 4.99 after the b5g5 at my store & it didn’t work on the 1lb boxes. :'(

Maybe next time! 😉

Yes.. (: how often do you see cereal at a stock up price?

My Kroger in Richmond Va. no longer has the $5 off 5. They said it ended Sat. So I had to put all 10 boxes of my cereal back :(

I bought 12 boxes of family size cereals (Kix, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Multi-Grain Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Reese’s Puffs), 5 boxes of gushers, and 3 Gillette shave gel and ended up paying 50 cents each for the gushers and 29 cents each for the cereal and shave gels.

I went back to the app and now can’t find the $6/4 General Mills cereal coupon! At least I got an amazing deal while it lasted!

The $6/4 e-coupon was NOT supposed to be out yet for this mega sale. That’s why it’s not being taken off of your purchase at the end. They pulled the e-coupon off their site. It should have been out on Wednesday when the new ad is coming out. HTH!! I bet someone got in ALOT of trouble for this.

Oh, it did get taken off my receipt, I got an amazing deal. I just can’t go back and get MORE lol

At our store the cereal are $2.44 after the mega sale which would make them $.94 after te e coupon. Is that still a good stock up price?


I tried to use the coupon on 8 boxes of cereal today and it only took it off once. Has anyone had any luck using it more than once in the same transaction? I emailed them about it, but unless they are super quick I won’t have time to take advantage of it by tomorrow. :(

The loaded coupon can only be used once :(

It should have taken off the coupon twice for 8 boxes, and if you were sure to purchase GM cereals. Contact the customer service manager at your store for a quicker response. Also, if you were hoping to get the cereal deal scenario posted above, you have to purchase the family size cereals!

I tried that while I was still checking out. They were absolutely no help. She said they couldn’t do anything about an ecoupon not working. :( I was getting the family size anyway because they were $.50 cheaper than the smaller size.

Its only valid on certain boxes of cereal thats why. I bought four and it didnt come off at all thats when I read that it was only on specific kinds and sizes.

Cheerios, 18 oz, Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs, 18 oz, Multi Grain
Cheerios, 16.2 oz, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 20.25 oz, Lucky Charms XL,
20.50 oz, Honey Nut Cheerios XL, 21.6 oz, Kix, 18 oz

The picture on kroger with the coupon is very misleading as it has a box of cocoa puffs and a box trix showing and neither are even apart of the coupon!!!

Where did you find the list of inclusions?

I had the exact same problem at my kroger! they didnt even carry those big size of boxes!!!! @Stace0915:disqus

How could I miss this coupon :( I cannot see it, so sad

Where do i start? i made a ralphs account but couldnt find a 6.00 off 4 boxes. Im confused. did the coupon run out?

I got it! Nevermind

General Mills is 3.49 in Tennessee.

I did the deal in TN. It was $23.41-3.61 tax = $19.80 which made them 0.99 cents a box. The Kroger coupon only works on the family size.

Great couponing trip!

This deal only applies to those regions who are still on the Buy 5, Save $5 sale cycle.

Hi I’m New to this so where do I start?

Can I stack manufacturer’s coupon $1 off on 2 big G cereal with this?

If you load the e coupon to your rewards card no other coupons can be combined




No. You can not stack coupons at Kroger. You can use digital OR paper coupons, but not both.

Thanks for the reply & clarification.

Very welcome! Hope you are finding some great deals this week!

Is this in 8/14 krogers ad???

This is not in the new ad. This deal is for those who are still enjoying the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event. The Super Sale begins as soon as your region’s Buy 5, Save $5 event is over.

Im to excited about this!!!

Be sure to get this deal before the Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Event ends in your region! Great stock up price on cereal!

Would this be a stock up price? I still don’t know what stock up pruces are for what items. Someone sent me the link to the one for school supplies, but I didn’t find anything else when I searched.

Yes definitly could make it an even better deal if you buy more cereal and mix and match it with other buy 5 get 5 products. Like I personally am gonna go for 12 boxes of cereal and 3 shaving cream total before all the q’s and buy 5 save 5 = $41.88 and then – $15 for buy 5 save 5 = $26.88 – the Kroger q 3 times = $8.88 and then I have a $3/2 shave cream and a $1/1 shave cream so final total would be $4.88 for 12 boxes of cereal and 3 shaving creams!!! About $.33 an item definitly a good thing :)
Also when KCL puts those little yellow boxes next to the price its a stock up price :)

Do I need another other coupons for this deal besides the gilettes?

The cereal price is a stock up price!

Since it is $6/4 I was thinking about pairing it with a Gillette shave cream to make that free and still get the $5 off 5 for the four boxes. But it says I can use it up to five times in a single transaction. So correct me if I’m wrong, can I buy 20 boxes of cereal and 5 shave gels in one transaction? I’m going to give a lot of those cereals away to family but am I correct to do that?

I think the cereal coupon will only work once. But for the gillete I used the free cheetos, or Reach is part of the deal and you can get it free.

The cereal eCoupon will be applied up to 5 times in one single transaction.

Awesome !! So we’re able to get 20 boxes ????

You can get more then 20 boxes but the e coupon will only work up to 5 times in the same transaction, so if you buy more then 20 you will only be getting the buy 5 save $5 deal on the remaining ones

Yes, you can get 20 boxes in one transaction!

I swear this just answered my Couponing Prayers !!! 😀 Lol.
I’ve been spending 1.50 a box lately and it hurt everytime.

I cant find the coupon please help!!!!

I filtered it on my krogers app. by going to coupons then breakfast. It just says *Save $6.00 on big G*

Its also in the kroger weekly ad.

I just got back from doing this deal at Ralph’s and bought 20 boxes of cereal and 10 Gillette shave gels for $12.04. The E-coupon comes off up to 5 times in one transaction so i saved $30 just with the e-coupon alone plus another $20 came off for the buy 5 save $5. An amazing deal. For the shave gel I bought 10 and because they were also on the buy5 save $5 they were $1.49 each. $1.49x 10= $14.90- $14 in mq coupons and I paid 90 cents plus tax for 10. Another great deal. The coupons I used for the shave gel was (4) $3/2 and (2) $1/1.

Great savings !!!!

That was a very successful couponing trip!

Which shave gels did you buy & which insert did they come from?

I bought the 7oz Gillette shave gel. They were in the Redplum insert for 8/11…. $6/3…$3/2….$1/1


would it work if i do the exact same transaction but with (5) $3/2 gillette shave gel?

Limit of 4 like coupons in each order, so you can only use 4 coupons.

your right! i just got way to excited for this deal hahaha thanks

The digital coupon will be applied up to 5 times in one single transaction. You can buy 20 boxes of cereal for $0.79 each. The digital coupon can only be used in one transaction. Super stock up price!

You can buy 20 boxes for just $0.49 each! When you hit 20 boxes the kroger coupon & buy 5, save $5 will be applied to each box. :)

Yes, the final price may vary depending on your region and the advertised price for the cereal. The cereal prices vary depending on what specific kind of GM cereals they are.