Target mobile coupons are Target store coupons that are sent to your phone by text message. The text message includes a link. Click on the link to open a web page with the Target mobile coupon offers. There is a barcode located at the top of this page that the cashier will scan at checkout. There is only one barcode. When it is scanned, the register will automatically deduct the coupon amount from the price of the item(s) you are purchasing. If you do not have a smartphone or are unable to open up the web page on your phone, type the web address into an Internet browser on your computer. From there, print the barcode, and have the cashier scan it just like they would from a phone. To sign up for Target mobile coupons, text OFFERS to 827438 (TARGET) or go to and sign up using your phone number.

Target mobile coupons are good for one use only. When you redeem a Target mobile coupon, your Target receipt will show you how many offers you have remaining. Target mobile coupons are store coupons and can be combined with manufacturer coupons and Target Cartwheel offers. They cannot be combined with any other Target coupon (printable, newspaper, mailer, etc.) See below for a step-by-step tutorial on Target mobile coupons:


1. Sign up for Target mobile coupons. Text OFFERS to 827438 or go to


2. Open the link that is sent via text message, and the Target mobile coupons will open on your phone’s browser.


3. Show your phone to the cashier to scan the barcode at checkout.

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22 thoughts on “How to Use Target Mobile Coupons”

  1. sonia says:

    are mobile coupons the same as computer coupons? i cant seem to find the one i wanted on mobile coupons HELP!!

  2. Carley Johnston says:

    can you use the same coupon four times if you buy the item four times?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How to use at

  4. Ivelisse Ruiz Upward says:

    For those having issues with loading the coupons, target has wifi in their stores, once you are in the store connect to their wireless, open the web browser on your phone and hit connect on the prompt.

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you… ur reply helped..

  6. Anonymous says:

    i need help understand the mobile coupon plz…
    few weeks ago i bought room ess. pillow which were on sale for $4.04 and had mobile coupon for $1 off in same transaction i also bought 4 UP & Up school supplies, under same mobile coupon had $1/4 up & up school supplies coupon… when i check the recipt it only took off $1.00 off for the pillow but not the school supplies… is the coupon only good for one product? can it be used multiple times on multiple items?

  7. Melly says:

    Is there a list of all active text codes? I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  8. Carla says:

    But WHAT are you snapping a shot of? A UPC code? A pic of the item, The price of the item?

  9. ashleythegreat says:

    I’ve had a good experience with the mobile coupons. I just hold my phone up for the cashier and it scans easily and automatically takes the coupon value off of the price of the appropriate products. The only “gotcha” that I’ve experienced is that the coupons are VERY specific. You really have to read the fine print or it won’t work – for example I had some trouble with a cheese coupon that said “thick slices” or something similar, and I didn’t notice that I had grabbed “thin” slices until I got to the checkout.

  10. Dominique Spaude says:

    Thank you so much for this info!!! Iv been trying to look everywhere to see if you can print the bar code off the internet as i dont have a smartphone. now i wont miss out any deals. day made!!!

  11. Coupon_Addict says:

    Great in theory…………I only wish they worked reliably!

  12. Rain Pritchett says:

    standard msg rates

  13. kellyking80 says:

    Have your offers greyed out after you have used them? I have not had that happened and wondered how you could tell which ones have been used and which ones have not….?

  14. Dot Kim says:

    Hi. Just wondering, how do you find out about offers like “Fresh” or “Savvy”? Those offers weren’t automatically sent out by Target. I read abt it here and texted those words in order to receive those mobile coupons. Is there a way to have those kind of offers sent out automatically?

  15. rachelodolski33 says:

    I usually screenshot the screens I need scanned. That way it doesn’t take forever to switch screens, just a swipe of my finger in my album!