Target recently launched Cartwheel, a free “social” savings program! Cartwheel is similar to shopping apps, like Ibotta, in that the offers can be combined with other coupons.

The site states: “Together with Facebook, Cartwheel lets you connect with friends to share your favorite deals plus save money on the products you love.”


  • The program may be accessed at with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Or, download the app (from the app store) on your smartphone. A Facebook account is required.
  • Offers are easy to add: just click on the image and you’re done!
  • To redeem a Cartwheel offer, either present a printed copy of your Cartwheel barcode or show it on a mobile device at checkout. It only needs to be scanned once because all offers connect to the same barcode.
  • Offers are valid in U.S. Target stores only.
  • After signing up, a user automatically gets to add up to ten offers. “Unlock badges” to access more.
  • Sign up now and check back here for hot deals using Cartwheel!

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32 thoughts on “New Video: How to Use Target’s Cartwheel App!”

Not true–I found it in the app store (Google Play) for my phone. You don’t have to go through Facebook.

I have a question. How do you redeem offers? I used about 10 cartwheel coupons today and I don’t know how to make it show up on my app so it will show me how much I saved. Do I have to scan the items or what? There is no place to take a picture of my receipt either…. Or will it just do it automatically?

I purchased 4 of the same item, but instead of getting 10% cartwheel…it only gave me 10% off 2 of the items…so essentially only 5%…and this has been happening a lot

Can you buy multiples of the same item and the cartwheel offer will be taken off each item or will it only take off one item?

I’m loving the Cartwheel app, but I’m wondering how many times you can use a particular saving. For example, if I used the %5 off Coke yesterday, for one case of soda, can I use it again tomorrow? I’ve looked and can’t find an answer. Thanks :)

I used it multiple times within the same week and it works for me! “You can save on your entire Cartwheel list up to 6 times per day”

Finally! Love your videos. Definitely missed during this summer’s back to school season. And like Carol F. says, depends on if the Target coupon attaches to the item. I guess those are just lucky breaks. Ibought the Simply Balanced fruit strips advertised as $4.99 and had a $1/1 TMC and 10% or 15% carthwheel (forget how much). When I looked at my receipt, it not only had taken the cartwheel off the total but the it said “% taken off $5.99.” Weird, but whatever. :)

Great video! This really helps to explain cartwheel with ease.. Can you do cartwheels too KCL? LOL

I have a question. you said that you cant sign up through the cartwheel app on your phone with Facebook or did i hear you wrong bc i have the cartwheel app on my iPhone and it gave me the option to signup using Facebook. Is that different than what you are talking about bc i can see my friends and what cartwheels they are using. It say so and so has used this cartwheel do you want to use it as well. I have been couponing for about three or four months and it has been amazing how much money i have save my family and I or should i say you guys have help my family and I save. Thank you very much by the way!! I have not had to buy diapers and wipes for about 4 months and I have a small stock pill of diapers for my baby plus shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, tooth paste, mouth wash, lotions, shaving creams, razors and more for about a few years. My grocery bill has been cut in half. :) Thanks once again for helping us learn how to coupon.. p.s. Target and cvs are by fare my favorite stores in the world!!! Walmart would be two but you have to stand in line for years before you can check out.. I so wish I lived in a place that had Kroger and shop rite and rite aid those stores always have awesome deals..

Where did you find the Nerf and Tanning spray coupons?

I believe the Nerf coupons are all gone for printing and for the Banana Boat sunscreen: manufacturer coupon in the SS 6/30 Sunday paper and Target coupon on the Target site.

I’m curious. Can you price match and use the cartwheel coupons?

Anyone tell me tips to getting a target mobile coupon to be accepted for more than just one product? The cashier told me ‘it’s like a regular coupon, unless you have 4 phones, it can’t be used 4 times”. Snap.

I have so much love for this app! My mom has worked at Target for almost 10years so I made sure to tell all of her coworkers because it stacks with their employee discounts + 5% target debit and it’s EASY! It’s so nice for the non-couponer to just look at their grocery list and add the things they are going to by right then or change their cartwheel list around right before check out. I’ve added quite a few people from my facebook friends because I rave about it so much! I’m an avid target shopper though so any chance they give me to save money I take it!

great video. Love the idea. My challenge has been… even though I pull up my target mobile coupons and cartwheel before I shop… I almost ALWAYS FORGET to present my phone at checkout! I’m busy checking items ring up correctly and counting paper coupons going through. I’ll walk out of Target with my phone still in my hand..uugghh… I didn’t know you could print them out, thank you for the tip for the easily distracted. I’m going to try that on my next visit!

I write in big letters on top of my list and beside each item if I have mobile coupons + Cartwheel for this same reason. I never forget that way!

I do this too! 😀 Helps me remember. I organize my coupons and double check my list on what needs to be scanned before I check out.

My sympathies! Been there, done that at Walgreens. Went to Family & Friends Day, used rain check, RR, MQs, Walg Qs, then walked out of store with F&F coupon still in hand. Pulled car over to far end of parking lot and screamed LOL

Nice video! I really love Cartwheel. It’s fairly easy to use and the savings are huge when stacking. I’m glad you have the option to scan on your phone because I was wasting paper printing them out. I’ve never had any issues since I started to use it. As long as you are organize before you go to the store and buy all the right items it should work and checkout is a breeze. So far, all of my transactions using cartwheel have gone smoothly and the cashier was informed on how to apply the coupons. :-)

I love this app, it already helps me save over $44 since I start to use it. :)

Wow! That’s is awesome!

Plus you forgot that if you have the red card, debit card or credit card you get another 5% off your purchase.

Yes that is another bonus! Thanks for the reminder!

my target REFUSED to take the printed offers even though it states on their corporate website and on the cartwheel app itself. They said it HAD to be on the phone no exceptions

Sorry to hear your store wouldn’t allow the printout. They should have allowed it.

Contact the regional manager. They need to clear this up at your particular store. If you stay calm and professional (hard to do when you’re ticked and frustrated!), it will benefit you a lot in the long run. Tell them the experience you had and how disappointed/angry/frustrated you were, and chance are that they’ll make it right for you somehow, maybe with a gift card or something. They hate bad publicity and unhappy customers!

There is a Cartwheel Ap in the App Store. For me that is the easiest way to Cartwheel.


Good video! For newbies to the Target Cartwheel, the percent savings comes off AFTER your other coupons. So say you’re buying a $10 item, and you have a $5 manufacturer’s coupon and a 10% Cartwheel offer. It would be $10 minus the $5 coupon and then the 10% would be taken off of the $5 remaining amount which comes to a $0.50 Cartwheel discount (NOT 10% off of $10).

In my experience, the cartwheel has come off after Target coupons but before manufacturer coupons. It also seems to depend on whether the Target coupon “attaches” to the item or not.

Cartwheel offers will discount after Target coupons but before manufacturer coupons. It can get a little confusing!

Oh, OK thanks for correcting me. Well, that seems like a better deal then!