Need a quick breakfast idea? There is a new coupon for buy one get one free Pillsbury Mini Pancakes when you buy another package. Take this coupon to Walmart and get them for only $0.25 each!

Buy 2 Pillsbury Heat-n-Go Mini Pancakes, $0.50, regular price
Use one B1G1 – Pillsbury Heat-N-Go Mini Pancakes, up to $1.18 – (
Final Price: $0.25 each, when you buy 2 

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15 thoughts on “Pillsbury Mini Pancakes, Only $0.25 Each at Walmart!”

I have gone to two different Walmart stores and have been unable to locate them. They are hiding from me :(

me too..i have looked everywhere!!!

You cant do b1g1 at Walmart I thought

You can if there is a price specified on the coupon which there is.

where are these located in walmart?

I’m excited about these. I will be going to Walmart today to look for them. THANKS!!!

What are you waiting for?!
Go GO! :)

i still cant find them :(

Homeland has these
for 1.09 after coupon there free.

They have these at our Safeway, but they are priced 10 for $10 or a buck a piece. I just looked at the ones we had in the Freezer. We got the mini waffles. Down the back of the packaging are (4) 1/2 cm cuts in the packaging. It is uniform on all the packages. I contacted Pillsbury and gave them the lot number. It is a manufacturing/packaging problem. I also contacted Safeway and told them about the problem. Check the back of your packages!!!! They are little slits that can barely be detected unless you are looking for them.

I love when that happens!
Reporting it to the manufacturer=freebies!!!

Oh no! Someone gave me a ‘vote down’. :(
Pizzaz will just have to live with the 10,561 ‘vote ups’ that I have.

So they are in the freezer then.. I had thought so but had been unable to find them. Thanks for the info on the packages Joan!!

Has anyone seen these at target?

I think I saw them like in a little box underneath the frozen pancakes/waffles. I know I saw them at Walmart yesterday, but didn’t have the coupon. I’d rather go to Target over Walmart.