Don’t forget to load Kroger’s Free Friday Download! This eCoupon is good for one free 2-liter of A&W TEN, 7Up TEN, Dr Pepper TEN, or Canada Dry TEN. This coupon is only available to load to your shopper’s card today, 8/23 and expires on 9/7. Limit of 1 eCoupon per card. Digital coupons cannot be combined with manufacturer coupons.

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33 thoughts on “Kroger’s Friday Download: Free A&W TEN, 7Up TEN, Dr Pepper TEN and More!”

I had a problem with my cashier Friday, she won’t take coupons for the items I was buying with a rain-check. She said a rain check is a coupon. Had to get the manager, brand new twenty-something to get involved, he said he wasn’t sure but he would take the coupons this time.

Rain checks are not coupons. Rain checks are paper slips that will allow you to purchase an item at a specific sale price when the store shelf is empty. Coupons can be paired with rain checks. Hopefully if you explain that phrasing to the cashier and manager (if you have any more issues), then it will make sense to them.

digiorno pizzas get double e couponed for tombstone and digiorno. $2.00 each at frys.

I don’t see the free item for Fred Meyers (also affiliate to Krogers). I wonder why it is not there

i don’t see it either, and usually i do

Did you look under ‘beverages’?

Could the problem be your bright white eyes? 😉

Actually, I had to click on ‘beverages’ to find it.

i did that, still didnt see it. oh well, next friday!

There is a new post to read on this issue. We made some calls to find out what is going on and have shared the info with our readers. Check it out!

I have download the coupons but I can’t never use them every time Ian at check out they charge me with the full price and I explain the situation and they just say ” I don’t know what to do” so far I have miss every free item

This hasn’t ever happened to me with a free item, but it has with other coupons. The cashiers at my store are unable to do anything, because even if they remove it and rescan it, it still won’t accept the coupon. The Customer Service Department has given me a refund every time without any issues.

I had tried costumer services on Internet and the web page always says ” in construction” or something like that so I cannot complain either,

It doesn’t come off until they hit total. I always print a list of e-coupons just in case.

I have done that and still they say they cannot do anything

And whoo hoo!

How do you download?

Go to Kroger.com and sign in to load the coupon to your card.

Does anyone know if this is only for the Ten products? This is sweetened with aspartame, which my oncologist stated was very closely linked to the kind of cancer I am being treated for. It is also banned in every country except the USA due to it’s health risks. I dont like to pass up free, but I dont want to run the risk of exposing my children to the chemical that has made me sick….

This eCoupon is for the TEN products only.

UGH can this state get a Kroger lol

Does your area have any Kroger affiliated stores? Most of the sales at those affiliates are the same as those that I have listed!

I think Giant is one but in general I miss Kroger lol

KCL, can I ask a favor, please? Would you be able to put the free Friday download item with the check box next to it so that it will print on our shopping lists? It is sometimes hard for me to remember I have downloaded the free item if it isn’t on my printed list.

Thanks in advance if this is possible! I sure appreciate everything you do!

I think Kroger also has a digital download list of what ecoupons you’ve put on your card on their website as well. just fyi.

Absolutely! 😉 Thank you!

woo hoo Pizzaz! My question, is the ecoupons for free items only offered on Fridays? I did not know, I check everyday

Yes! You must add it onto your card on Friday. It can be used immediately, but they give you a couple of weeks to use it before it expires. Whenever you check to see what the next free item will be, look under ‘Promotions’, and you will find it. Also, thanks much for the WooHoo!!! 😉

thank you Pizzaz!

Pizzaz always checks on Thursday to see what the free item will be on Friday. You can also check your Fry’s account (Kroger affiliate) to see which coupons you have already redeemed. Pizzaz has been faithfully getting a free item each week and, so far, my conquests include- Herbal Essence, Hamburger Helper, Colgate Toothpaste, Clear Shampoo, Cheetos (yummy!), Quaker Chewy Bars, Orville Redenbacher Pop Crunch, a Full Throttle Energy Drink, and now a 2-Liter soda!
Unless Pizzaz is mistaken, I believe that calls for a “WooHoo”!
Can I get a ‘WooHoo’ people?!

Woo Hoo Pizzaz!! :))…lol