Target came out with a bunch of new mobile coupons today, including one for L’Oreal Paris Advanced hair care. Stack it with a printable coupon to snag L’Oreal Paris Advanced shampoo or conditioner for only $0.99!

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Shampoo or Conditioner, 12.6 oz $3.99, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – L’Oréal Paris Advanced Haircare Product, excludes 1.7 oz trial size – (
And use $1.00/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Item, 3.4 oz or larger, Target Mobile Coupon (exp 9/6)
Final Price: $0.99 

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28 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hair Care, Only $0.99 at Target!”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve used two and so far the printed coupon doesn’t want to scan easily or at all, both times the cashier had to manually enter the info. COULD just be MY printer and its quality but just a Heads Up!

  2. MeMe says:

    Urrrggghhh …. thought I was stopping it from printing and using all my INK … and the Q is at the bottom. Smart one, Loreal, real smart.

  3. 沉鱼落雁 says:

    Sad, I don’t have friends. I went to play the SIMS 3.

  4. 沉鱼落雁 says:

    How to change your avatar? How long I didn’t come.

    This is my first time into foreign web sites.

  5. 沉鱼落雁 says:

    Why, my friend, so little?

  6. Yaffah 'Mark' Lewis says:

    The phone coupon doesn’t say anything about excluding travel/trial. Does that mean the travel size will be free?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hate these coupons that print on the whole page…my precious ink….I would have pressed the cancel button once the coupon printed, but they put the coupon at the bottom. Drat!

  8. dvina says:

    How many times can you use the target mobile coupons for same item?

    • StayHomeMama says:


      • dvina says:

        Like if I bought 4 of the loreal will it take 1$ off each of the loreal? I hope I make sense..I’m still trying to learn how the couponing thing works

    • Michelle Lynn says:

      Target told me that I could use it once, but could come back the next day to use it again and it worked. But I can’t always make the second trip and don’t want to wast gas, unless I”m already going that way. But I found out that Cartwheel can be used for more than one item when I bought my boys 2 bean bag chairs

  9. Nicole Marie Henry says:

    Gosh I need to get an Android or a smart phone because these mobile coupons are just killing me that I cant get them!

    • You don’t need a smartphone to take advantage of mobile coupons. Text OFFERS to 827438 and you will get a link sent to you via text message. Type that into a browser on your computer and print the barcode.

      • anna says:

        i did that and it ask me to sign up…so i did but i didn’t get any barcode

      • Nicole Marie Henry says:

        !!!OMG!!! Thank you so so so MUCH! I’m just starting to learn all this stuff so I am so Grateful for your site JUST AMAZING!

      • Michelle Lynn says:

        My Target would not let me get them when I printed them and sent me to a manager at the service desk and I ended up getting a smart phone. I pay more on my phone bill, and I’m a single mom fo 4, but now I can do Cartwheel, shopkick and all that I guess. And I’ve needed it for other reasons, like when I need to look up an address to put in my gps when I’ve been lost, etc.

  10. crunch103 says:

    Which target mobile coupon would this fall under..? I can’t find it in FRESH or SAVE or BABY… Pls lmk :) Ty!