Tena pads are on promotion at Target: buy two and receive a $5.00 Target gift card. Match this promotion with a high-value manufacturer coupon from the 7/14 Smart Source insert to make $5.00 on Tena pads! See how below:

Buy 2 Tena Active Ultra Long Pads, 24 ct $4.99, regular price
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 9/7
Use two $5.00/1 Tena Stylish, Active or Anywhere Product, Up to $5.00 max from SS 7/14 (exp 8/31)
Pay $0.00, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $5.00 Moneymaker 

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108 thoughts on “$5.00 Moneymaker on Tena Pads at Target!”

Did you buy them at Target? and can you detail your transactions scenario
at the register?

Whew, got my coupons in time.

I ordered the 7/1 coupon to be mailed to me and they have the 1/1 printable so i will pay 1.98 and get a $5 gift card so im making $3.02 deal for me!!!!

I got 6 tena pads and I am so happy because they gave me 15 dollars in gift card and then I used them to get 3 charmin toilet papers for free $5.99 each I got one dollar coupon for charmin and 15 dollar GC it all came down to ZERO…..it made my day – now those pads are sitting in my living room – ok what do I do with them ?

Well, IF YOU ARE STILL LOOKING TO GET THIS DEAL and DID NOT GET THE COUPONS, I went to Tena’s website and asked for a sample kit AND a $7.00 off ANY coupon. Well inside the kit you’ll find the Tena pads you requested from a few options on their page and also a $2.00 off ANY coupon. The $7.00 off coupon came in a separate envelope but at the same time as the kit came, so that’s $9.00 towards this deal making it a Pay: $0.98 ( and get a $5.00 Gift Card, for a $4.02 MONEY MAKER which is still in my opinion a good deal considering how these were a hit and miss and an extreme rip off on ebay. Now if your Target adjust the coupon down then you’ll end up paying $2.98 but still a MM just not as great of an MM and let’s hope that doesn’t happen to me lol. HOPE YOU CAN GET YOURS ASAP. I say do it today so you will get it before 9/7. *Happy Couponing*

Target would not Let me do the deal. They were only allowing 1 coupon per transaction, so I would not get the giftcard. I wasn’t going to argue…I didn’t know if this was correct or incorrect procedure on their part!?

I tried to do this deal 2 days ago,the manager would not put the coupons threw,and he would not put the $2.00 vaseline spray and go coupons threw either,or the $6.00 on the gillette shaving creams.He was a jerk,there was nothing wrong with any of the coupons,he said they wouldn’t go threw,he never even tried.I gave up and took everything back,and left.

Wasn’t on sale at my target :( didn’t even see these specific Tena pads there only some other one that was $10.

I happened to have 6 of these exact coupons. I bought 2 in a Sunday city paper. Then when the local papers came out the following Wed., it had the insert so I bought 1 of those. Got the other 3 from family members who also bought the local paper on Wed. Every time this site posted a deal on getting them for free, I’d try to cash in on them but my local stores either didn’t carry the product at all, or were sold out every time ever since I got them all. Finally, I ran across them as a freebie even at a regular price just on an accident last week. Figured I’d use them before they expired since I only get paid once per month and they’d expire before I could go shopping again. If only I’d waited one more week, I could have gotten a free $15 in gift cards.

I went yesterday, it is the biggest pkg $11.99 each, b2 receive $5 Target GC :(

It’s also for the 24 count which is $4.99 in most stores ($5.49 at mine). I had a hard time finding the 24 count because it wasn’t right next to the bigger package, but I eventually found it.

I need help! I’ve previously had two 7 dollars off tena pad coupons. Once they gave me the full 7 then the second time the adjusted it down. It says on the coupon the store gets reimbursed the full amount so should I argue it the next time? I have two 7 dollars off coupons for this deal too. Thanks

According to their coupon policy they do not give overage, so unfortunately, arguing against it probably won’t get you anywhere.

I had other item to soak up the overage. Can’t just get two things in target! Haha.. I read their policy and its confusing. One line states they can adjust it down at their discretion and the other says they won’t give money back. So which is it! I usually get the overage.. Next time going to the young nails cashier who doesn’t care lol

I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin and we got them but for some reason in oak creek wi Target didn’t take my coupons because manager said they couldn’t take them since I’m getting already a gift card..So I just went to a different Target and I got my deals :)

if i buy 6 of these, will i get 3 5 dollar gift cards or do i have to do it all in different transactions

you can do 1 transaction.

Just went to target and they also said couldn’t use coupon because it states one per purchase after two girls they called the manager because my second coupon wouldn’t scan so I just told her to reduce the price to 4.99. That worked and thanked me because she didn’t know u can do that. But I’ve has some bad experiences with target lately. Now that I’m wondering if she was scanning the wrong barcode???? My suggestion is by other items if u can not to cause commotion that way it doesn’t send off alarms. The first cashier was mad like if I was stealing from the store.

These were priced at $5.49 at my local Target, and the cashier had a difficult time scanning my second coupon as well. He called over his supervisor who had to key it in. It was really weird though… when I looked at my receipt later, I noticed that the first coupon rang up under a CD I bought and not the pads.

My Target prices always seem to be a little higher than what’s posted here. These were $5.49 at my local Target, so it was a $4.51 money maker for me. Not bad.

Ahhhh I already used mine!!! I had 10 of them. The 3 Walmarts closest to my house only really had the liners and a couple of the medium absorbencies. So I got 8 liners and 2 mediums. Granted, they were free, but I coulda made money on them now?!?!? >.<


How do you order more coupons-from where?

well it used to be ebay but ebay isn’t going to allow too many coupons (25 total per month) to be “sold” online as of sept 1st so now you’ll have to go through coupon clipping services and everybody whom was selling on ebay will now have websites that they’ll be selling on.

I don’t habe them in Boston :(

I didnt receive this coupon in my ss insert. Does anyone know the coupon code for this so I can order this coupon online?

Anyone in tx receive this? What other coupons came in that SS?

I couldn’t find any in TX

I sent my husband in to buy 4 of the tena pads. I had (4) 5.00 coupons. She told him she had to lower the price of the coupons because of refund value. She lowered them to 2.49 each. When he got back I looked at the receipt and said he had to go back and return them and give back the gift cards. When he went back they said he couldn’t return them because they were free. They were not free!! They charged 10.00 to my target credit card. How does that make any sense if there wasn’t a gift card deal I wouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Does anyone know corporates number?

I also had a huge problem with these coupons- the manager said that because it says “one per purchase,” I could only use one coupon per transaction. SIGH. Time to try another Target where they actually understand their policy!

I have some 7/1 coupons would I be able to use does

Yes, you can… the cashier or cash register might lower the price of the coupon since Target’s coupon policy states that they don’t allow overage… sometimes people are able to get away with it, no guarantee for overage though.

Such a great deal!!!! Bought 18 packs today for the senior center and made $45 in gift cards.

nice, it sounds like your store was pretty stocked

Woohoo didn’t even see these in my inserts til now. Glad I have them. Thanks KCL!!

At the same time, “paying” for 20 even 10 of these DOESN’T and ISN’T gonna guaruantee that these are in the store much less restocked in 1 week so way your odds and proceed with caution

That’s true… but even if they’re not restocked at Target, they’ll probably still be available in other stores so you can pick them up for free there.

yeah, but I’m pretty sure most people are getting these more so for the gift cards than the actual product

out of stock in my city already=

Are there any limits on this deal?

not that I’ve seen and you can always go in and out of the store and to a different cashier or come back day-after-day

No limits!

What luck! I already used all mine :(


I used mine long ago

that’s a bummer

Just did this deal twice at my Target. Got 4, paid $0 and got 2 $5 GCs! Now does anyone know where I can donate these?

Nursing homes!

Boo….wanted to use mine before they expired and hit up Walmart. Oh well…they were still free and the charities will love them anyway.

how many times can you do this deal? does anyone know ?

as much as you want

til they run out or limit you because they’re jealous lol

As many times as you have coupons… there are no limits!

Bah! I didn’t get that one and the ones going on eBay are EXPENSIVE!

is this ar egional deal? it is not in my csmp hill, PA ad

I mis typed Camp Hill, PA

can you tell the difference between these and regular pads? I know these are for incontinence, and I didn’t know if anyone was using them for other reasons. If so would young girls maybe use these instead of regular feminine hygiene pads?

I use them as regular pads work great for me:)

I couldn’t find any “with wings”. If I wear one, I prefer them that way, because it helps hold them in place. I didn’t even realize these were for incontinence. lol no wonder there was a guy there staring at me (with his wife at the end of the aisle where the “real pads” were). Cause I bought 6 packs with my 6 coupons, so probably looked like I had an emergency hahahaha…

LOL – free is free in my opinion, if it was for me I wouldn’t care as long as they weren’t a mile long or too thick or something, but it’s for my tween who just started with hers. She only uses liners but the day will be coming soon. I didn’t want to open a bag if I didn’t have too, I thought I’d donate them if they were like a depends type. Guess she’ll use them at home and be fine with it if it fooled adults!!

I’m hoping that Target will have enough of these! I plan on buying a lot and will have to visit every store in my area to do so. But all pads bought will go straight to charity :)

If you plan on buying a lot, it’s good to order in advance.

I tried and Target doesn’t do that. :(

I have 6 left :) perfect timing……

want to spare 2 to a fellow KCL?

i totally would but i lost my job last week and could really use the cards for groceries

aaaw…well keep your head up!

thanks for understanding. and thanks interviewing like crazy

Of course right after I already used used all mine, whateva Safeway paid me a $1.18 to take one home. I have a bunch $1.00/1 and would prob still do the deal, but tena pads are super uncomfortable so not really worth it.

can you tell the difference between them and regular pads? I know these are for incontinence, and I was wondering if anyone was using them in place of regular feminine hygiene pads? I haven’t used these in years, and didn’t know if young girls would use them.

I use them as shoe insoles. They are actually quite comfortable! :)

somehow I knew you would show up for this convo lol any chance to talk “Girl” eh? ha ha ha Its a up close and personal theme going with KCL-ers I suppose this week.

We just came from WAGS and my son decided while we were in that isle getting baby stuff, he’d build a fort with the Always pads merchandise right in the store, awesome! lol…I’ll take that over both my boys using my high heels as shooters/guns/missles, etc

you really know how to make a person chuckle

how many gift card can you receive?

If you split these up into different transactions, it should be endless until you run into a cashier who panics and calls a manager over. I try to go twice in one day, buy some back in Electronics, bring my first haul into the car and come back and get in a different line away from the first cashier.. It shouldn’t be that complicated if it’s legit, but it avoids all the drama and confrontation.

Target policy is 4 identical coupons per person per day, so that’s not legit.

My target has a sign saying they don’t do 4 per day thing. They will let u use as many as u want

I have 2 more left! I was going to go to Walmart before they expired, but not now!. LOL

This is a regional coupon. I did not get the 5/1 mfg Tena coupon in the Chicago Tribune. Bummer!

Yeah it was..Im in Chicago to and didnt get it :/

I’m in NEW YORK,and i didn’t get them.

I’m in Kansas City, MO and didn’t get it either ughhhh!!!!

Can you buy four in a transaction and get two gift cards?

Yes, you should be able to do that.

Was this a regional coupon? I can’t find it in my 7/14 insert (Detroit Free Press)

definitely a hit or miss one I’d say by the looks of it

love this.i have been holding a RC for CVS and well this is better I need target $$ TY!!

Me too! I think I have 4 left! 10$ mm

awesome blossom!

Dammit used mine lol

order more. money maker, u cant lose :)

I can’t find a site to order from. No one seems to have them???

Carla, check Ebay, that is where I got mine!

I just spent 20 minutes searching. The best I could find was $1 per coupon =/

I know they are cheap :( but even if it is $2 a coupon you are still getting great deals with the $5 gift cards this week.

only 2-3 people had them on ebay since this a few hours ago and coupon clipping services don’t have them. The folks that do on ebay aren’t willing to budge on the price and one lady is selling 20 for $35 not including shipping! which is a complete rip off to me. The others are out of stock and the rest are on auctions that don’t end til after the promo is already over. Oh well, one for the record books and you’re in luck if you did get them. I thought I had them but I didn’t and I can’t find them in TX either from calling around. No go for PA

I just seen this a few minutes ago. Outrageous. Its crazy the they were just going for 3 and 4 dollars few weeks ago when I got mine. I was like wow!

I got them in my pa insert..I’m in NEPA Scranton area

I just purchased the whole inserts on Ebay from that week vs the people who are jacking up the price on the single coupons because they know it’s a MM.

They have them on ebay but they are OUTRAGEOUS. Like $30 and up.

yup, inflation ISN’T a krazy couponer but a crazy con-artist

OMG, the prices they want for those coupons is close to “Highway Robbery!” Thanks for the info, though.

WOW people are making some money off coupons on Ebay! I got 20 of them a couple weeks ago for $10. Too bad I was hoping to snap some more up to take advantage of this deal.

They expire 8/31.

tha usually makes em cheaper tho. lol. this deal has jacked the prices up. glad i still had some left by dumb luck :)

Me too! I just used them Sat morning at Walmart :( I don’t have a Target in my immediate area so by the time I would have gotten there, they all would have been gone anyway–at least that is what I’m telling myself to make me feel better–lol!!

awesome! So Glad i hung on to my coupons! :)