Save over 68% on CVS brand razors! If you received the $5.00/1 CVS brand new 5 Blade razor store coupon from the “Magic Coupon Machine,” check out this deal:

CVS Men’s 5 Blade Razor, 1 ct $7.29, regular price
Use $5.00/1 New CVS Brand 5 Blade Razor, CVS Coupon Center Week of 9/1
Final Price: $2.29


Here’s a bonus! Some shoppers are reporting an unadvertised ExtraBucks promotion on this item. If you do this deal, you may get a surprise ExtraBucks too. Here’s how that deal breaks down:

CVS Men’s 5 Blade Razor, 1 ct $7.29, regular price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 1
Use $5.00/1 New CVS Brand 5 Blade Razor, CVS Coupon Center Week of 9/1
Pay $2.29, Receive $2.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.29


Didn’t get this CVS coupon? Coupon center coupons are customized to your shopping habits, so not everyone will get the same coupons. But don’t forget to check your online ExtraCare account for personalized coupons as well!Visit our weekly Coupon Center post for more information.

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74 thoughts on “CVS Brand Razor, as Low as $0.29 at CVS!”

store no carry

The $2 eb did not print out for me in PA :-( I would’ve returned them but I only paid$1.15 for the 24pk water, a box of puffs & the razors.

didn’t get it…at my CVS it was $12.99

is it tru that the 20% can not be applied to a reg price item that is giving you ECB?

i had this same problem. it seems that any item that you use coupons on, somehow are being read as a sale item in the cvs system. so it isn’t giving 20% off on any item that you use a coupon on. it must be how these 20% off coupons are coded.

This happen to me as well but the manager did void the whole transaction and scanned the CVS % off coupon first, then the rest of my other coupons. He told me that I should always tell the cashier to scan % off coupons first then CVS coupons (i.e 4/20 coupons) and last any manufacture coupons.

i had a similar problem this week… the cashier apply the 20% off after all coupons were deducted and I told her that that was in the begining I didnt feel like argue .. so I just take everything back… and went to another store.. I dont like to leave everything in the register but they didnt give me anohter choice… I dont know if cashier are not well train or it hurts them give you the discount.

говорите все по русски!

I bought this razor and 2 shave gels-my total was over $14 before coupons so I used the $3/$10 shave products and the $5/1 CVS brand razor–the $5 razor was adjusted down to 3.99. I dont really understand why the $3 coupon affected it since that $3 didn’t take my balance due below the value of the coupon and that $3 was taken off my total, not just the razor. I did not use a percentage off coupon
:( I’m sad and confused. lol Does this seem correct, though? Any help in understanding this is greatly appreciated.

Did the CVS deal and got the EB. I love my CVS store in Fremont, CA.

I went to CVS to check it out with my boyfriend. We found this razor for actually $6.99 when I scanned it at the kiosk however the price on the shelf was $7.79. If I didn’t scan it I probably won’t have purchased it. Getting the $2 extra bucks made my day :) Thanks KCL!

It was 7.49 and I used 25% pass plus $5 coupon. No ECB in so cal, Los Angeles area, Sgv

I lucked in! My CVS had the $6.79 razors marked plus the $2 EB. $.21 MM just by walking in :)

It’s not really up to the cashier or manager how much comes off with the %-off coupon. The register does it all automatically. It sounds like the amount that came off was a result of other coupons or other factors, which many CVS employees don’t quite understand, so that is the standard line they issue: “you can’t get a % off on EB earning items.” My guess is that it was related to other purchase-based coupons you used.

I have a question, if u had more than one of the %off shopping passes, I had the save 20%+10%on cvs brand, can u use more than one if u have multiple transactions? Or once u scan ur card with it does it not allow more than 1 use? I used mine the other day and of course there are some things I want to get and didn’t think about it til now, my mom offered me her ad with the coupon on it but I’m not sure if it will allow me to use another one

Hi Couponers. I’m in South Florida and this deal got me the $2 EB’s. It worked! Thanks KCL!

So glad to hear it!!

i got the coupon but i can’t find these in store =(

Should be right next to the Gilette Fusion razors as part of a store’s own merchandise brand is to confuse people by using the same color branding and comparing the prices that it’s a better value.

i looked all over. only saw the 3 blade.

Bummer. They must not have any in stock at the moment or they’re out already.

finally got one yesterday! it was the last one on the shelf and the 2ecb’s printed! in berkeley, ca. i’m a happy camper!

I think CVS should kinda change their coupon machine system from it being catered to your shopping habits because its NEVER catered towards mine lol …I don’t buy vitamins so why do I always get them, maybe they’re just trying to tell me something ha ha but seriously, it should just print the same stuff for everyone but I see why they do it and I also see why the shouldn’t. eh.

I always get the vitamins one too. I should be taking vitamins but I don’t lol

My store had this for $6.29 with $2 ECB. I paired this with the shaving cream deal and was able to use the 3/10 shaving CVS coupon. Ended up being a money maker for me!


If you already have used your 25% coupon, don’t worry. You get a better deal with the weekly coupon in flyer sent to your home, the 20% coupon and a bonus 10% on CVS items. oH YEAH!

7.29 – $5 CVS coupon = $2.29
Use 20% and 10% CVS coupons = 1.65
Plus $2 ecb if your store give them out.

This sounds crazy, if you want to be sure that your store is printing $2 ecb- Go and purchase the blade without using coupons. If it does, return it and repurchase with coupons, If it doesn’t, return it. :S

CVS actually takes % OFF coupons first before CVS coupons and MQ so the scenario is actually like this.

$7.29 – 30%OFF = $5.10 – $5 CVS coupon = $.10 + $2ECB = $1.90 moneymaker.

I personally wouldn’t go through the hassle of buying and returning the item if the deal doesn’t work. Takes more time, holds up the line and worst case scenario you’re still only paying $.10+Tax for a $7 razor :)

My store has this razor and the one for women tagged with the $2 extrabuck promotion. It was only $6.79 at my store. sweet deal! thanks for the heads up KCL! :-) I only spent $1 after tax for some great goodies at CVS today!


when you have a extra bucks rewards do you give the cashier the bucks first or do you give them your coupons first?

you should give them your coupons first, even though the machine does all the calculating EXCEPT for purchase base coupons ( i.e. $4 off $20 purchase). You need to purchase $20 worth of items for the $4 off $20 Cvs coupon to work. If you hand it after all other coupons, it will beep.

I like to hand my coupons like this:
%off coupons
CVS coupons
MQs (manufacturer’s coupon)
then ECBs. (Extrabucks rewards).

You hand extrabucks rewards last, because your subtotal might be low enough where the cashier machine wouldn’t be able to accept MQs or CVS coupons. CVS does not give money back.

Thank you so much!

I received the $2 ecb! In Northern California

I didn’t see the coupon in my online account so I wonder if it would even print at the in-store coupon center hmmmm

Mine didn’t show up online until I printed it from the store! Weird that it does that…

I just came back from there and it still didn’t print one so guess I didn’t get it this time. Plus our prices are $1-$2 depending on which one you get (both on the ECBs) higher than this freebie so not a freebie for me unless I added in the $3 off a shave, deodorant, etc purchase of $12 or more CVS coupon but doesn’t matter still a no go.

Aw! That’s a bummer… I didn’t get the $3 off $12 this week. But it’s all good!

I did this deal last night as part of a large purchase. I used the $5/1 CVS coupon and I did earn the $2 ECB. I also included the $20% from the paper since it was on sale. Usually the percent off coupons work with CVS brand items even when they are on sale. YMMV. The razor was only $6.99 in my store!

Glad to hear it worked for you!

They’re going to be on sale for BOGO50% starting 9/15 so if one printed for you, you can check online on your cvs account and print another one and use both then and pay only $ .94 for both!

How many are you allowed to print and use from your CVS account?

You know what, I’m not sure. I’ve always just printed them once but you can try to print more and see if it’ll work.

You can only use one. They are tied to your account so once you use one, any others that you have printed won’t be valid and the register will give the cashier the message that it’s already been used. The handy thing about being able to print more is if you lose one or if you have problems at the MCM and it doesn’t print accurately (I’ve had that a lot lately) then you can always print it from your account.


Actually, I used mine today and didn’t see one in my online account. Do they disappear after you use them?

From my experience it doesn’t disappear after I use the one printed from the store but it does after using the online one. Weird that you didn’t get another one from the site.

How do you print it off from online, I can see the list of coupons but it says nothing about printing?

There should be a little red printer next to it! Just click it and you should be able to print it!

please do report if the extrabucks are printing.. thanks a lot! :)

Yes, they are printing. At least in the Southeast Florida area.

Reporting from Milwaukee, WI. It worked for me also

it’s marked in Columbus GA. My store was out! :( Gonna try another location ASAP.

Sounds like they’re working for a lot of people!

They’re printing in NYC.

got them in ca

Does anyone know it the Extra Care Buck will print or not? I think I might get the item if it doesn’t print anyway because it’s a great deal.

You have a nice face.


Your new pic looks good liz :)


had to take a second look! you have a twin!!

Ha! Ha!…I think we may be cousins! 😉

Anyone else get the extrabucks deal?

Yes, I just came and it did work for me. If you use the 20 percent off coupon and extra 10 percent off make sure you have extra items that way you subtotal is not greater than you coupons.

Yup. $2 ECB printed for me

$2 ECB printed in NYC.

My pass has an extra 10% on CVS items making the razor only .10 cents with out the $2.00 EB or a money maker with the $2.00 EB

Used this yesterday with 2 ECB, however I did not get 2ECB in return.

Darn :(

Cay you use the 20% shopping pass from the Sunday flyer for an additional savings?

Yeah, if it’s a regular price, you should be able to. I have a 25% off coupon that I got emailed to me so it would make it a moneymaker if the $2 ECB prints, or else cost $0.47.

Yes! Since its listed as regular price.