Due to the popularity of Ibotta’s hot bonus offers, the expiration dates have changed. Here’s a quick breakdown of which offers expire when. And remember, there’s still time to complete your deals! Check out this post for links to all sorts of transaction ideas at multiple stores.

$20 Bonus for Redeeming 10 Offers:

Redeem at least one offer by tonight, 9/4, at 11:59 p.m. to extend the expiration date to 9/9.

Autumn Stock Up Bonus:

Redeem at least two offers by tonight, 9/4, at 11:59 p.m. to extend the expiration date to 9/9.

Kitchen & Bath Bonus:

Must be submitted by tonight, 9/4, at 11:59 p.m.

Hug Your Baby Bonus:

Must be submitted by tonight, 9/4, at 11:59 p.m.

Freshen Up! Bonus:

Must be submitted by tonight, 9/4, at 11:59 p.m.

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167 thoughts on “Hot Ibotta Bonus Offers—Expiration Change!”

I’m sorry that your experience was so bad. The expiration date change was really disappointing to all of us! If you’re not eligible for the bonuses, can you return any of the items?

Yes, it’s taking time for lots of people. However, if the bonuses don’t come within a few days, contact Ibotta again.

Can someone please tell me if I did the first part of the Ibotta offer at Target, do I need to do the second part at Target or can I do it at any qualifying Ibotta store? My deadline for the 2nd part is now showing as the 11th at 1:59 a.m., so I plan to go tomorrow to shop but was hoping to do so at Rite Aid. Thanks!

Yes, you can shop at another store.

I missed the deadline for the kitchen and bath bonus and the freshen up bonus but I went ahead and completed the $20.00 for 10. When I submitted the $20.00 for 10, they went ahead and also gave me the kitchen and bath bonus and the freshen up bonus. It was a happy surprise. I figured I would post in case someone else had given up because they moved the deadline up.

Hi.. It happened wit me too.. Was really disappointed wen the deadline was changed.. But now with the bonuses.. It’s a moneymaker!!! Thank u KCL for all the tips

I’m glad that somebody had a good experience!

I submitted last Saturday and it took 4 days to get back to me. That was before the ate change. I think they are further behind now. I did get everything manually though

KCL, I did the first part of this Ibotta deal at Target, following your instructions and it went well (although several of the coupons weren’t available and my Kleenex “free” box didn’t come off as free). Wondering if I have to do the 2nd transaction also at Target, or if I can go to any participating Ibotta store to do it? Thanks as always for all you do!

Nope, you can shop at any Ibotta approved store.

So after all my drama, I heard back from ibotta. They fixed my Scott’s tissue offer which also fixed my freshen up bonus. Now I’m just waiting for my autumn stock up to be fixed and I will be done! I will still continue to use ibotta. I used it before this deal and never had problems. Hopefully they will plan better next time :-/

I’m glad that things are working out for you, Jasmine!

Check the accepted retailers. None of my local ibotta stores are on that list.

Be sure to confirm where you bought your items are included in the list of retailers. Link provided on the rebate link Alicia posted.

The Hug your Baby, Freshen up and Kitchen & bath did not expire on 9/4. I submitted all my stuff yesterday expecting just to get the other bonuses and I got all 5 bonuses!


wow…disappointed..I was going to attempt these tomrrow, as I can only coupon on Saturdays now (hubby works all week and we have a toddler and newborn now), but looks like I won’t be able to get them now….?…I have not yet tried ibotta deals. I have it on my phone and keep doing polls and things to earn “credits”…but have yet to redeem one deal…I am not really sure how this ap works….technology and I don’t really get along, plus I don’t have the best phone…I guess this was probably a bad one to try 1st anyhow…a little large…I should just try a simple one 1st….

This is a doozy for your first Ibotta deal : ) Maybe try a small, one-item deal first to become familiar with the app. Good luck!

I’ve had the ap for months, but have yet to become well aquainted with it and successfully redeem a deal…I have bought stuff there were offers for but not scaned receipts successfully. The ap is also spotty, sometimes I can get it to work in store, but sometimes not….Like a few days ago I went to Target, all ready to scan stuff and do store extras as well as get some of the qualifying items, and it would not even load! :(

I did it!! I did it!! Realized I had already bought a few things on the ibotta offers from Target and CVS, so I finished up at Walmart on the 10th and got over $50!! :) It ended up being a moneymaker for me….paid for a few of my groceries from Walmart that trip! :)

Hi, I am fairly new to ibotta. I want to undo one offer for which I have submitted the receipt and also for which I have been credited. I haven’t withdrawn any cash. So I was wondering if it is possible to undo/return one offer. All necessary info is welcome and will be appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t think that you can, but try contacting Ibotta’s customer service for help.

What the heck!! I finished the Offers this evening because I thought it expired tonight and they changed it! I agree with Lindsay..NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO COME when asked to rate the app! >-(

So very WRONG! So disappointed. If it sounds too good to be true… in this case it definitely was.

How is this fair. I had no clue they changed the expiration times and just bought a ton of items based on these deals. Now I just spent $50 on items that I would not have bought right now. Almost none of them were actually on sale, I could have gotten better deals, but wanted to get the bonuses. For a single full-time mother and full-time college student, I went out of my way to get these things well within the previous expiration dates and was relying on the bonuses.

Can you return any of the items? Are you eligible for any of the bonuses? If not, try returning. Good luck!

Because the OOP cost was so high I knew I was going to have to wait till payday, so I was happy to see when these scenarios first posted that the deadline for the bonuses came after that… was going to shop tomorrow when my check direct-deposited. Now I see today that the dates changed, and I’m really bummed because I actually needed a number of the bonus items.

I know, the expiration date change was really disappointing to many of us : (

My Freshen Up bonus and Kitchen and Bath bonus were missing today, but when I submitted my receipts for the $20, I received both of the bonuses. It must be a glitch in the system to remove the bonus, but still receive the payout. Hooray for me! I would encourage you to give it a try soon before Ibotta figures out the problem. If it doesn’t work, return it all. Good luck!

Glad you were able to get your bonuses!

I’m really confused. I had planned to buy the two huggies products today and then go back tomorrow and get 8 more deals so I could get the bonuses. I got home and submitted my receipt and then noticed the bonuses were gone! I then found this page… a few minutes later I got emails from Ibotta saying that I got my hug your baby bonus and that I had partially completed other offers. Like the buy 10 get $20 and the stock up one. Does this mean I can still do the bonuses? Did I somehow get a later expiration date?

If you had already done your facebook and twitter posts and watched the videos for all your stuff then you may want to try to get the bonuses anyway. I did my transactions yesterday the 5th and today the 6th. Even though I couldn’t see the bonuses before, they appeared once I had submitted my stuff. I even got the freshen up and the kitchen and bath ones today. Overall I made $10.65. Just transferred $56 to my paypal.

Glad you got your bonuses, Randi!

Oh, no! Did you try to get any of the bonuses? It sounds like you may have been eligible for some of them.

I don’t see any of the bonuses any more. Am I missing something?

The expiration date was changed : (

I also purchased a few items and was waiting to buy the rest tomorrow or Sat when I had more funds and now I’m out money I thought I would be getting back. For a mom of 3 who’s dh was just laid off and watching every penny this has made me beyond upset.

Last night I stated that my Bonus offers expired on 9/10 but when I submitted the offers I found the bonuses disappeared. Today I was notified they were paid for and all the bonuses are back. It may have been a glitch during the extension of the 9/4 expiration date for some. Horray!


I submitted my biggest transaction yesterday 9/4 at 7:47 pmwhich was all the cottonelle , scot toilet paper , Kleenex , toothpaste , etc. but it still says pending for my target reciept:/ does that mean mine will get extended ? Help please !

Contact Ibotta’s customer service or stop by their Facebook page. Hopefully, someone will be able to help you out. Good luck!

I had one more item to buy to complete the 20 dollar bonus, and now I don’t see the bonus at all. Not fair!!

I did one item two stores and They manually give me credit

I did my second shopping trip yesterday and submitted my receipt at 7:45 pm. It’s still pending and my bonuses are all gone out of my account. Will I still get credit for them since I submitted the receipt before the expiration? Has anyone had luck with this yet? I only purchased the huggies diapers and wipes on my first transaction at Target and everything else at Wal-Mart the next day!

Check the Bonus section in the app and scroll down to where all the bonuses you’ve completed and ones you have in progress are displayed. You should still see any of them that you had started.

I only see the stock up and $20 for 10. I completed all the others yesterday and submitted the receipt before the expiration but none of them are in my account anymore! The Freshen Up and the other bonuses are gone.

Try reaching out to them via the Contact link at the bottom of their homepage. From what I’m hearing, despite all the negativity they’re getting over this, folks that got things in by the deadline are getting their rewards. Ones iBotta has to process manually are taking much longer than normal.

HTH :)

I got all the bonuses! Whoo hoo!


Good tip!

Try contacting their customer service. Good luck!

My expiration date for the $20 for 10 items is available until 9/11/13 at 12:59am. I freaked out at first, thinking, ‘oh gosh I only need one more item to get this bonus.’ So far, I have spent $24.04 oop for 12 items and received $23.25 from Ibotta, just for these special bonus offer items! One more item and I’ll earn roughly $45 total(from the current promotion) from Ibotta. I definitely love moneymakers!
I searched everywhere for the coupons the night the bonuses came out, printed them all out, then I went to Target the next day and came home to see that you have already posted all the breakdowns for Walmart, Target, and CVS! Just my luck, I spent all those time on my own searching and organizing my purchase plan. Thank you for all the trouble you have gone through! Your site has been one of the best!
I was lucky to not have any trouble submitting my items; everything went through smoothly, because I scanned each item before purchasing them.

Don’t forgot you can rate the Ibotta app! I’m giving it a 1 star today

I’ve cashed out and am deleting the Ibotta app. Agree, this app is SOOO not worth the headache. Does anyone know how to get in contact with their customer service? I can’t find an actual contact #. I spent WAYYYYY too much time planning to go to the store today for this.

Try contacting Ibotta using the Contact link at the bottom of their homepage or contact them on their Facebook page. Good luck!

This just makes me mad. I have purchased the items (some of which I was going to donate because I don’t need or use, but the deals were good enough to get anyway). But I work full time, including sometimes long or crazy hours, and I had not had a chance to submit my receipts yet. Now, I have wasted time, gas, and coupons for stuff I am going to have to return. I do not think it is fair to publish the offers with one expiration date, then change it suddenly, without warning, and to a time that is very close.

I quit using shop kick a while ago, because it was such a pain. This ranks right up there, IMO. It took a lot of time and trouble on KCL’s part to put together the different scenarios, and on my part to figure out which worked best for me, and to execute.

Just makes me mad.

I’m sorry, Michelle! The expiration date change was very frustrating. I’m sorry that this deal didn’t work for you. Can you return any of the items that you bought?

I Tried to find a complaint section on ibotta’s website but was unsuccessful. KCL I am only sorry you spent all that time posting that great stuff about these awesome savings, and then they moved the expiration dates back. I was waiting for my pay day to do all of the offers (today). Oh well. Maybe next time :-(

That’s odd, my expiration dates on Autumn stockpile and $20 for 10 are 9-11-13. I set up a second device this morning and they aren’t present. I have partly completed both of these bonuses, so that may have something to do with it.

I understand the limited quantities on offers thing. But I feel that If they are going to have limited quantities on bonuses they need to make a way for you to reserve them like you can the other items. Also I get alerts from this app about things expiring all the time. I think they could have sent an alert about the date change.

Yes, it was very disappointing : (

I did my first transaction on Tuesday and the second one Wednesday. No problems here! Every offer went through perfectly, I was credited quickly and my money is now on the way from PayPal to my bank. I’m surprised so many have had all these issues while others aren’t experiencing any problems at all.

Come on people, don’t give up on ibotta! It’s a great app and under normal circumstances you can really save a lot of money with no hassle at all.

Great job!

So hears my ordeal…

Got 8 of 10 items yesterday 9/4 submitted my receipt and got offers money for 7 of them and the kitchen and bath bonus but not the Scott’s tissue. So I reported it and they said they couldn’t find the item on my receipt and to double check it, blah blah. It was the first item on the receipt! Besides I spent the whole day prior working everything out so I was sure I had the right sizes, etc. So this messed up my freshen up bonus and my $20 for 10 as I was going to buy diapers and wipes on Sunday Bc they were going to be cheap at CvS. I threw in pull-ups to be sure I got my 10 items even though I really bought 11. Good thing I really needed. Needed toilet paper so I’m not returning it!

So I check the bonuses and see my expiration for all of them now say 9/5 at 12:59 am. So I planned to cvs at 12 to finish my $20 bonus, $2 hug baby and $5 autumn stock up. Woke up this morning to see I did get my $20 and $2 baby bonuses and all offer money, but not the $5 autumn stock up.

So I reported this too. Ibotta owes me $8.75 for my toilet paper, freshen up and stock bonuses so hopefully they will correct it soon.

Same problem with the scott tissue, except they sure responded to you fast. I emailed them the evening of the 2nd and just got a response saying we will get back to you soon. Haven’t heard anything since. I bought one more item to get my $20, because I wasn’t letting that go, but they still owe me for the freshen up bonus and $.75 for the TP. I also have a dispute on the autumn bonus, because I bought on 2 separate days, but submitted on same day. I feel that I should be fine, but we will see.

Hopefully, you’ll get all your money! Good luck!

I agree that this is wrong and poor business practice. I “redeemed” my
offers yesterday when I was planning out my shopping trip for today. I
went to Wal-Mart and purchased my items at 9:46 am EST today and did get
credit for the items I purchased and my bonsues showed back up on my
account and 3 of them I earned and I have confirmed the money is in my
account. I am hopeful to do my “day 2” tomorrow and get the $5 Autumn
stock up and the $20 for 10 offers since the now show they expire on
Sept 11th at 1:59 a. If you have already “redeemed” the offers I would
say go ahead and buy your items today and submit your receipt maybe you
will get lucky. Good luck!!

I hope that you were able to get all your bonuses!

Thanks!! I did get all of the credits except for the $5 Autumn Stock Up Bonus. I sent an inquiry to customer support on Friday and got a general response today that they are working on it.

THIS is NOT OK. I went to the store last night to complete the Hug Your Baby bonus (Which would also complete the $20 bonus) and they didn’t have the diaper size that I needed, so I was going to a different store today. THEN, I look on here this morning and find that the dates have changed and now I miss out on $20?!?! What, am I supposed to take all of my purchases BACK?! I do not pay full price for these items and now I’m supposed to because the deals were too “popular?” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I need a contact phone number for Ibotta. Please. :)

If you started the $20 bonus you will be able to finish it. It may not be in your “featured bonuses” anymore, but look below that and you should see it with the little icon that says it is expiring soon. If you did NOT start redeeming for the $20 bonus then it expired last night.

Try contacting Ibotta using the Contact link at the bottom of their homepage or contact them on their Facebook page. Good luck!

hello, i want shop today at walmart do you think i might have some luck of the bounses or no??? today will be my first time using ibotta. and if the bonuses are expired how can i use $20
bonus for Redeeming 10 Offers

You will not be able to get credit for the bonuses if you have not already started them before they expired last night. Since you’ve never used ibotta before then those bonuses are now expired. Sorry.

I think people have gotten really out of hand with their backlash against ibotta. In my mind this isn’t any different than a store running out of a special deal, sometimes you just don’t get the discount. They allowed the people who had already started the bonuses to finish them, so anyone who has already spent the money should have been able to get their credit.
I have seen a lot of “well I was planning to shop on the weekend” or “I don’t have time to to do this until Saturday”. In my mind that is not the responsibility of ibotta. Would you expect companies to reschedule their one day sales if they didn’t work for you too? These excellent deals are a privilege, not a right, I think we need to remember that.

I agree with the principal of where you’re coming from Brandy. It’s not up to iBotta to ensure their deadlines fit in to your schedule. But I think where folks have issue with iBotta on this is that they advertised one deadline and then changed it to a much closer date. To use your example, it would be like a store advertising their one day sale for next Fri and when you show up next Fri, they have signs saying they moved the one day sale to the previous Mon.

I’m still a fan of iBotta. I’m sure they are learning a lot from this experience and will be putting measures in place to prevent it from happening in future. If not… Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I delete your app :)

I get that, but they do also state that their deals are limited. I think it’s difficult to predict how many people will cash in on them so they had no way of kowing. I suppose they could just not put an expiration date at all and when they’re gone that’s it…?

The problem is that they baited many people to buy expensive things they wouldn’t have otherwise bought, and then switched the due date without notice. So now I have bought half my items, and can’t redeem the deals. That is apples and oranges comparison to a store running out of stock or a coupon running out of prints. In those cases, you know up front before you start spending money that the deals have run out. In this case, I’m already financially invested in deals that are no longer available. Yes, I think the backlash is pretty justified. It isn’t my fault that Ibotta didn’t have the business planning to predict the popularity of these deals. Nor is it my fault that their software isn’t up to par avoid countless emails to customer service. Poor business planning and bad software. Seems like Ibotta problems to me.

If you started the bonuses you should be able to finish them. I know I have no intention of buying the 10 items to get the $20 bonus, but it’s still hanging out there on my app because I redeemed a few items within that bonus group. (It’s not in the featured bonus area but it is still in the area below) The only way that you wouldn’t get to finish them is if you never got around to scanning your receipt and redeeming the deals. I don’t think they can plan for everyone who doesn’t get around to doing that right away.

They also can’t yank the deal from people who bought things under false pretenses without expecting a serious customer service issue and consumer backlash. They brought this on themselves.

That would have gotten folks to rush out and do deals ASAP for sure :) Until this offering, I didn’t realize they had a limit on how many of a given offer could be redeemed. Now that I know that, I definitely won’t be hesitating on really good deals. Just like I have to live and learn, so does iBotta :)

check your ibotta app on your phone… my dates did not change or get extended.. its still says expires 9/11/13 at 1:59 am for the $20 and the $5 autumn stock up…and my bonuses as the kitchen hug baby and freshen up was always 9’4’13 at 1:59 am

Wow, I’m so disappointed with this.. I am only able to go shopping on the weekends so I planned out my trips for tomorrow, and Saturday, so I could redeem a bunch of the offers and bonuses. I emailed Ibotta, really hoping they will bring it back because it seems very unfair that they just removed the bonus offers without any notification. I could have really used these deals too.. : (

After seeing this, I went and did the majority of my transaction and got it in by 11:54 pm. They haven’t processed it yet and this morning all of my bonuses were gone. Do you know if they will give them back to me once they process my receipt?

They should- as long as you submitted in time.

On the Bonuses screen in the app, scroll down to where all the bonuses you’ve completed or are in progress are shown. You should see them there showing as partially completed and with the later deadline. If you do, you should be good. If you do not, reach out to them via ibotta . com / contact. HTH :)

They should, Toni. Try contacting Ibotta using the Contact link at the bottom of their homepage or contact them on their Facebook page. Good luck!

I printed off all my coupons yesterday at work to go plan my trip today while I was off, wow what a joke. Very dissappointed in ibotta right now.

Last night mine all said they didn’t expire until the 10th. This morning I checked and all the bonuses are gone :( I was gonna do the transactions today too…… :(

I have been disappointed with:

1) The app itself – seems to be bug ridden and frequently crashes which may be due to either poor/inadequate user acceptance testing or failure to load test for increased capacity when they big offers on a holiday weekend
2) Their failure to ensure that applicable UPCs are loaded before they publish an offer and their expectation that we all have them time to just keep going back and testing whether an item will “now scan”
3) Poor planning to do these offers and bonuses over a holiday when they also have app and operational issues
4) Changing of expiration dates of offers and bonuses. I apparently lost some of mine because they still have not processed my receipt issues.

Unfortunately, based on my first week experience, I cannot recommend this app.

Ibotta appears to have incorporated in Denver, CO. The corporate address is:

1660 17th Street, Suite 201
Denver, Colorado 80202

It sounds like we need to give them a little time to dig out of the mess they created with their poor planning, processes, etc. If your issue is eventually not resolved to your satisfaction, I would recommend contacting the Colorado state attorney general’s office and relaying your experience to them. If they get enough complaints they will likely investigate the company.

DARN IT I missed it thinking I had time CRAP! oh well LOL

Me too….but i’m sure they’ll have more bonuses in the future :) And maybe next time they’ll have a better understanding of what to expect as far as how many people will take advantage of the deals.

I just saw my expiration date for $20 moved from 9/9 to 9/4 10:59pm, I was still waiting for response from ibotta for cottonelle combo issue which I report 4days ago, only waiting for this one to complete 10 offers, I complete the other 9 since Monday. Decided not to wait and went last minute shopping and bought Palmolive&scott paper towel combo(didnt really plan to buy from the beginning),submit at 10:40pm (9/4) and got credit at 11:01pm(9/4) and finally complete 10 for$20. It was not a smooth transaction for me but still a very good deal. Everyone who has same problems, I feel your pain.

I understand why everyone is frustrated, but it doesn’t seem fair to have such a harsh backlash against ibotta, who really provides a good service. It’s just like when offers run out on ibotta or printable coupons run out online. That’s not unfair– there’s just a limited amount. I sympathize with those who couldn’t get the bonuses, but I also always feel I need to complete the offers as soon as possible (just like with really good coupon deals) so that I can take advantage before they run out.


Yes, except when you can’t print a coupon online, you don’t go out buying expensive items you otherwise wouldn’t expecting a good deal. You KNOW you can’t get the deal when coupons run out. Not a big deal. When ibotta baits me to buy things I otherwise wouldn’t and then yanks the deal out from under me, yeah that is going to make me pretty angry. Justifiably so.

You can return the item you paid full price for. When you return a coupon item you only get back the price paid after coupon which is usually not worth the trip to return since its sometimes under $1.

I totally agreed!! I had ALL the bonuses, I got the $20,Autum, Freshen up, Kitchen and Bath and Hugs your Baby. ALL of them!! I am actually recommending this app and as you said, is like the coupons, you have to run before they runs out.

Wow I just looked in my ibotta and not only do I not have my first transaction completed but all my bonuses are gone!!! I am so mad I wanna cry I would have never night all this stuff if it wasn’t for this app I’m taking everything back and never using this app again!!!

I knew i should have listened to the little birdie that told me to go out and get complete my first transaction today. I am never using this app again because I think what they did was really poor business practice. They should have given at least 24 hours notice to the changes.

The extended the expiration date, they didn’t shorten it. They were all supposed to expire last night and now only some of them did and some of them were extended until 9/9

That’s not true. The very first day these offers came out they all had an expiration date of 9/9. They kept the original dates for people who had already started by 9/4, but for everyone else it ended on 9/4. Why do you think so many people were planning to shop this weekend?

What in the world are you talking about! The original expiration a on everything was September 9th.

Last night the expiration date was changed to 9/5 at 1:59 AM – a full four days early

They did NOT extend them. They DID shorten them. I had my trips very well planned out, and I know for a fact that I originally had time wait until Saturday to see what kind of deals pop up next week, and to finalize my purchases on Sunday. They baited me to buy expensive items and then switched the due date without notice after I bought some of them. Whether it was intentional or not, it was poor business practice on their part. This is the last time I will trust an Ibotta deal.

As far as I understand it was only extended back to 9/9 if you had already started the offers. I, unfortunately did not actually purchase any items for these offers before the deadline last night. I have no way of confirming the bonuses last night expired anyhow, because I keep getting an error message.

No, the expiration dates were shortened, unless you had already started the bonuses.

thanks for the reminder KCL! did my day 2 transaction today and got all the bonuses and saved TONS of money. it’s like they paid me to take it out of the store. you ladies are the BEST! :)

Luckily I completed by largest transaction today. Had to run out today or else I would have lost the baby bonus. At that point they hadn’t updated the expiration dates even though I had redeemed 2 offers for the stock up bonus. So I have missed out if that one. Bummer cause I could have waited and gotten back more with the $5 bonus. This was a bad move on Ibottas part, sure they will lose a lot of users. I am sure they got way more traffic than they expected and were in panic mode to stop all their money going out.

dang, wish I didn’t just now see this with 2 minutes to go and every store closed lol, oh well missed it all around!

The new expiration is a good thing. They were all supposed to expire last night and they changed it so some of them don’t expire until 9/9

My offers are gone today so yea…

same here!

My offers disappeared today too, but I submitted and I got the credit for everything. I bought my first 2 items 2 days ago (hug your baby offer), so I guess it extended my due date for everything.

of course its a good thing but it will only change if you had gotten the offers in order to change them i.e. redeem 1 offer to change the expiration date to this or that however, I didn’t see it til the last few seconds and by then it was too late for me because all my stores were already closed 2 hours before the deadline. The $20 for 10 is still around but the rest are gone for me. Nice job if you were able to keep yours.

I did my first transaction earlier this afternoon, I received credits for everything but was hoping to finish up the autumn stock up tomorrow but my ibotta deals run out 9/5 and 1:59am. If i go at midnight, will they consider it a different day or does it have to be 24 hours after the first transaction?

To contact ibotta,email support@ibotta.com. I got a pretty quick response from them. Also if u r having trouble with items not matching up, it could be the order u scan them for the combo deals. In the upper left corner it will have the order to scan the items, follow that and everything should work out…. I was credited for everything in a timely manner…. Good luck guys!

Good tip!

I have never had a problem with it yet… I truned in my itrms and it took about an hour to get all my money… no problems at all… but I also started bout an hour they started the deals and I was done on monday … I completely understand way everyone is freak out mode on the date change… but I believe that this run has taught them a lot… so I have a feeling its going to be some time before Ibotta has a great bonus like this…. I will still use the app I love it and I’m not giving up on a new business just yet.. everyone has to learn

I started Saturday ended Sunday. Had two issues but they did fix it. I think it was poor timing over a holiday weekend, and poorly uploaded to their system that tracks purchased. I don’t think ” popularity” is making it end early, I think it’s the massive mistakes in purchases and having to had enter lots if credits. I think it will b months if ever we see something like this again :/ I did get my credits though through customer service so I am not angry. Tried to warn others in the original Saturday post about my issues as well.

Yup… they posted on Facebook before the weekend that they had a deal coming… I was kinda iffy when they decided to do it on a holiday. .. but I’m shocked at all the negative comments. . I don’t think people quite get what just happened.

Oh my gosh. Talk about poor business practice! I am a “glass half full kind of girl”, but this is ridiculous. You don’t put an offer out and then repeal it d/t “popularity”. Shame on you Ibotta and thank you KCL for getting the change out to us. My daughter and I have been working on this deal all day printing coupons and getting it ready to do Friday and then we saw this post this evening. Talk about a nightmare.

^^ Same here!! This is so irritating!

Me too. But I did it once already not realizing Kmart was on their list Sunday. Tryn to save gas. I ckd this morning and all was good so thought I would wait til I was by walmart tomorrow to get the items I needed again. Well guess not now!! I didn’t receive any notice. Lucky I saw this to if her before I lost more money. This is ridiculous !!!

They extended the expiration date, they didn’t shorten it. They were all expiring last night and now only some did and the others were extended until 9/9

I know what we read when we started planning our shopping trip. My daughter even made the comment “we have till the 9th to complete these.”

I checked the expiration of all of them the day they were announced and every single one was suppose to expire on the 9th. There was nothing on the app about the 4th.

I could not agree with you more! Like I said above, you don’t see companies that put out coupons changing the expiration dates on them because the deals were “popular.” I did all my offers PERFECTLY and I have yet to be credited properly in the 36 hours since everything has been in. I am very disappointed in this app and will be deleting it once all this mess gets figured out. Getting all of these products for nearly free honestly wasn’t worth all the headache of trying to get your money from Ibotta. It seems like everyone is having the same issue with the Cottonelle offer. Weird.


I did this transaction and bought all ten items and they credit me 38 dollars. I love the Krazy coupon ladies they keeps us informed with the best deals

Glad it worked for you!

Does the expiration time apply to where you are or is it a set time zone? It doesn’t say.

I think it goes by the time/date that is on your receipt. So it is your time zone.

Thank you….I submitted mine a little after 11pm…I got one receipt approved at 11:40pm….Does the other one have to be approved by 12am? It’s already passed that =(
And of course the receipt that only had 2 items got approved even though I sent that one last.

It doesn’t specify a time zone, so it’s probably your time zone.

I guess I got REALLY LUCKY because mine says the $20 doesn’t expire until the 11th. I’ve done 9/10

Mine says 9/11 also, but at 1:59am so really have until 9/10… I’ve already completed 8/10 offers!

Mine too but the freshen up n kitchen one expires at 159 am 9/5/13. They should let the ones who started finish. Withdrawal the program for anyone else that try’s after today.

Please go to the ibotta website or facebook page… they have post in detail the new dates and timed for everyone…. mine says the same thing but they might not have updated everything yet..

So I redeemed the first transaction tonight. Do we have top wait for it to be credited or just submitted?

my hug your baby ends 9/5 12.59am is it right after midnight or tomorrow afternoon?

i wanted to know the same thing.

It’s AM so right after midnight…

They ended at midnight.

So when it says you have until the 9th, it means the 8th at midnight? I had 4 offers left to do the 10 get $20 bonus and now the offers are gone. But the bonus is still showing that I need to get 4 more items, but I have no way of redeeming the items because their gone.

i actually still received 2.00 hug ur bb ibotta on 9/5 afternoon, even in my account it has already disappeared, but when i submitted my receipt it gave me.. 😀

I completed my first transaction yesterday 9/3 and ibotta accepted everything. I just need to complete the second transaction to complete the autumn stock up and the $20 for 10 offers. Does this expiration change apply to me since in have already made one of my transactions?

Well that truly sucks! I had planned on going to Walmart tomorrow to do the transactions, ugh. And my husband is out of town doing volunteer work, so I can’t leave my kids and go now

kinda’ same boat here!

I just did my first transaction today and sent it at 9:16 pm. I’m waiting to hear back and now I see this!!!! I Hope they get on the ball then so I can submit the bonuses!! I only have an hour!! Wow this is indeed a joke but the expirations on the app did not change!!

they have on mine

Lucky you!!! I keep checking lol I wish they hurry but mine expire tomorrow. I just need to submit the kitchen one tonight and finish the autumn one tomorrow!!

They changed on my app as well – was quite a shock last night!

I ended up doing the Autumn stock up bonus in 2 days worth of transactions (2 offers each day), but one day I shopped at 2 different stores and claimed one deal from each store, then 2 from one store the next – they didn’t give me the bonus. No where does it say that specific promo needs to be 2 offers in 2 days for a total of 4 offers at the SAME STORE!!!!! I emailed them 2-3 days ago and am waiting for a response. Other than that, I got amazing deals combining the local sales with coupons and then this!

I did the same. Took 4 days but they did give me the credit once they got to my claim.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get your bonuses, Michelle! Good luck!

Man i have the WORST luck with this app! I either accidently purchase the wrong qualifying item or lose the receipt and now they’ve moved up the exp. Dates. What a joke!!!!! I’m with Lindsay! This app is totally not worth the headache!!!!

The deals were so popular that they changed tr expiration date? Seems kind of messed up if you ask me. You don’t see Proctor & Gamble moving up th expiration dates on their coupons just because deals are “popular.” I actually have a huge bone to pick with the, right now. I did all my offers to a T and I wasn’t credited correctly. Emailed customer service over 24 hours ago and not a word. I’m no longer recommending this app to others.

I did this yesterday and everything credited except the double cottonelle, which I resubmitted today because I do not want to miss out on the $20 one, I am hoping it goes through before midnight, if it doesnt and they dont credit that is on them! ugh.

I’ve read that due to the popularity and extra e-mails there getting, that it will take longer than normal for them to respond. HTH

I had several issues submitting. Cottonelle wasn’t going through and te $5 bonus. First report took 36 hours I got my credit for the cottonelle and the bath bonus it messed up. Second report for the stock up took 4 days to hear back but I did get that credit as well. I think the holiday pushed them back in their responses time.

I am having problems with the cottonelle and now the $5 bonus and the two $3 bonuses are messed-up and one of the offers which I redemed on sunday isn’t even being counted… what a mess… and to top it all my end dates are showing as 9/5 @ 1.59am… I so regret signing-up for ibotta….

Same here! I reported my receipt twice because it missed one of my items that was a part of a bonus. Did all mine to a t as well. And I did everything today but it shows my expiration dates to be at 9/5 12:59. Hopefully I don’t miss them.

I did mine and got all offers except the $5, even though I purchased 2 items earlier in the week. I’d like to contact them, but I’m almost wondering if they blocked their contact info because I can’t find it.

If this ends tonight, that’s really disappointing because I just got my daughter on ibotta and was planning on showing her how to cash in.

Contact them. It’s a system bug, happened to me and they fixed it. Click on activity, then the line that gave you credit for the offers on that receipt, then report issue. It’s the only contact method.

Thanks so much for explaining Sara. I was able to follow your instructions and report. Maybe it will fix soon.

I had the same issue. Even went to Walmart at 12:15am to get my final two deals (which I was planning on getting later in the afternoon) so I could cash in before the new deadline of 12:59am (which yes is 1 o’clock in the morning people). Didn’t get credited for the $5 Autumn Stock Up. I have contacted them through the app and will wait for a response. Everything else was credited appropriately – so hard to complain about $50 in free product – but I still like to get what I earn. I am sure they are overwhelmed with emails and will get to it eventually.

Still recommending this app and hoping they run another great special in the future!

Ah, darn! I freaked out and just hurried to get everything in one transaction, so it looks like I’m going to miss the Stock-up one. Oh well, it was still a pretty killer deal.