Hurry to print a rare, high-value coupon for $1.00 off any one Kellogg’s cereal! We often see Kellogg’s coupons for $1.00 off two or three cereals, so this is a gem! To access the coupon, go to and click on the user profile in the top right corner. Change the zip code to 99501 (Alaska). Then come back to this post, click the link below, and the coupon will be selected.

Although the coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart,” it is a manufacturer coupon, so it can be used elsewhere!

This week at Rite Aid, Kellogg’s cereals are on sale, buy one get one free. According to the Rite Aid coupon policy, a coupon cannot be used on a free item.


Rite Aid

Buy 2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Original Cereal, 13.7 oz $4.99, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 9/14
Use one $1.00/1 – Kellogg’s Cereals, any, 8.7 oz or larger, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip, redeemable at Walmart, zip code 99501 – (
Final Price: $2.00 each, when you buy 2

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23 thoughts on “High-Value Kellogg’s Coupon—Save $1.00 on One Box!”

i try to use the redeemable at walmart coupon at my rite aid and was told that i couldn’t use it there only at walmart stores. this was by the mrg. too.

Initially I was unable to even find where to change the zipcode (try LOCAL, then top left allows for zipcode change, but that didn’t seem to take. I wonder if it takes a few minutes?). I then tried to link and change on the KCL option below, but that didn’t seem to “do” anything either and in frustration I clicked out. Next (Raisin bran is my husband’s favorite so perseverance was necessary!) I tried once again linking from the KCL “use one” blue letters, and voila!!! It works now! I have no idea if it needed time, or the option below kicked it through, but either way I got my two coupons and hubby will be happy! : )

you can try changing the zipcode attached to your profile, after you sign in

that is how i have to do it so it keeps the zip i need it to change


couldnt you use 2 coupons for the cereal since its bogo free ?

not at rite aid…against coupon policy…now at cvs you totally could

Read the post above!

Everytime I put in the zip code and go back to coupons, it changes back to the previous zip code I was using. Does anyone else have that problem?

have you tried to see if it shows up just by you going to the categories section its under and not changing the zip? …I haven’t had that problem but maybe its defaulting when you log out or something

I did, thank you. I even tried my other computer.

We just discovered this link and it seems to be working to change the zip code in Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!

Thank you, girls. I did try but for some reason it is not working for me. Thanks for all your help!

it worked for me i went to the link on this post it didnt work read the comments used the link entered zip code pressed enter nothing happened did it twice since i didnt know what i was doing i still had the window open of the link in the comment and went to open another link the one from post all the way up and it worked ya im excited i got to do this with my other computers before the coupon is gone thank you so much

I don’t even see where to change the zipcode. I give up lol

click at the top of the page the tab that says “local” once it takes you to the next page, there’s a tab marked “categories” its in a gray box, click that little balloon looking symbol right next to it and it should bring up where you can type in your zip to change it and press the “apply” button next to it. After that, you’re set and continue to print as normal.

I’m having the same issue.

see my instructions for dani HTH

If you have a swagbucks or mypoints account, login and navigate to the page where you can print coupons. You can change your zip code there. Then come back here and click the link again.

you need to sign in and change the zipcode on your profile

Mine came up without changing the zip code, just by clicking on your link… I’ll try to print now… too bad it’s only good at Walmart, I could of gotten a good deal at a local grocery store, but I’ll just save it for when I drive up to my nearest Walmart.

It says “Redeemable at Walmart” not “Redeemable only at Walmart” so you should be able to use where ever you would like.

It is a manufacturer coupon, so it can be used at Rite Aid or elsewhere!