Were you lucky enough to get the Rachael Ray dog food coupon in your newspaper? This is a regional coupon, but if you are one of the lucky ones that received it, make $0.62 on dog food at Walmart! Here’s how:




Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food, 8 oz $1.88, regular price
Use $2.50/1 Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food from SS 8/3 (exp 12/18)
Final Price: $0.62 Moneymaker 

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35 thoughts on “$0.62 Moneymaker Rachael Ray Dog Food at Walmart!”

My coupons from 9/8 had a picture of the dog food on it. THe coupon read for the Nutrish Super Premium dog food, but I looked closely at the picture and did not see the “super premium” anywhere on it. Does anyone have a picture of what “super premium” looks like?

I did use this coupon. My coupon said Save $2.50 off Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Food for Dogs, any size or variety. I did get the $1.88 and used the $2.50 coupon and it worked!!! Only had 2 of these coupons. There are some online but it does not have the work “variety” behind it. So I am not sure those will work.

Whats the shelf life of this dog food?

I have looked on some coupon clipping sites. And all state super premium…although I fond one selling a coupon that stated dry dog food 6lb or larger..

I understand the wants of MM item, but getting greedy with this particular product just isn’t ethical. Rachael Ray donates all proceeds to animals in need.

I don’t see it as getting greedy?! I have 100 coupons and i have donated the 30 i’ve been able to get so far to our local SPCA, and i plan to donate the rest as well! The Money I get back I use to stock up on diapers for my son.. I don’t see that as greedy..

I tried 2 walmarts in my area and they would not accept the coupon for the wet food, but my neighbor has stocked up on it so just depends on your cashier/managers :{

Guys There is not 2 coupons. Do not use this deal!!!

I went to my local Walmart to get this deal and I always had the suspicion that they were pulling items from the shelf when there is a really good deal with coupons that makes the item free or have an overage because the item is always never to be found. Well when I get to the dog food aisle low and behold I see them taking all of the Rachel Ray wet dog food from the shelf and rolling it to the back but I snagged as much as I needed! That really irked me that all that time I wasted looking for deals in the past and they were hiding it in the back! They only look out for their own best interest and I will only go to this Walmart for moneymakers and not to spend a dime! I rather drive the extra 10 min to a different Walmart to spend my money. On a lighter note, the coupons went through just fine with the wet dog food and I got paid :)

i knew it!! i really dislike walmart. i’m pretty sure the one here in town is doing the same thing. it seems like most things that i could get for free or receive overages from with a coupon are no longer on the shelves. when did you catch them in the act? i have to try and get there before this happens. Lol.

OMG!! This same thing happened to me when I went to buy some. I saw the worker literally taking the shelf and brackets off the wall! She left the product sitting in the aisle on a garden center cart of all things. I waited for over 5 mins for someone to come by and either put it up or a customer to claim it, but nope nothing. So I got what I needed and continued shopping. Had I been another 5-10 mins later, I would have missed out on it entirely! And that was my second call to their corporate office. Lol!

When product is not on the shelf, and you suspect your store of this…Find someone with a scanner and ask them to scan the barcode!!! this will tell YOU and them, How many are in stock, and suppose to be on the shelf! If it says X amount, ask them nicely to go get the amount you want.
I have had to do this on a few occations. It also helps out that my sister works there and is in deed one of the employees who carry around one of the scanners:)

Go to the Nutrish FB page. I and a bunch of other couponers kept trying to get an answer out of them about whether stores would be reimbursed for this coupon. All they said was it was meant for the dry food. They would not answer the question even though we kept telling them it said “any size or variety!” The wet dog food is also listed under the Super Premium on their FB page.

I was one of those people trying to get an answer out of them. They also have them pictured together and described as “Super Premium” on the right side of every page of their company website. I printed it off so I can so the cashier when they say “you can’t use this coupon on this item because…..”. BUT their site clearly shows the tubs in the picture with her so called “Super Premium” pooch food.

It did scan but when the clerk looked at the coupon and overage amount they wouldn’t let me use it

Walmart isn’t letting me use this coupon based on the picture. Anyone know of a way around it?

I was turned down for the same reason. By picture only. So I called corporate to ask. They said the store has to go by wording, not by the picture. Picture is merely an example of products you could buy with the coupon. Call corporate office if they deny you on your coupons based on the picture.

But the coupon states “Super Premium”. They only carry Super Premium in the dry dog food. Using on the wet is a misuse of the coupon.

did you use the same coupon to buy all the food or I have to use a coupon for each package of food ?? thanks

1 coupon per item purchased

I went to Walmart today and use the Coupon with no problem bought 20 of them bought the wet dog food And BAM !!1 26.00 mm

all the 1.88 wet dog food work with me I got over 25.00 in overage and a happy dog!!!!!!…I did donate half…I took it to a supervisor to let them run it through first and it accepted it with no problems….I got a 120.00 worth of savings with overage great coupon wish I had more!!!…hope this helps….

This coupon is not for the wet food … Check Rachael Ray website to request the right coupon for wet food … Is $1/2 Naturaly Delish wet food

The wet food is called “Naturally Delish” There are 3 bags of dry food that are “Super Premium” like the coupon states. So this isn’t the right product for the Q.

I didn’t have this coupon. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) I don’t have an animal though so it’s a wash, I guess. I just love me some moneymakers!

I’ve used it. No problems :) The dog food I got had a red lid, though. It might be a “premium” variety of wet food.

I don’t have a dog, so I opened it and set it outside hoping to attract a cat or something to eat the yard voles.

I was wondering the same thing. Also the post says it is from the 8/3 SS I found it in the 9/8 SS.

I did too :)

has anyone used this coupon ? my coupon says super premum is that for the wet dog food?

This coupon is super confusing. There appear to be two floating around, depending on your region. Some are valid, some are not. Hope this helps!

I think you need to add to the post about the one that says “Super Premium” that it is NOT okay to use that coupon on this product. Rachael Ray’s facebook page said that stores will NOT be getting reimbursed for this coupon if used on the smaller wet dog foods. That coupon is specifically for the “Super Premium” DRY dog food. Just because it doesnt beep at the register, doesnt make it right!!

Please, would you mind putting a picture of the coupon you are talking about? That will help us a lot more since there is more than one. Thanks!

I agree. Please post a picture of the two differences. There are so many people using this incorrectly and it is driving me insane… they look at THIS blog and see this and think they can, so it will help prevent it.