“How many of each coupon online can I print? Is there a way to get more?”

Most Internet printable coupons allow 1-2 printouts per coupon per computer. The majority of coupons on Coupons.com, RedPlum.com, SmartSource.com, Target.com, and those available at individual Facebook pages can print out twice. However, some coupons at those sites or sites like Stonyfield.com have a limit of 1 printout per coupon. It is ILLEGAL to copy any coupon.

To get more:

  • Print from multiple computers. If you have multiple computers, you can often print more coupons. Do be careful printing at work or a public library — often they require administrative to install any printing software.
  • If you don’t have multiple computers, ask family, friends, and neighbors! Consider swapping coupons (maybe they need all your pet coupons and would be glad to print some cereal coupons for you) or trade items from your stockpile or a batch of your famous cookies for printable coupons.
  • Many coupons reset and are able to be printed again in the near future. The time that the most new coupons come out and others reset is the first day of the month.

Remember: Even if you can only print 1-2 copies of each coupon, that’s okay! You should be growing your stockpile slowly, most of the time adding just a handful of items each week.

PDF coupons
Some coupons are in PDF (Portable Document Format), which can enable the customer to print out multiple copies.

“Are these legitimate?” Some PDF coupons are indeed authentic. Always make sure that you are printing them from a reliable source: the manufacturer’s own website. They have thus authorized this format for their customers. Past examples of companies that have used PDF coupons include Sunbelt, Wholly Guacamole, and 3m/Scotch.

“Will my store accept them? Will they get reimbursed?” Many store scanners don’t like reading PDF barcodes and will make an angry beep. At this point, the cashier will either push it through or will not accept it, citing the reason as they cannot accept coupons that don’t scan; they may accuse you of coupon fraud. So it really depends on the store. Before I print off a PDF coupon, I always make sure it’s from a reliable source (the product’s own web page), and I will only print off 1 or 2 and try them at my store. Often the angry beep hassle is not worth it for me. But if a manufacturer puts out a PDF coupon, they should be reimbursing the stores for all of them, since it was at their discretion.

“How many can I print off?” The basic rule of thumb is that you can print off as many coupons as your computer allows you to. Remember, it is ILLEGAL to copy any coupon.

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29 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Print More Coupons”

How do I print coupons from The Krazy Coupon Lady site? I check off the little box next to the coupon I want then press the "print" button and it prints the text of the things I checked off, not the actual coupon.

How do I print coupons from The Krazy Coupon Lady site? I check off the little box next to the coupon I want then press the "print" button and it prints the text of the things I checked off, not the actual coupon.

I have found that if you go to the sites using internet explorer and print out two coupons then use a different browser like Chrome the coupons reappear and you can print two more. Is this legit?

If people make copies how can anyone tell because I have seen on extrem couponing that there were some making copies of the printed coupons

My favorite coupon ever happens to be a PDF. If you live in California, you can print out a coupon from the California Dairy Board. It’s a PDF coupon, but since early this year, it does not beep. It works on any dairy product with the California Dairy Board symbol. Almost all store brand milk, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, and cheese has this symbol in my area, plus several name brands like Knudsen, Challenge, and Alta Dena.

I finally got to the point where I print 10 at a time and carry them with me. If I need to make a milk run, I just pull out a coupon and go!

You have to have an HP Printer, though. It isn’t compatible with other printers

Are you sure printing from a different computer in your house will work? I am thinking that since they have the same IP address, that probably wouldn’t work. I don’t know though. I will try it.

Yes it does! We have a second computer that isn’t much use except as a way to get online, I print from there all the time and have never had a problem with using them or giving me messages that I have printed already (unless, of course, I have from that computer!)

through a router each computer should get its own ip address

YES!! I have three computers, and on one I can unistall the printing software, rest my cookies and print to my hearts desire giving me endless coupons, that computer is now only used for coupons, and yes, it prints withe new barcodes!

And sometimes you can’t print at all on FB because they ask for access to your friend’s list etc. Why do they do that?

After I print coupons from Facebook , I’ll go into privacy settings then click on Apps then remove that certain app right away.

They want the marketing. I usually set the app to “Me Only” when I am signing up and then delete the app if that is an issue.

I’ve been printing out coupons but for a reason they don’t want to scan can it be my printer?

It can be. I just replaced my printer because I was having trouble with coupons and pictures. I could print a multi-page text document with no problem but anything that had pictures (like pics of products on coupon) would only print text part. I’ve had my printer for around 6-7 years. The heads get worn out. Best thing to do is go to a family or friend and print a coupon or two from there. Try it out at the store. You didn’t say what kind of printer you have so it’s hard to troubleshoot that. Sometimes if you have an all-in-one (print/copy/scan and/or fax) you just need to go into the printer troubleshooting program installed on your computer and have it print an alignment page. You then scan the alignment page and it re-aligns the heads so that bar codes and pics etc print properly. Again, it depends on your printer and if you installed the full feature software that came with it. Hope these few ideas help.

Many wireless printers have coupon apps which allow you to print another set of coupons, in addition to the ones printed from your computer. You print the coupons directly from a printer interface, so they don’t count against your “2 prints per computer” limit. It will allow you to print 2 more coupons for many items, which is great when something is a freebie!

Also, never print out a coupon and give it to someone you cant trust to not make copies of it, because if they do, it can be traced back to your pc.

How do I print coupons on my wireless printer from my smartphone?

I find if I set my printer settings to picture quality with a high dpi setting rather then leaving on econo mode, I have no problems getting my print at home coupons to work at the store. Yeah it cost a little more in ink but its worth it.

Sometimes you print a coupon from a companies website using a one-time link that expires after printing.

But after clicking “Print Coupon” your printer settings come up and you’re able to print as many copies as you want.

In this case, are you only suppose to print one or can you print a bunch?

(I think when I printed a Poise and Shick Hydro Silk coupon, this happened.)

if you change the quantity that you want to print from 1 to say 10 from the same link yes, this is considered a copied coupon because its taking that 1 coupon and duplicating it. If you click the link print 1 then go back through the steps you took to get the coupon, click again and print a second coupon. If its a PDF I’d suggest the same thing, opening and closing the link just to ensure you’re getting legitimate coupons even though you may not have to, that’s just a suggestion I tend to follow.

Sometimes the print box pops up and asks how many I would like to print. In this situation is it okay to print several?

If I remember correctly, when the printing pop up box came up and I changed the quantity from 1 to 2 it printed with the same bar code. So this would be an example of “copying” coupons since the bar code numbers usually change when you “print” multiple times. HTH :)

Yeah, it prints the same barcode so you can’t do that. I will however often when it pops up in chrome, save the coupon as a PDF if I’m not sure I will buy the item. That way I don’t waste paper & ink.

no. i makes “copies” of the same coupon. it will not have new codes on each coupon and will be treated as a photocopy at the coupon redemption warehouse

So you can makes copies and use them or not? A little confused on your reply

Yeah, the PDF ones leave me nervous. I only print out one or two.

Occasionally, a Facebook coupon will print with your name and picture/avatar on it.
How could anyone look at my face and doubt the authenticity of the coupon?! 😉

hahaha!!!!!!!!!! Pizzaz