I remember the day when I discovered this Anthropologie perfection. A “You are my Sunshine” pillow…. for an easy $198! Oh, the heartbreak! So, when I discovered Maxwell’s Attic this morning and found their version of this pillow for only $11 shipped–I was beyond excited! Check it out:

You Are My Sunshine Pillow, 15″ X 10″ $16.00 
Use coupon code Discount5
Shipping is free
Final Price: $11.00, shipped!  

In order to use the coupon code “Discount5”, you will need to sign up for their daily email. When you visit this link, a form will pop up and you’ll be able to sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you can add the pillow to your cart and use the coupon code! 

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19 thoughts on “It’s Back! You Are My Sunshine Pillow, Only $11 Shipped! Anthropologie Inspired!”

I just went on and it is sold out!!! I am finding this a lot with your offers…….

We sing this to our daughter every night! Going to discuss with my wife and hopefully order one now!

Sold Out :(

I just ordered it, so very excited, as much as I love it, I would NEVER pay $195 for it, that’s plain nuts!!!!

Tried to buy it and paid for it thru paypal then got an error that purchase couldn’t be complete.. hope they call me back as i’ve paid for it :(

Sold out here – 9/14 6:46 EST.

Just got one! Worked like a charm. When I went to the site it prompted me to create an account to get the $5 off and then gave me the ‘DISCOUNT5’ code to use at checkout. It also was not sold out!

If you happen to know anyone who has actually spent $198 on a pillow, please let them know that Pizzaz wants to be their friend. Thank you!

I just ordered one too!

Don’t you mean- “I_just_ordered_one_too!” ? 😉

Not sold out as of 9/14/13 at 3:30 CST. I just ordered one. LOVE IT!

Not out of stock….I just ordered one.

Just placed the order and it appears it’s back in stock?!

I tried this code several times and it told me ‘isn’t valid’.

It must be used on an order of $10 or more. Also, this item is now sold out, so maybe that’s why. Sorry!

Thanks! My grandmother used to sing this to me. Love it.

I sing to my high-value coupons-
“You are my coupons…my only coupons…you make me happy…when skies are gray…you’ll never know dear…how much I love you…please don’t take my coupons away!” :)

Lets tweak it a bit!!!
you are my coupon…..my only coupon…..you make me happy…..when stores are doubling….you’ll never know dear…how much i love you…..please don’t let my coupon expire away!!! XD

I like your lyrics better than mine! :)