Special K products are on promotion at Target: buy three get one free. Match this promotion with a high-value Kellogg’s cereal coupon and pick up four boxes of Special K cereal for just $0.94 each! This deal requires you to print from two computers.


Buy 4 Special K Cereal, 12 oz $2.59, regular price
Buy Three Get One Free through 9/21
Use four $1.00/1 – Kellogg’s Cereals, any, 8.7 oz or larger, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip, redeemable at Walmart, zip code 99501 – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.94 each, when you buy 4 

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30 thoughts on “Kellogg’s Special K Cereal, Only $0.94 at Target!”

Can someone please share where the 1 dollar off for one Kellogg box is on coupon network is and how do you get it on their website. Like the other person mentions it only says 1.00 dollar off for two not one. I am new to this website and printing off coupons from the internet.

I just did this and it worked great! I got
4 boxes Special K Red Berries 3/$8=$10.64
-$2.66 1 was free with Target deal
-$4.00 4 $1/1 MQs
=$3.98 or $.99 each!

I thought all coupons on the Target website were considered store coups. How can you tell the difference between a online Target store coup vs an Online manufacture’s coup on the Target website? Will it only reveal that info after printing the coup?

You used to be able to right click on one & view the image in a separate window & if it had the word Target in the address bar then it was a store coupon. Not sure if that little trick still works or not though? Someone mentioned once about the wording (save $$ vs $$ off), but they all seem to say $$ off, so idk if that really works either. I wish they’d just indicate if they were store or manufacturer lol would make it sooo much easier!!

Ok, stupid question — how do you print off four coupons if it says “limit reached” after printing two?

Almost all printable coupons are limited to two prints per computer. To
get more than two, you will have to use a second computer.

Makes sense – thanks so much for the reply! :)

Sure thing :)

The coupons say redeemable at walmart, but they appear to be manufacturer coupons. Can I still use them at Target?

You should not have a problem (I didn’t), but I have read recently on this website of some people having trouble redeeming similar coupons at retailers. I would say if a cashier has a problem with it, ask them to ask their supervisor/manager. I have found that often cashiers are not always well versed in coupon policies. Often couponers know more than the cashiers!

Even though it says “Redeemable at Walmart,” it is still a
manufacturer’s coupon and can be used at any store that accepts coupons. Walmart (and other stores) pays for ad space to advertise on coupons, hoping that you will take the coupon and use it at their store. So long as it doesn’t say “Redeemable ONLY at Walmart,” you can use it elsewhere.

I purchased four boxes of Special K this morning at Target. I provided four $1/1 coupons to the cashier. However, I only received credit for 3 of the coupons. Thinking back on it, one did beep at the cashier, but I didn’t say anything. Does the coupon not apply to the free item? Or should I ask for credit for the missed coupon? I attached my receipt.

I wish Target receipts weren’t like reading Greek! They have to be the hardest of all the receipts to read. Walgreens, CVS, and the grocery stores that I frequent are so much better!

I would call the store you made the purchase at and let them know that the coupon didn’t get applied but they still took the coupon. I used four of the Kellogg’s coupons this morning and they all scanned no problem but some Target stores may refuse the coupon on the free item. I hope that helped!

Thank you!

My experience at Target has been that they will accept manufacturer’s coupons on all items, even ones you get for free. But they will not accept a Target coupon (store coupon) on the free item. You should take your receipt back within 3 days though to get the adjustment because Target very recently changed its policy that all price adjustments and coupon adjustments must be made within 3 days of purchase!

Thank you!

I work for Target, If the cashier has to force the coupon through it shows up at the bottom of the receipt NOT directly underneath the product, check the bottom first to see if it is there.

Thank you! It is not at the bottom, but thank you for the knowledge =)

If it beeped & the cashier had to force it through the coupon will be listed at the bottom of the whole transaction.

Thanks =) In my case, it beeped when he scanned them, but I don’t think he actually ever forced the missing one through. Unfortunately, the only MQ on the bottom of my receipt are the Glade coupons.

Only the Glade $2/2 MQ coupons.

Every time I tried to use a coupon on a free product at target, the cashier wouldn’t take it. Might be the same issue.

They rang up my transaction the same way. If you got 3 Special Ks and the free one for 7.98, that means that the coupons did work, correct? 3 for $8 is the posted deal. If the 3 coupons worked, it should be $4.89 right?

Correction – that means they did NOT work!!

I think there’s also a $1/2 Target coupon for Special K on their website

There is! Thank you so much! It makes them 0.44!! :DDD

The one on Target’s site is actually a manufacturer’s coupon also and wont be worth as much.

It is a manufacturer coupon :(

I just noticed :(

awe man i didnt know it was manufacturer that stinks /: