Now through September 22nd, Starbucks is offering a free $5.00 gift card for new “My Starbucks Rewards” members. Register an existing Starbucks gift card, or buy a new one ($5.00 minimum) to join. After signing up, $5.00 will automatically be added to the registered card within 24 hours. This offer is for new members only.

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23 thoughts on “Free $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card!”

It has been 24 hours since I registered my gift card, but i don’t see the $5 added to my account. I’m a new member. Does anyone know why? :(

Not sure…I didn’t get it either. :( sorry! Maybe someone else knows why we didn’t get it…?

Signed up, registered and didn’t receive anything, did I do something wrong ? Signed up the 16th :(

same here…

Can I do this deal with an ecard?

Can I register an old card with a balance of less than a $1? Or do I have to buy a new card? Thanks in advance.

The page shows a free drink instead of $5 for me.

We have some e-gift cards from the last time there were groupon deals (spend $5, get $10). We’re going to pick up some blank cards at Starbucks and load these e-cards onto them. $15 for $5 is a good deal!

Here is a tip or at least what I am going to do. So this is just an FYI….
I already have a card that is registered. So I intend to go to Starbucks tomorrow and purchase a $5 card and give it to my daughter (who does not have one) and have her register her card. For me, this is just a too good of a deal to pass up.

The way that the Starbucks around here is going, it seems to me that they should concentrate on keeping their current customers more than getting new ones. My husband and I use to go to Starbucks everyday and often twice a day, now we go maybe once a week if at all. When they did away with a good portion of their member rewards we cut way back.

I tried to reply on an answered question but the box kept disappearing. My husband and I already have cards that are connected to our Starbucks app so are we not able to do this? Sorry, I’m confused. :-(

New members only I can’t do either. I register a while back when they had this deal.

Bummer…Well at least you registered during a different time they were running the deal! LOL I had NO clue about it until I overheard someone in line at the airport mention how they were almost to the next level with their stars to start really benefitting. So when it was my turn, I asked about it, she gave me a little run down, so (thank God I have such a patient hubby, lol) instead, I bought him and I each a $5 gift card, we sat off to the side, downloaded the mobile app to our phones, registered them real quick, and then got back in line and ordered. lol

do you need to buy the card first and then join?

Yes, you need to register a card in order to receive the offer!

Thank you! I got a card, then signed up and registered, but didn’t get a response – maybe next time!

I registered..but do I have to go to the actual starbucks store to buy the card??

Yes, you need to register an actual gift card in order to receive this offer. Just visit your local store to pick one up!

sorry we’re new to this… so to register for a gift card… do we spend any money? how does it work??

i registered thank you kcl 😀


Where did your print version icon go? Please help!

i’ve been wondering the same thing… i loved that print icon