Reminder: this week’s Staples matchup included a free paper deal at Staples! Go to to print the coupon. Then use the coupon at Staples to lower your out-of-pocket cost. (The coupon has no listed value but will take $3.99 off your total in-store.) Complete the rebate offer online with the info on the receipt and end up with free copy paper! Already completed a Staples rebate for free paper a week or two ago? Don’t worry; this is a completely new rebate offer, and you can do it again!

Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper, ream $6.99, regular price
Buy 1, Submit for $3.00 Rebate through 9/21, Limit 4
Use $3.99/1 – Hammermill Copy Plus Copy Paper, ream, exp 9/21 – (
Pay $3.00, Submit for $3.00 Rebate
Final Price: Free


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32 thoughts on “Free Hammermill Copy Paper at Staples!”

Where is the 3.99 coupon at?

Follow the link above. Click on the coupon for Hammermill paper. The coupon does not say $3.99 on it, but it will subtract that amount at the register.

Do you actually have to print the coupon out four times or will one work for all four purchases?

I guess it depends on your store, at my store they accept one coupon and the cashier applies the code to the rest but sometimes I take extra copies in case.

Zee52 is correct. It will depend on your store. If this is your first Staples paper deal, I would print four coupons, just to be on the safe side. Then you’ll know for next time : )

SO doing this, this week. I just received two of the $6.99 rebate from a few weeks back for this same paper. Looking forward to the lower OOP

You say limit 4. but the coupon says one coupon per customer. Does that mean if I buy 4 only 1 will be free?

Same question here.

They allow you to use only one coupon per customer so it’s obvious that in one shopping trip you cannot get more than 1 free by yourself. Now, I have never been certain whether Staples intends for you to be able to go back and get another one for free yourself on another day in the same week. Since they do allow up to 4 rebates per household, I have taken my son and asked to use one coupon myself and then had them ring up another one separately for my son. I did that awhile back and have gotten both rebates back.

Depends on the store. I have a friend who is my local store manager, and her store allows all 4 items in one transaction, and they just plug the one coupon in manually for each of the 4 items. :) Or you can go back in 4 different days, bring an additional coupon each day.

Good to know that it can vary by store so people can just check with their own Staples.

mine allows both different days and to separate transactions.

That’s great! My Staples is a little clueless with coupons, so I haven’t bothered to ask them specifically about this issue, because whatever answer I get, it most likely wouldn’t be the official corporate policy. Recently, when I tried to redeem some manufacturer’s coupons, they didn’t know how to do it, even the manager didn’t know. So I went to another store nearby that did know how to. They just had to input a particular SKU #. I wrote down the number and brought it back to the first store to let them know. I love teaching newbies about coupons, but it’s a little ridiculous when I have to train store employees and their manager too about their own procedures!

yeah, most of the employees in my store don’t really know how to enter it and typically have to get a manager but I think its mainly because of their complicated registers and the fact that coupons aren’t really a staples type thing until recent years I’d say well, mfr coupons that is. I don’t think their equipment was really ready for the couponing times lol

I thought that might be the case that manufacturer coupons are just not a normal occurrence at Staples, and I never fault the employees really. In fact, I always appreciate how nice they are to me. I guess I’m just frustrated with the system. That is, if a store (that is, the corporation) wants to court customers with coupons, they really should prepare their employees better and update the registers. Then again, who am I to complain? I’ve got a forest’s worth of free paper from them….:)

The rebate has a limit of four, but the coupon has a limit of one. Some Staples stores will allow a customer to use more than one coupon, or will allow separate transactions. Ask at your store. If not, bring along a friend/family member in order to use more coupons.

I am able to use four coupons in one transaction at my local Staples. I just asked the cashier who then asked the manager on shift at the time. No problem! Love the easy rebates…been doing the “free” paper deal since they started the offers. I prefer Staples to send me the rebate check in the mail.

I was at Staples today. The best thing is to ask. The cashier did 2 separate transactions because I only had a coupon. Happy because I save a trip!

How does the rebate work? Do they send you a check by mail, or does it automatically go back onto your cc?

you can choose how you’d like it sent to you either by mail or deposited directly into your paypal account. Paypal is much faster by the way.

You’ll get actual money back–in the form of a check or into a Paypal account.

Yes, I just recently did these rebates in August for the first time. I got the rebate amount deposited in my PayPal account 4-5 weeks after submitting it online through their website. It’s super easy!

Yes you can use rewards to purchase products with rebates. Rewards/coupons do not affect the amount you get back from a product with a rebate. It is how one “monetizes” their rewards or more simply turns rewards into cash. Just do not use rewards on products that give rewards for purchases. Rewards on a rewards yielding item reduces the rewards back by the amount of rewards used on the purchase of an item giving rewards.

That was my thinking in asking, thanks!

Thanks for your awesome answer, JD!

In store only.

are you asking or telling?

Can you use your rewards to purchase this which gives you a rebate?

I was about to ask the same question. I wonder if we can use our rewards and still get the rebate?

I just started couponing at Staples this year so still getting familiar with their policies.

ya same thing here like I recycled about 14 cartridges not knowing that you needed to purchase at least $30 worth of ink to get the rewards and I don’t usually purchase my ink from staples since I get better deals online so that was a waste. I did call them and they credited me for some of the cartridges since I didn’t know about this change.

Yep, you can : )