Look at this coupon, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t it make your collection complete?

Disney released The Little Mermaid from the vault and Walmart has it on rollback. Even better? Print a new $7.00 Scott coupon! Combine this incredible rollback price with the coupon and get The Little Mermaid combo pack for only $19.98. That’s a total savings of $25.00!

The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) (reg $44.99) $26.98, rollback price
Use $7.00/1 -Disney’s Little Mermaid Blue-Ray Combo Pack – (scottsharedvalues.com)
Final Price: $19.98

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16 thoughts on “$7.00 Little Mermaid Coupon: Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Only $19.98 at Walmart!”

Will this work with the 3D version?

I printed my coupon but the Walmart website won’t let me pre-order without paying first :( How can I use the coupon?

I can’t figure out how to order it on Walmart’s website by doing store pickup instead of ship to home. Not sure if it will let me delay payment until the release date.

I thought it was the site too but it says For your protection and added security, we’ve made some updates to the password requirements for this site. Before you can access your account, you’ll need to request a new password. This one-time reset will update all of your Kimberly-Clark brand site registrations…. So reset your password!

This is not working. Something wrong with the website to sign up to create and account

Can I use it at the Disney store even though I had already paid for mine?

Thank you for this KCL, my niece has been waiting for this to come out as she has been overwatching the VHS! Be prepared to jump through many hoops in order to get this one. I had to create two accounts, one with Scott and a second with Disney Movie Rewards. It took about 10 minutes because twice I tried to create an account with Disney and it said I already had one, which I did not. I had to try two different emails before it went through. And there is alot of clicking back and forth between the two sites and Scott asks a bunch of questions.

got mine weeks ago.. sooo excited!

Errgg! I signed up but then it said I already had an account so I signed in and it keeps taking me to back to the sign up page!

Nevermind! It worked!

It is not working, it is stuck on the sign up screen.

For some reason, it won’t let me sign up…it keeps taking me back to the sign up page, after I have completed everything it still says Sorry. We need just a few more bits of information from you. Please complete the required fields below. But everything seems complete. Suggestions?!

How does Walmart have it on rollback if it hasn’t even been released yet?

Coupon is not valid until Oct 1 & only good until Oct 4. Limit two prints per computer

How can I use this coupon with a preorder?

Have Walmart order it like normal, and use the coupon when you pick up. They should allow you to delay payment until pickup.