Run to Walgreens for a stellar unadvertised deal on Glade Automatic Spray starter kits! There is an unadvertised $3.00 Catalina printing with this purchase. We don’t know how long the Catalina offer will last, so go now! Stack a manufacturer coupon from Sunday’s Smart Source newspaper insert with a Walgreens coupon from the September Savings Book to get free Glade. The Walgreens booklet is located in the front of the store by the weekly ads.




Glade Automatic Spray Kit, 6.2 oz $7.99, sale price through 9/21
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Catalina
Use $3.00/1 Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit from SS 9/15 (exp 11/9)
And use $2.00/1 Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener, 6.2 oz from Walgreens September Savings Book (exp 9/28)
Pay $2.99, Receive $3.00 Catalina
Final Price: $0.01 Moneymaker 


Thanks, Reader Andrea 

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83 thoughts on “Free Glade Automatic Spray Kit at Walgreens!”

  1. Jennifer Yang says:

    If I use my raincheck to buy the Glade Automatic Spray Kit this week, will a $3.00 Catalina still print out this week?

  2. Andrea Diaz says:

    Can anyone tell me when this Catalina expire I’m going to a different Walgreens toget this same deal

  3. Jahirim Ruiz says:

    My store was sold out too. You dont get a catalina with a rain check right?

  4. mirandagrez says:

    what is ss 9/15 mean

  5. jaime says:

    I got 2$ RR back.

  6. catkittykitty says:

    anyone know if it’s still working?

  7. nanigirlny says:

    so you would get a $2 RR AND and $3 Catalina in the same transaction?

  8. forestgreen says:

    I had to exchange my glade , it was broke and with the exchange it printed another $3 coupon. So I got paid $3 to buy it. I guess it is my lucky day.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    How does the Catalina work?

  10. Andrea Diaz says:

    i have one more coupon for the automatic spray but cat seem to find them i any of the walgreens i go to anymore

  11. Guest says:

    Yeah your right but we are talking about two different deals done in 1 transactio

  12. Shelly says:

    I went today and mgr would not let me use $3 coupon with walgreens $2 coupon only one coupon because system/policy won’t let me get item free. It was on sale for $5.99 already so I just used $3 coupon and then after paying $2.14 I received $2 catalina for future shopping. It’s a good deal still!

  13. netta says:

    My store was sold Out!! :(

  14. Pia says:

    I went to Walgreens and bought the Automatic Spray but there was no Catalina. I think it is because I bought the Sense and Spray yesterday. I did not use the $2 Register Reward to purchase this item. I returned it.

  15. Katiuska says:

    I got a different one that is the same price but it has a sale now for 4.99 and is giving $2 catalina , I used the $3 off Q and I pay $1.99 .. I got it for free! With that I pay the OJ ($3) and milk ($2.99) making them $1.99 each! Thank you KCL you are helping a lot for our house! :)

  16. Carol says:

    THANKS more nivea for men oh the house… ;)

    • Cheri Mathews says:

      You’re welcome. Glad to share, couldn’t believe it had reset… Finally!

      HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

  17. That coupon is for Sense & Spray, not Automatic Spray. It’s still a great coupon, though!

  18. Cheri Mathews says:

    ***Off Topic The Nivea FaceBook 3/1 Face Care Product & Bogo Men Face Care Get Shave Gel/Foam Free has Reset. It was on my FB Home page again today, so I gave it a try thinking it would give me the Sorry you have printed this… page again and to my surprise it printed both of the coupons. Thought it was worth mentioning. It is a short use date though, printed today and expires on 10/01/13*** I have posted the link below in reply.
    HaPpY CoUpOnInG

  19. cande says:

    the store wouldn’t allow you to use book coupon and the printable coupon at the same time..

    • Print off the coupon policy and take it with you. Their policy explicitly allows a Walgreens coupon to be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.

      • cande says:

        I already purchased it..thinking id get it for that amount. When I presented both coupons the register wouldn’t take the coupon from the savings book.

        • It worked great at my store this morning. Are you sure you tried to scan the right coupon?

        • Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood says:

          You can stack the coupons, but did you have more coupons than items? If so, you would need to purchase a filler item to use both coupons (at least, that’s how I understand the policy.)

          • Anonymous says:

            I believe that’s only for manufacturer coupons. You should be able to use one manufacturer and one wags coupon per item.

            • Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood says:

              You are right :) and I’m SO glad you are. I’ve always counted ALL my coupons, which I realize is a mistake. Yay! Less filler items for me to buy! Thanks for responding.

      • cande says:

        and because I printed already the 3.00 off I cant find one at that same amount except for the 2.00 off. I sure would of liked it if I had myself more prepared than what I experienced yesterday.

      • amyt says:

        my September booklet coupon says not valid with any other offer?

        • David says:

          they all say that. It’s to prevent people from using two Sunday coupons or two store coupons on the same item. Using a Walgreens coupon plus a Sunday coupon on the same item is okay though. Gotta go for that mix-n’-match. Hope that helps.

        • That means that another Walgreens coupon cannot be used on the same single item. You CAN stack it with a manufacturer coupon, according to the Walgreens coupon policy.

  20. BeatriceEspinozaa says:

    Where do you get the coupon??

  21. Carol says:

    THIS week is even better, they have it for 4.99 you use 3/1 on any glade stater kit pay 2.99 receive 2 back and get glade scent 3/3 use 3 1/1 is free then do the same first transaction use 3/1 and the 2 Catalina final price 3 glade scent 2 stater kit free… They better deals this week on glade fragrances . I took home 4 motion spence glade kit 6 glade scent and 1 glade oil warmer got just 4.00 and had 2 Walgreens coupon one I used to get Helmsley scenses for fee with 3/ 2 this Sunday coupon…

    • says:

      can you break it down please so I can do the same transactions and thanks.

      • Carol says:

        Ok, i has 3 coupons 3 face value for glade starters kit I bouthg one that is on sale for 4.99 pay 1.99 plus tax gave me 2 back , had 6. 1/1 for any glade they have glade scents 3/3 use 3/ 1/1 does get free and did again same transaction. Then bouthg another 4.99 glade used one 3/1 took a glade warme kit they are at 2 and used a 1 1.50/2 d the 2 Catalina just pay taxes apply for one reward car for my husband and did the same transaction ending with 2.00 Catalina remaining SS have a 3/2 herbal scenses hair product so I used that plus the 2.00 Catalina remaining just pay taxes… Is hard to understand but I did

  22. T says:

    Will it be a catalina for anything on your next purchase, or just for glade?

  23. BonnieBeth Fitzpatrick says:

    Can I roll Catalinas? I know I can’t roll RR when purchasing the same item but will it work with Catalinas? Also, if I use my RR from the Sense & Spray I already purchased will I still get the Catalina?

    • beloved says:

      Catalinas do not roll.

      • BonnieBeth Fitzpatrick says:

        Thank you. So if you use a Catalina you won’t get a RR, and vice versa? Are they actually the same thing? I’m pretty new to all of this!

        • Click on the “101″ tab at the top of our Walgreens page for more information!

          • BonnieBeth Fitzpatrick says:

            101 says that a RR is ‘much like a Catalina’ so I wasn’t sure if the terms are just being used interchangeably in this instance. Thanks!

            • beloved says:

              You can use a Catalina to purchase an item that generates a RR (and vice versa) SO LONG AS the Catalina/RR you are using is not going to generate another Catalina/RR from the same company. For example, you couldn’t use a Catalina you earned from purchasing Crest to buy a box of Puffs tissues because both products are manufactured by Proctor and Gamble. In the example above, you couldn’t use the RR you received from the Glade Sense and Spray deal because the product above is also manufactured by Glade, and therefore your Catalina for the Automatic Spray kit won’t print.

            • At Walgreens, the two terms are basically interchangeable!

    • You cannot use a Glade Catalina to pay for Glade. If you do, the second identical Glade Catalina won’t print.

  24. Tiffy Hall says:

    So, if I got this and the Sense & Spray deal, would I get $5.00 back?