A Catalina is printing at Walgreens this week with the purchase of Kleenex facial tissue! A Catalina is very similar to a Walgreens Register Reward. It is a coupon that prints at checkout. Use it on a future Walgreens shopping trip on almost anything in the store. To receive the Catalina, all items must be purchased in a single transaction. Check out the details:


Buy Kleenex Tissue, 50 ct or larger, between 9/9 – 10/6

Buy 5, Receive $1.00 Catalina
Buy 6, Receive $1.50 Catalina
Buy 7 or more, Receive $2.00 Catalina

This week, 85-count boxes of Kleenex are on sale for just $0.88! Use two high-value “Pick Up the Values” coupons–each worth $1.00 off the purchase of three Kleenex boxes.

Buy 6 Kleenex Facial Tissue, 85 sheets $0.88, sale price through 9/21
Buy 6, Receive $1.50 Catalina through 10/6
Use two $1.00/1 – Kleenex Facial Tissue, 3 pk OR (3) boxes, 50 ct or larger, excludes trial size, NO doubling, must select ‘share’ to get this value – (pickupthevalues.com)
Pay $3.28, Receive $1.50 Catalina
Final Price: $0.30 each, when you buy 6 


Check out this week’s list of cheap Walgreens filler items!

Thanks, Reader flim_flam 

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79 thoughts on “Kleenex Tissue, Only $0.30 per Box at Walgreens!”

Will the Catalina print out if I buy 3 bundle packs? Sale this week is a 4-pk, 55 ct @ $3.99

what would be the regular price for box of kleenex same ct. and will it still give out catalina?

Regular price is $1.25+ I believe.

Went today and got 6 boxes of Kleenex, the Catalina printed for 1.50, used it on the 6 bags of candy. Thanks.

I purchased 6 kleenex and it never printed…..I asked them at Walgreens and they said they didn’t know anything about it. :( Can you contact the catalina company??

I just discovered your site!:) The catalina did not print at the Walgreens in WI:( I did get the glade x2 and 12 m&ms free!!! Thanks!

I bought 6 kleenex i didnt get the catalina. How can i tell the manager i am supposed to get a catalina it is not even in the ad? Help please. Thanks

coupons no longer availiable

Hi KCL, the manager at my walgreens said if I could come in with some kind of proof that there is supposed to be a catalina they’d give me the $1.50. How would I go about doing that?

UGH, can’t even get the coupons to print. I registered, used FB, tried it on IE and Chrome and neither would work. It said something to the effect of unable to process at this time. Any help please?

Is this catalina still printing please?

Went in today, did not get the catalina :(

The 100 count ones were .88 too, but I only bought 3..still .54 isn’t bad.

catalina did not print for me =( Im in WI

The catalina did not print for me either… maybe is it not working in NYC but is in other places?

I’m in NYC. The first time my mom and I bought 6 each, only my mom got the catalina (a store in Brooklyn area). I tried again at a different Walgreens after school (in Manhattan) and I got the catalina that time.

So it’s working in NYC just not for everyone? Maybe?

weird! have you been doing it at duane reade (do they even have the same sales?) or at walgreens?

I’ve been doing the Walgreen sales at Walgreens. Duane Reade around me always have different sales.

If the catalina did not print when I bought the kleneex, is anything that I can do????

Wait a min… Is there a difference in Kleenex and puffs? Aren’t they the same???

No, they are not the same. They are different brands from different manufacturers.

Where can you go to when you don’t receive the catalina’s that are suppose to print?

I was just gonna say that. Mines did not print tonight. I will have to call Walgreens tmr. Ughhhh….

MONEY MAKER ALERT*************
I Bought 6 Keelenx 77 count for $0.34 each
Used 2 $1.00/3 Kleenex coupons
Paid $0.4 Plus got a $1.50 Catalina.


I went yesterday and purchased 6 boxes of Kleenex @ $.88/ea. No catalina printed for me. :( I also goofed at CVS and bought the Dry Idea ROLL-ON which wasn’t in the B1G1 sale so I have to go back to exchange that item and get my $5.49 back i paid for the roll-on. Oh, and walgreens September catalog coupon did not want to work for my Mars M&M fun size or my snickers fun size bags the last 2 days? other than that…I have had a great week getting some fabulous sales! lol :)

its a 55cent kleenex coupon where is the $1.00 one?

you click on the link given here on the post and you have to share with friends to get the larger value coupon

ok thank you so much

the coupon link wont work for me. It just keeps saying error

It’s still working for me. Try another web browser.

Can someone post if they were able to get the $1.50 Catalina today, 9/17? Sounds like it may not be printing anymore and I was planning on stopping by after work. TIA!

I got it this morning! I will try it again tomorrow morning if there are still boxes at my store!

Hi, was wondering if it only works on Kleenex? Bc I bought the mixture of puffs & Kleenex, but didn’t get the print out :(. Please lmk. Thank u.


Got it. I’ll be going back today again… Haha. I swear all the workers must know me by now. But hey, that $2 Catalina is money! I still have to get the herbal essence… So that’s essentially free :)

I got the $1.50 RR as of 6:30 this evening

It just worked for me about 20 minutes ago! I bought it yesterday morning and this morning and received the Catalina each time.

Thanks! I will go during lunch!

You do know, you do not need to share to others, but you can share to yourself, when you click on share, click custom and click on me only and save. :)

I didn’t get a Catalina coupon. I think they may have run through their allotted circulation. Has anyone received a Catalina coupon this afternoon?

It just worked for me about 20 minutes ago! I bought it yesterday morning and this morning and received the Catalina each time!

Still a good deal but isn’t it $5.28 for 6 boxes?

sorry just kidding i see where i forgot to subtract

My mom bought 6 and got the catalina with her card. But when I bought 6 with my card, I didn’t get a catalina. :(

That’s so weird! I’m sorry!

I wonder if the Catalina coupons have run out? There is a cap on the circulation so the manufacturer can control their coupon redemption budget. I’ll give it a try over lunch.

They haven’t run out. It just worked for me!

I think the Catalina machine probably ran out of paper. I did this deal again yesterday using my card (at a different Walgreens however) and did get a $1.50 catalina. Oh wells! Missed out on 1 $1.5 Catalina but 18 boxes @ $.39 cents is a great deal for me!

Quick question, on the coupon it states “Limit (1) coupon per purchase on product/quantity specified.” I am planning to buy 6 boxes(to get catalina).Can I use both coupons in one transaction, or do I have to do 2 separate transactions?

You can do it in one transaction. (In fact you have to buy them all in one transaction to get the Catalina.) “One per purchase” just means one coupon per item, or in this case, one coupon per three items.

Thanks KCL!! Love your site by the way, I use it daily and have recommended it to numerous people.

Can you use two $1 coupon in the same transaction? The coupon states “1 coupon per purchase.” Does that mean 1 coupon for every 3 box or 1 per transaction? Thanks!

“One per purchase” just means one coupon per item, or in this case, one coupon per three items.

I had the same issue. I did 7 boxes I had $.55/1 coupons from a booklet. I paid 282 got $2.00 back. I ran the exact same transaction did not use any rewards it only printed one. I manager even re rung 7 boxes without a card and no coupons to see and it would not print again.

Who is the catalina by? PG?

Kimberly-Clark makes Kleenex, so it should be by them.


My Catalina is from Kleenex. Kleenex is a Kimberly-Clark brand, not a Procter & Gamble brand.

Hmmm, i don’t see the $1.00 coupon. only $.50 off of 3 boxes from that link.

You have to select the “Share & Save More” button in order to gain access to the higher value coupons.

some how FireFox didn’t show the share and save more page, but IE did, got those high value coupon now, thanks.

I don’t see the share and save more option only print?

Try a different browser. You may have already printed.

Also, try clearing your browser history and cookies. I have had to do this a few times to get the “share and save” option to show up again.


You have to share the post on Facebook first


me to even when i try to share it says

We’re sorry, but we were unable to process your request at this time.
why is that trying to get the coupons for tomorrow

I got a $1.50 catalina and got two more boxes for only $0.13 each!

What’s the difference between a Catalina and a register reward?

From KCL: “They are basically the exact same thing. The only difference
is that a Register Reward comes to you via Walgreens. (It was a
promotional decision, like a sale, by Walgreens Corporate.) A Catalina
comes to us from a Catalina company, such as Coupon Network, so the
manufacturers are putting on the promotion. A Catalina will not be
advertised in the Walgreens ad. Catalinas and Register Rewards work and
look exactly the same, though.”


I did this deal once and then did it again, but the catalina only printed the first time. I did not use the first catalina in the second transaction. I needed the tissues anyways, but I thought I would have received the catalina twice.

That’s weird; you’re right, you should have received the Catalina in the second transaction as well. Did you do anything differently the second time?

I also did not receive the cat for my 2nd transaction. I did it exactly the same as the first…both times I used a $3 cat from L’oreal to pay. Wonder if it’s linked to the wags card somehow???

It shouldn’t be.

Transaction was exactly the same and I did not use an register rewards.

Did you use a RR/catalina from the same manufacturer? Had this happen to me when I accidentally used a catalina I got from buying Cottonelle to pay for the Kleenex; didn’t trigger the Kleenex catalina.