If you’ve shopped at Walgreens this week, you may have received a Catalina-like coupon at checkout, good for 5,000 Balance Rewards Points when you spend $20.00. This coupon is only valid 9/20 – 9/22. To receive 5,000 Points, this coupon must be scanned. Reach $20.00 before manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards used to pay, but after any Walgreens coupons or sale prices.

Shop on Friday or Saturday and score better-than-free Nexxus shampoo and conditioner!

Buy 1 Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Treatment Daily Shampoo, 13.5 oz $10.99, regular price
Buy 1 Nexxus Humectress Conditioner, 5.1 oz $9.99, regular price

Spend $20.00, Receive $10.00 Register Reward through 9/21
Spend $20.00, Receive 5,000 Balance Rewards Points with coupon 9/20-9/22

Use two $3.00/1 – Nexxus Hair Care or Styling Item, excludes trial/travel size, limit 2 identical coupons in same shopping trip – (bricks.coupons.com)
Pay $14.98, Receive $10.00 Register Reward and 5,000 Balance Rewards Points ($5.00-$6.25)
Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker -$1.27 Moneymaker, when you buy both


Read more about the Walgreens Balance Rewards Program here.

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150 thoughts on “Better-than-Free Nexxus at Walgreens—Friday and Saturday Only!”

I tried to heed the advice and spend more than $20 after coupons. I realized after checking out that they charged me $11.99 each for 2 shampoos, instead of the $10.99 as advertised. The cashier called the manager after she couldn’t figure out how to return the $2+tax I was due, since coupons were involved. The manager returned the $2+tax, but in the process the register removed the 5,000 bonus points I was awarded, since he didn’t return all of the merchandise that made my transaction more than $20 and apply the 5,000 bonus point coupon for a second time. That manager had to call over the general manager who then had to manually award the 5,000 points. It took about 15 minutes, meanwhile I was biting my tongue. Often, these promotions are more trouble than they are worth! Why does Walgreens suck so much sometimes?!? CVS seems so much more together.

I went to the store today to use the 5000 points coupon. My transaction equal $20.51 before manufacturer coupon but after all Walgreens sales and coupons had been applied; $14.05 with tax after all coupons had been used. Even though the 5000 points coupon scanned it did not credited the points to my account. I spoke with the store manager who said that the “$20 must be spent in a single transaction and purchase amount is calculated before taxes and after all Walgreens Coupons and discounts are applied” rule meant that $20.00 total had to be spent even after the manufacturer coupons had been applied. I know he is not correct, but I didnt have a way to show him he is wrong. Is there anywhere in the Walgreens coupon policy that I can print and bring with me next time?

Was any part of your purchase things that don’t qualify for points—such as dairy, alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, etc.? Mine was under $20 after mq’s and I got the points no problem….

As far as something to show them, since this is kind of different than the normal points–it’s a Stock Up’s points which we haven’t received before—not sure if there would be anything written that would specifically address this other than what is written on the actual coupon. If you call C.S. they know how it’s supposed to work and can credit you the points. If you read down the thread a few others have had problems and C.S. has been able to take care of them.

Thanks! No, I had no dairy, etc. I have done this type of transaction before and had had no issue. Dont know why it didnt work and the manager was just no help at all.

Did the following transaction-bought 2 Nexxus shampoos @ $10.79 each and one Glade sense and spray at $4.99. Total after coupons (two $3 and one $2 for the glade) was $20.29 and received a $10 RR and $2 RR for the Glade. I did get the 5000 points too! I was a little nervous about it-gave him that coupon 1st and then the others, but my total was still over $20 so no problem!

If I’ll make this in my first transaction can I right away use the Register Reward of $10 and the 5,000 Rewards points in my second transaction and pay nothing?
3 Sodas 3/$9 = $9
6 Nestle Fun size chocolates $12
Use (3) $1/2 MQ and $3/3 September savings book = $6,
Total of $15 and pay nothing if I can use the $10RR and 5,000 BR points

Please help since it’s my first time in Walgreens. Thanks a lot.

Fantastic plan! I haven’t tried using my 5000 pt coupon yet so I don’t know if it shows up immediately or not. I would think so since it doesn’t say otherwise. Just check your receipt from your first transaction and make sure you got it and then it should be no problem. Have fun!

In addition to my response below I just realized that you won’t have to use all 5000 of your points on the 2nd transaction. The Walgreen’s coupon for the $3/3 for the candy bars will take that amount off twice if you buy 6—so your out of pocket will only be $12.00 plus tax. Also—just an FYI I did the Nestle bars the other day and the Butterfingers weren’t deducting with the store coupon. Manager adjusted them down but if you don’t have staff that will do that you might want to avoid them.

Apparently coupon for the 5,000 points must be reached AFTER ALL, and I say ALL discounts… I tried the deal as stated above- didn’t give me my points. The cashier noticed and called a manager. He told me it must be $20 after all coupons, including manufacturer for this one… After buying some more items my total was above $20 and still didn’t give it to me because I payed $1 with a merchandise credit card… It even counted THAT as a discount… So I had to keep the merchandise credit for another time AND make sure my purchase was over $20 after absolutely everything

That is weird! Now—on the merchandise credit is that for a return? If so, those cards will always cancel out any points that would be earned. But the after all coupons thing is surprising!

I just got off the phone with Walgreens Balance Rewards customer service (the number on the back of my WBR card) and confirmed – the $20 threshold is after SCs and discounts/sales, NOT after MCs. MCs are a form of tender (i.e. same as cash), so they count as a form of payment, not as a discount to lower the purchase total.

When I asked what I should say if my checker says they can’t take the coupon, she told me to tell them to call customer service. If they still won’t do it, pay and immediately call customer service yourself and they will look up the transaction and credit the 5,000 pts.

When I printed the coupons off the internet, they clearly state on them “redeemable at Walmart” and “Any use of this coupon not specified herein constitutes fraud”. I called my local Walgreens and asked them if they accepted coupons that stated “redeemable at Walmart” and they said they do not.

They do, however I suppose each store can set their own rules on it but it’s a manufacturers coupon, not a Walmart coupon, and they will be reimbursed for it. Mine take them all the time.

I got the $10 coupon but not the register rewards.. Still an awesome deal!

My Walgreens would not let me use my 5000 point Catalina until my total was $20 AFTER COUPONS. Even the manager said so. I’m pretty bummed. It’s my understanding that coupons are a form of payment because the store will get reimbursed for the coupons I used.

I called customer service and they confirmed that you can use coupons AND still use the 5000 point Catalina. They said if a cashier gives you a problem you can call customer service and they can look up your transaction to make sure you qualify and add the points for you. You don’t need to buy extra product to get your after coupon total over $20.

Good to know, thanks for reporting back!

Did this deal about 15 minutes ago and didn’t get the 5000 Nexxus points. :( Did get the 5000 for spending $20 tho.

It’s only 5000 pts for spending $20, not for buying Nexxus. For the Nexxus specifically if your purchase without tax was $20 or more you should have received a $10 RR.

Help PLEASE!!! I went to Wags today to redeem this catalina spend $20 earn 5,000pts. and I didn’t get the points! Transaction as follows: Nexus pro mend $10.99 – $3 coup. , Nexus shampoo $10.79 – $3 coup., and 4 scotch mailers (4) @ .39 cents. I also used (3) $2 RR from other trans. that aren’t related. Plus the spend $20 get 5,000 pts. Why wouldn’t I have received the points??? The total before manu. coupons & RR was over $20. What should I do because I really don’t want to lose out on $5! :(

This happen to me a while back with a P & G deal – turns out the coupon actually reads as points & as we all know you can’t pay with points & earn them. I had to return & re-purchase to get my points.

Huh, well, in my case I didn’t redeem any points only RR which shouldn’t have mattered.

I didn’t either but as I said – the coupon for the 5,000 points reads in the system as actual points not a coupon therefore you don’t earn points.

I would think the use of RR may have been the problem. They are probably counting as “store” tender like Walgreens coupon and you have to meet the $20 after any Walgreen’s coupons are counted. In your case, your subtotal would have been $23.34 – $6 RR = $17.34. This is just a hunch–try calling the Balance Rewards customer service and inquire

my walgreens refused to take any coupons that say walmart on them

Oh no. I am just getting to walgreens and will be super bummed if it doesn’t work

Ive heard some differing reports about walgreens . I know perfectly well they need to be accepting these but they don’t. I went on quite the go round with them over the kelloggs coupon. The manager even went to the person above her supposedly. She said if it says walmart they won’t get paid. The cashier claimed they wouldn’t evens scan. Frustrating!

I didnt get my points too, i thought i was suppose to get. the other day not sure if i did it correctly tho my first time.

Viva kotex and irish spring from rite aid.

Can I use the $3 catalina from the Glade spray, Nexxus MQ’s and the
5000 points coupon to lower my OOP and still get the $10 RR?

Yes! However if you are using the 5000 pts Catalina you won’t want to use any points as I don’t believe you will earn any points if you do.

I want to make 2 seperate transactions for the nexxus, will I need 2 of the coupon that says 5,000 pts bonus???

If you are lucky enough to get 2, that would be great! If not, you can still do the 2 transactions and as long as you meet the $20 minimum for Nexxus you will still get the $10 RR for each.

Went today and did two orders. One was Glade automatic spray with 3 Nice! gelatins, the other was a Glade automatic spray with the 24 pack of waters. Did not get this coupon, but instead got $3 RR on each order. Planning on going again tomorrow for another Glade spray, the Nexxus deal, and perhaps a few other things. I love this site!

Did u get the 5,000 pts reward coupon?? Two times??

No I got the $3 RR twice. I never got a 5,000 points catalina.

can i use my balance rewards to pay 10.00 on this?

I don’t think so. Typically the rule is if you pay with points you don’t get points. I didn’t see anything on the coupon that said one way or another so I would assume the same rule would apply here. You can of course pay with mq’s and RR’s.

Can I ask where you saw these “regular prices”?? I just went to my Walgreens this morning, and their conditioner is priced (lowest) at $16.99 and the shampoo (lowest price) was $11.99, so even with the coupons I’d be paying OOP $23

These prices are typically based off of Walgreen’s website—no way for KCL to know what the prices are at all the stores across the country. :) Prices definitely can vary at your store—and where I live there are tons of Wag’s and the prices can vary from one store to the next.

I’ll try a different Walgreens today then, thanks

Since there are technically 3 coupons for this deal, wouldn’t you need to purchase a 3rd item?

No, because the Buy $20/Rcv 5,000 pts is a store coupon, not a RR/MC.

I went to Walgreens this morning. I did three transactions and only got one 5000 pts Catalina.
1. Bought 4 24pk Nice water bottles and 3 nice gallon water
Earned 2000 points and got the 5000 points Catalina.
2. Bought one Glade Sense and Spray Starter and 2 Scotch-Brite Greener Sponge. No catalina print out
3. 2 3pk Scoth-Brite Greener sponge….no Catalina

Maybe I didn’t get the catalina on the last two transaction because I use 3000 pts on the second and a $2RR on the third.

Not sure what’s triggering. It works for some people and it doesn’t work for me.

At least you got one!

If I buy $20 worth of nice products and use the catalina, will I receive 4000 pts for the nice product purchase plus 5000 pts for the catalina?

Yes, it should work that way.

Yeah, from my own experimenting there is no rhyme or reason to what you buy or how you pay. The only one I got I paid with points, but even repeating the exact transaction with points didn’t produce another one. There is some other criteria that they are using—targeting regions or people with certain shopping habits….not sure.

I know this may be a silly question, but for the “Buy $20 get 5,000 pts” cat, do they count the $20 before or after MCs? I know it’s after SCs/sales, but the cat is not clear on MCs. It refers to the coupon policy online, but that doesn’t explain either.

The reason I ask is because above, in your breakdown, it seems like it’s BEFORE MCs (my preference – b/c it’s a better deal!), but when I asked a Walgreens employee yesterday, she said it’s after ALL Qs, not just SCs. I’m sure it could just be a matter of confusion on the part of the employee, but I want to be clear on it before I go to the store on Sunday. :)

From the post above: “Reach $20.00 before manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards used to pay, but after any Walgreens coupons or sale prices.” Your cashier was incorrect. Also, this deal won’t work on Sunday, because the Nexxus promotion only lasts through Saturday. This deal is only good Friday or Saturday.

I have a question, if I have a $3 register reward from buying L’Oreal shampoo last week, can I use this with both $3 nexxus coupons and still get the $10 register reward? or will the $3 register reward lower my total so that i wont qualify?

You can use the Register Reward and still get the new Register Reward. You may need to add a filler item, though, because the number of items need to be equal to or greater than the number of manufacturer coupons and Register Reward used to pay.

it depends from store to store, usually there is no limit, but if the store emloyees put a limit that is what you will get.HTH

Is there a limit on the $10 rr?

1 RR per transaction and transaction limits vary from store to store; just be sure NOT to use the earned RR on the next purchase of Nexus or you will not receive another RR

You can earn one Register Reward per offer per transaction. Click on the “101” tab at the top of our Walgreens page for more information.

I did not receive one on Sunday, but I did receive one today after purchasing two Kellogg’s frosted flakes cereal.


Thanks for posting this. I got one of these stock up coupons yesterday, but I’m wondering if I might run into problems because the number of coupons will exceed the number of items in the transaction. Do you think Walgreens might consider this a register reward coupon and not let me use all 3 coupons?

I would think not, because it would not be a manufacturer’s coupon. Register Rewards say “Manufacturer’s Coupon” at the top, and those count against the number of items you buy.

That’s a good point. It does say “store coupon” at the top.

I would get a cheap filler to make it go over the limit…like the jello

I think it is considered a store coupon and won’t be a problem. But, you could look for a cheap filler–perhaps the candy on sale–single packs and fun size, just in case.

It should be considered a store coupon, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Thanks. :)

just purchased 6 boxes of the kleenex, got the rr for 1.50 and the catalina for 5000 points. whoot!


I just left Walgreens and I did NOT get anniversary coupon. I purchased (2) nestle candy bars, a brachs candy and a pack of cigarettes. I even asked the cashier about this promo coupon and she had no idea what I was talking about, I would assume ALL Walgreens participate in this. Am I missing something ??

It may be that only certain purchases are triggering the coupon to print. It also could be that the Catalina machine was turned off at your store.

Thank you so much for your assistance. It seems the Kleenex is a trigger, so I’m going back to purchase some. I will also make sure their catalina machine is turned on. I usually get some type of coupon from that when I make a purchase and I was 4th in line and no one got one so I’m guessing it was off. Didn’t think to ask about that. I didn’t know the name of the coupon machine but the cashier seemed clueless.

Just got back from Walgreens, purchased (2) boxes of Kleenex (2 for 1 I may add), made sure that catalina coupon machine was ON and I did in fact receive the 5000 bonus points coupon. I am a happy lady today :-)

I got the 1 time 5,000 coupon points, tried to buy something else, but another one didn’t print. So can we use it multiple times?

I’m confused…do we need to buy the Nexxus before Friday so that we get the 5000 point coupon to use on Friday/Saturday? Or can we buy the Nexxus on Friday and get the coupon to use with the next transaction?

The coupon has been printing the last few days with what seems to be any purchase! If you want to try to get it, go to Walgreens today and make a small purchase. Then you can use that coupon on Friday or Saturday to get Nexxus for better-than-free!

Thanks, you rock!

Is this catalina still printing today?

I got one this morning!

I bought 12 M&M but did not receive this 5000 points catalina.

Hmmm, I wonder what’s triggering it. I’ve receive three in the last two days:
Transaction 1: Bought Glade Automatic Spray Kit
Transaction 2: Bought Kleenex and Mars fun size bags
Transaction 3: Bought Kleenex

Good luck!

Thanks. I can try a small purchase today. Can you use all three to get 15000 points on three transaction?

Yesterday I bought Nice! 24 pack water and got the coupon



You are welcome! Who doesn’t need water?:)


No, the coupon has a limit of one per transaction.

But you can use all three on 3 transaction right?

Yes, you can use 1 in each transaction and get the 5000 pts each time. You just can’t stack them all in 1 transaction.


I have a $10 RR from a Nexus purchase I did yesterday. Can I use that $10 RR + other RR I have to get the Nexus deal on Friday when I use the spend $20 get 5,000pts coupon and still earn another $10RR plus the 5,000pts?

You should not use a RR from the same product or family of products because another RR will not print. If you have other, non Nexus related, RR you can use those and yes you would still get the points.

At Walgreens, You do not earn RR when you spend RR. Its in their coupon policy also

Coupon says one coupon per transaction. You can use all three coupons, but in three transactions.

I bought sense and spray kit and received the coupon


Other people have reported the Kellogg’s have triggered the print-out, as well :) I love these Walgreens mysteries they put out for us to solve, LOL!

Thanks for the tip, Jen!

I only bought glade and got the 5000 points cat, my guess it is the glade

I’m glad you got it!

This is not working for me. At my Walgreens the $20 total has to be after all coupons not before. Even when I did it their way still no 5000 pt catalina. And for the Nexxus it was $20 after the coupons so it all cost me quit a bit and no balance points on anything I purchased. Can each store set their computers for how they want to caculate?

I bought one Glade sense and Spray starter kit today and I didn’t get the 5000 pts print out.

I got the automatic spray.

I got it with the Glade yesterday, have done 4 more small transactions including the Glade again and have not gotten it since. I’m not sure what’s triggering it but it might drive me crazy trying to figure it out!

I got mine today when I bought 6 Mars Candies for $1 per bag!! As soon as my total hit $20, it printed out and the lady handed it to me. After I paid I got another 20% off at Sports Authority. So thats weird you didn’t get one. =(

I work at Walgreens, I noticed that the Catalina coupons only came out for those who had the Walgreens Balance Rewards card and had it scanned for the purchase. ALWAYS have your card scanned, even if you aren’t buying sale items, it often gives out coupons based on past purchases.

I scanned my card but only got one print out. I made 3 purchases today with three transaction. I only got it print for the first transaction, the next two doesn’t trigger the catalina coupon.

I noticed the same thing. I have a second rewards card (actually, my husband’s under his cell phone number, so I got a second one using that.)

the walgreens mars coupon only worked on snickers for me, did you guys get twixs or m&ms? i wanted some twix n mm lol

I got Milky Way and it worked for me :)

I got one Milky Way and two Scotch Brite Sponges and did not get one.

I just bought 3 Gain dish liquid and got the Catalina!

I got it with my transaction that had the Glade Automatic Spray Kit but I did four transactions, at two different stores, for these and only received the one 5,000 points catalina. My aunt received one at the store too, which she gave to me, but she didn’t get anything I got so not too sure what exactly is triggering this catalina.

I bought the twix, 3 muskateers and snickers and triggered it. Bought two sets in 2 different transactions but only got one 5k pt catalina. IDK if it’s because they were exactly the same transaction or if there’s a limit in my region, but I’m happy I got the one.


same here only got 1

i read somewhere that this may be an “Anniversary” coupon for the program; if you recently joined the balance rewards, I wonder if you may not qualify? Maybe trying calling the customer service Number and inquire???

I just had another thought–I wonder if it printed for you and the cashier just did not give it to you. That has happened to me, especially if the Catalina machine is a little slow and I’m in a hurry. If I am not expecting anything to print I may walk away and the cashier may/may not call me back to get the print out.

That’s true. That can happen.

I bought 3 M&Ms and i got the coupon

I got the $.49 each. Did you buy the same or bigger bag? Also I bought my on Monday. Does this not print on Monday.

All I bought was water and turkey bacon which was free with rain check and coupon.

I haven’t received one either! :( I would really love to be able to do this deal this weekend…

I haven’t seen anything about spend $20 or more get $10RR anywhere…..is it on anything or on certain items?

It is on “Nexxus” items only: shampoo, conditioner, styling products… If you spend $20 or more on Nexxus you receive a $10RR

HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

Okay, thank you!!

You’re welcome, I forgot to mention the Nexxus offer is good through Saturday 9/21.
HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

It is only for Nexxus. Look in the ad.

the coupon says it is redeemable at walmart, and the top of the page that it prints on says it is a walmart in-store coupon. will thiis still work?

Yes. It is a manufacturer coupon, so it can be used at Walgreens.

I called Walgreens and asked, and they told me they do not accept those coupons.

Just hoping they have some left on Friday!

Yes! You can always buy slightly different products that are close to the same price if these exact products are gone.

The link won’t let me print, it says I hit the limit. But, I have not ever printed this coupon. Bummer!

try clearing your history or try a different browser; or you can try going directly to the site instead of using the link and see if that helps

I did try both. Neither worked. Thanks for the advice. ARe you able to print it?

I printed it a few days ago, so I am unable to print again using this link

So in what order does the coupons and card need to be used? Does it matter?
Thank you! This part always confuses me.

It shouldn’t matter.

I did not get a catalina for the kotex items that I made what do I do

go the couponnetwork site under the tab “Your Bucks” and see if your area is participating; if so, verify that you purchased the correct items in the correct time frame; if so, verify that your store had a catalina machine and that you checked out at a register with such a machine. On the site you can make a claim or call the 1-800 number and if you qualify, they can mail you a coupon in a week or so.

thanks so much for the info

the only thing I see was the coupon and not the catalina


please could you give me the catalina webpage

OK, if you go to the couponnetwork webpage–it is the Catalina page, there are 3 tabs at the top “Printable Coupons” “Your Bucks Offers” and “Coupon Codes”. Click on the “Your Bucks Offers” tab. I see the Kotex offer and if you scroll your mouse over the square if gives a little info and it says click for details. If you click for details, it shows more info and gives a box to type in your zip to find participating stores near you. I will post the link in a separate post in case it goes to this site’s moderator, but if all else fails, the tel. number is 1-888-826-8766.

Yep, the post with link is awaiting a moderator. BTW, you can not “get” the catalina here, you only get the info about it. But if you go to the bottom page of the site there is a place with FAQ and contact info

Good Luck!

I would scan the 5000 pt one first then manu coupons just to be safe!