Rush to print a new $3.00 Nexxus hair care coupon! There are now two different links for the coupon, which means it can be printed four times from just one computer. This week, Nexxus shampoos are on sale at Rite Aid, buy one get one 50% off. Use two for the following bargain:


Don’t see the Nexxus coupon when you click on the link? Try again! The coupons that show up seem to cycle, so the Nexxus coupon will eventually appear.

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18 thoughts on “New Nexxus Coupon: Shampoo, Only $1.49 at Rite Aid!”

UGH!! I hate to miss this deal but the Rite Aid near our home doesn’t sell those sizes for 5.99. I wish. It was more like 10.99.

Today I went to Rite Aid and bought 3.0 oz shampoo not a travel/trial size used the $3 coupon and it worked. Bought 2 small shampoos for 79 cents each.


What is the original price on the 3.0 oz? So, you paid less than what the deal says?

I have a Rite Aid catalina that printed on a previous trip that is worth $4 off 1 Nexxus. Would I be able to use this with 2 of the $3 coupons listed above or is the catalina considered a manufacture coupon even though it can only be redeemed at Rite Aid?

I’m not sure! It is most likely a manufacturer coupon, in which case it cannot be stacked with the manufacturer coupons above. Take a look and see if it says “Manufacturer coupon” or “Rite Aid coupon” though!

I have one also. It is a manufacture coupon. So you could use one of these and (1) of the $3 off coupon

This is better deal than cvs! Sometimes I don’t want my money to stay in just one store 😀 Thank youuuu

You bet!

Actually the price quoted here is for 5.1oz, the CVS nexus is 10 for 13.5oz. Plus you get $10 back. If you received a 30% off coupon from CVS, then it ends up being a much better deal at CVS.

Conditioner too? I’m so OCD about things I CANT just buy a shampoo and pair it with a different conditioner. Lol.

The conditioners are also part of the buy one get one 50% off promotion, but the ones at my store were more expensive.

Written in the Coupon(redeemable at walmart)
how can I use it in rite aid?

you can still use it bc it doesnt specify… ONLY at walmart.

It is a manufacturer coupon, so you can use it at Rite Aid!

Yes, I agree it can be used at Rite Aid, but in my experience, if it does not scan, as some printed coupons do not, they will not take it when the word Walmart is on the coupon

thank u… i was able to print only 1 for the walgreens deal ;( i guess this is better than paying $10 PER! =)

You’re welcome!