Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers are on price cut at Target. Stack a new printable Target coupon with a printable manufacturer coupon and pick some up for just $0.50! This item may not be available in all stores, so call ahead to your local store if unsure.

Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, 4 pk $2.50, price cut through 10/19
Use $1.00/1 – Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, 4 pk – (
And use $1.00/1 – Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, 4 pk, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.50


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31 thoughts on “Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, Only $0.50 at Target!”

I can’t find this coupon! It takes me to “Melbourne, FL,” as a location, but I’ve even tried changing around the zip code to see if I could find it. Can anyone help?? :)

that’s where im from lol. can’t get the coupon either

I’m a little slow on shopping after I print out my coupons. I live in Cartersville and the Target here doesn’t carry this item I even called the one in Acworth they don’t carry it either. I did notice that Wal-Mart had it and figured that if they did then Publix might have it where I can use both the manufacture coupon and the Target coupon together. Publix does carry it and it is $2.85 so your total with tax would be .91 for a 4 pack.

Where are these located in Target?

where do you find the info on upcoming Q’s? I love staying a step ahead

KCL actually posted it like earlier this week. If you go to the tab above that says “Print coupons”, click on it, then it will take you to a page with internet coupons. Then you click on the middle tab where it says “Newspaper coupons”. This tab will take you to a huge list of coupons that come out in the newspaper. This is how I knew the coupon would come out soon because they had put it up there.
But I don’t know how they know ahead of time. I’m guessing they go to another site to check. Hope that helps a little.

target in southern Utah does not carry delmonte squeezers…share

Can you use a target coupon at walmart?


according to the management at my fav walmart, if the coupon is a MQ, they can match it if they have the price of the item listed on it, even if It has the other store logo on it

Use Firefox to print from redplum .. It didn’t work in Internet Explorer for me either ..

I actually tried to print from target but it just wouldn’t let me print.??

Both coupons worked for me! Thank you!! :)

No problem!

Redplum always tells me “WE ARE WORKING ON YOUR COUPONS”

from months ago to this day they are still working on my coupons :(

Bummer! Maybe try using a different browser.

Try Firefox

This coupon will come out in the newspaper this Sunday. So you can wait for this weekend to get it: $1.00/1 Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers, 4 pk from RP 9/29 (exp 12/29)

try printing from a different browser.

I tried Safari and Google Chrome neither worked but then i tried Firefox like Kenai Dukes said, and it WORKED!!!

Just printed mine, thank you!

You’re welcome!

Anyone chime in please. I have accidently printed a couple of coupons on recycled paper. Recycled as in “the back of the coupon having being printed on prior” CAN I still use it? or did I just waste my actual coupon? Thanks!!

I do that all the time. i recycle papers for my coupons.

Oh thanks alot! I feel better :)

Me too. Sometimes I print a coupon and end up not using it so I’ll reuse the paper for something else :) I also use the notices my apartment complex leaves, things I get in the mail…basically anything with one blank side!


Yeah, the redplum coupon isn’t printing..It says “We are working on your coupons, that its starting up” and so on.. I give up on this offer..

Bummer :(

How come it won’t let me select the coupon on redplum and print?

To select the coupon click the icon on the left that looks like a piece of paper with the corner folded down. It’s below the coupon description. I hope that helps!