Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles are on promotion at Target: buy three get one free. These are also on sale for $0.94 marked down from 2.69! Use a printable coupon and grab four Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles for free!



Buy 4 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles, 9.8 oz $0.94, sale price through 11/2
Buy Three Get One Free through 11/2 
Use three $1.00/1 – Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles – (
Final Price: Free, when you buy 4


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36 thoughts on “Free Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles at Target!”

The night KCL posted this deal, I went to Target the next morning & got mine with my coupons. They were scanning at the $.94 sale price along with the B3G1 deal. I then went the next morning to the same Target and I saw associates pulling off the sales tags on many of the Kraft items. I assume Target got news of the amazing deal and swiftly decided to end it. Unfortunate for those who were not able to take part in the great deal.

Yeah this deal… Definitely not at my target! :(

At my Target in Tucson, Az they rang up $2.29 so I went to customer service to fix it. They refunded my money and charged me the $0.94 cents each and gave me one free. I get home and do the math again and realized they didn’t take into account the coupons, I forgot to tell them also, so I ended up paying $2.34 for the 4 of them. A good deal but free is always better! :(

$2.69 at my Tulsa Target.

Remember target has scanners in the store, scan some of your items if you are not sure how they will ring up

I’ve noticed Target has been having some issues lately. During the Pantene deal a few weeks ago, my Target had all the promotional signs down just days after it started, even though it was supposed to be good for a few weeks. The 24 ct advil that qualified for the $5 gift card offer is also gone, guess they goofed on that. And the Velveeta didn’t ring up properly, making me think this was another error. I wish they would correct this, because if you don’t get to the store within the first few days, they seem to change their sales/promotions/deals.

What’s going on with Target now a days?? I did my Target deals last saturday and seems like they are getting uptight about couponers now! I had my qs organized like always and handed them to the cashier, He was super nice about the whole thing, but out of no where another cashier comes over and starts saying you have to check them and read them and make sure they have the right items and on and on…I wanted to say my two cents like if i had the wrong item my qs wouldnt go through!! she even tried to not take one coupon eventhough it went through with no problem!(wasnt sure if the price stated on the coupon ment sale price or retail price for the dr sholl’s insoles) What in the world!?…In the end it seemed like the cashier too was like OK REALLY?!? with the other cashier that came over….

That deal was too good to be true…It was appearantly some sort of corp. goof.. Got 4 singles yeaterday, .94 and 4th free., Used the computers at work today to get three more coupons, went to Target this evening and all signage is gone. And they’re back to regular price. Had to have been in error,

I called my Target to price check before I headed out. They said the price was $2.69. :( I am a little shocked that someone would pay that for something that is only 9oz.

I called and checked at my Target as well. They were $2.69 and I was told that it was an error that they were priced at $0.94 to being with. Disappointing since I can’t get them to match an online photo of the price.

Just got in from my local Target and purchased three of the Velveeta’s using your three print out coupons in anticipation of receiving the fourth dinner free, however the register/clerk did not put it through for some reason? She (The store clerk) put back one of my Velveeta’s when it rang up sale price .94. She got errked with me and stated its not free! I just stayed quiet because frankly its not worth my response (or the response she was expecting?) She voided out my transactions and only took three of my MQ’s 1/1.00. When I left her register I asked the manager, how it works.. She stated the Velveeta is on sale for .94 each the register applies the 1/1.00 MQ towards two and automatically adjust for the third to .82. (price adjustment) I think this is why they didn’t give me my free product. She tried three times with a no go! I was disappointed but satisfied with my burritos, Velveeta, and my other coupon items that I let it slide. I am taking this up with corporate though. I do have to mention they repeated to me that they do not allow overage ever and only allow four coupons per transaction per day per household. They usually treat me very well not sure what I did wrong?

You found the burritos at your target?

Yes Jazz they moved them to the back wall by the Pizza’s. It took me a while but I found them. (Orange City Florida Target)

I want to brag but I don’t know how, sorry I’m kinda new to this but I took a pic of my local Target and Publix haul today for (Target=$3.50 and Publix=$8.89 T=$12.39 OOPS!

I should mention that the pic is missing one burrito and one banana 😉 Starving and got hungry before the pic..

Break downs went a little something like this..

6 Fruit Burst Sale ($2.69 x 6)= $16.14
Used 6 MQ 1/1.00
Used 6 TQ 1/1.00
Split into two transactions (Went with my Neighbor)

3 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles Sale (.94 x 3)= $2.82
Used 3 MQ 1/1.00

6 El Montery burrito’s Sale ($1.02 x 6)= $6.12
Used 3 MQ 1/1.00

Sales Total before coupons = $25.15
OOP’s paid T=$3.50
They owe me a free Velveeta dinner 😉

Publix Break down went a little something like this..

2 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing Sale (Bogo $3.69 @)

Used 2 $1/1.50 PQ (Must purchase produce item)
1 Head of Lettuce Sale .99
1 Bunch of Bananas Sale (.69/ per. Lb.)= $1.12

2 NY Toasts/Garlic Knots Sale ($2.89 x 2)= $5.78
Used 2 MQ’s 1/.40

6 Campbell Chunky Soups Sale ($1.50 x 6)= $9.00
Used 2 MQ’s 3/.50
Used 2 PQ’s 3/2.00

Sales Totals before coupons = $18.96
OOP’s paid T=$8.89

(before coupons $44.11)

Totals for the Two stores today OOP’s $12.39!

Not a great brag like some of the others but I’m happy, and still learning everyday.
Happy Couponing! Peace..

I went to Target today for this deal. They said they were marked down to .94 each buy three get one free like stated. I paid for my items and left, after I left I was adding up everything and I realize by looking at the receipt that they weren’t marked down to .94 they charged me the full 2.69 but gave me the fourth free. Is there anyway to get back what they overcharged me for?

I had a similar problem. It was labeled in the isle on sale for 94 cents regularly 2.69. Also it said buy 3 get 1 free. During checkout it rang up 3 at 2.69 each and the 4th one range up 94 cent. When i explained to the manager she told me i was wrong and the sale is buy 3 at 2.69 and get the 4th one for 94 cents. I ended up telling her just to void them out.

This happened to me aslo but my mother taught me to always watch the register so i saw the mistake. The cashier tried to tell me they were .94 each because of the free one. I told her that’s not what the sign said and i have a picture of it. She insisted that I calculate it on my phone, even with the free one they were $2.01 not .94. So then she told me i couldn’t use my $1.50 off coupons because the items were .94. I explained to her that i was using the dollar overage for my third velveta single. She said they can’t do that. I’ve been shopping at this target for years so i know they do. She continued to argue with me. Then she finally got a manager, who came over and adjusted the 3 to .94 cents each, gave me the free one and used the full amount from both coupons by entering a discount of .94 three times. The whole time this was happening the cashier was telling him he couldn’t do that. He was completely on my side, i barely said a word to him. He wrapped up everything by saying “they’re all free, the balance should be 0. I said thank you, that is what I expected. The cashier was not happy.

I don’t think I am doing the math right so can someone explain how all 4 are free if I buy 4 and use one coupon? With 2 coupons and buying 4, I am still coming up with having to pay $0.82.

Use 3 coupons. Mine was for $1.50 off, so using only two works

Does every Target or retailer always have the same mark downs/price cuts no matter the area you are located?

Not that I have seen. I have 3 Targets within an hour from my house (different directions) and each one will have different markdowns/price cuts/clearance prices. They’ve posted deals on this site that I’ve gone to Target to find, that “my” Target isn’t doing, doesn’t have a “price cut” on, or isn’t doing quite the same {ex: The Pantene styler/shampoo/conditioner deal b3 g$10 gc from a few weeks ago. Mine wasn’t doing it on any styling products, only on the giant size shampoo/conditioners, and only certain ones, excluding all clearance – where other people were able to do the deal on styling products, and clearance items. There was a car wash deal on here that was on price cut, but my Target was still at normal price. } It all just varies from store to store, unfortunately.

This should be a Money Maker, My target let me use 4 $1 off coupons, So I got back $1.24 :)

Target doesn’t pay for overages but some stores will allow you to apply the overage to anything else you may be purchasing :) Gotta love those overages!

I tried to log off and log back in and didn’t work to get another one. Also tried emailing myself at a different address and that didn’t work.

i was in mozilla and had to open up another internet browser, in my case, it was google chrome. it was the only way i could get the second one

would only let me print one

Are these in the pasta aisle? I’ve not seen them.

At my target, they aren’t by the spaghetti/pasta sauces, but maybe across the aisle, near the mac and cheese.

You are correct. They were located by the macaroni & cheese.

would not let me print 1…

I could only print one coupon :(

Go back and log in again. That’s what I had to do and it worked a second time.


I printed two. Log back in and it will allow for you to print another.