Visit the Facebook page to request a free Redken Curvaceous sample kit. Just fill out the short information form, and sign up for their newsletter to claim this 3 product sample kit!. Allow eight to ten weeks for delivery!

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11 thoughts on “Free Redken Curvaceous Sample Kit!”

  1. amy says:

    says of 10/04 giveaway is over.

  2. legacychick says:

    Just hit the spacebar instead of putting a zero in the apt. field. It worked for me.

  3. Debra Ann Pichoff says:

    I was having trouble too lol I put in n/a for apt…it worked!!!

  4. M3 says:

    love it! sent it to all my fbf’s so I could keep what I got instead of giving it to one of them for xmas!! thanky KCL!!!

  5. felicia says:

    Just signed up for mine! I have 3 curly heads over here so I’ll try it!

  6. Guest says:

    I just filled out the form for mine. Cheri THANK YOU for the tip about the zero, it did the same to me! I live in a house, I don’t know why they are requiring an apt number. Whatever. I am excited to get it! I need travel size stuff for my honeymoon!

  7. emkat13 says:

    Anyone ever used this? I haven’t heard of it and will probably pass but just curious if anyone’s used it or not.

    • MJ Taylor says:

      It is free to try. That’s why they are offering it to people who haven’t used it.

      • emkat13 says:

        That is true. I’m not a big experimenter with my hair but was just curious if anyone has tried it before.

  8. Cheri Mathews says:

    It kept throwing a fit about the Apt. Suit/Unit being left blank (I don’t live in an Apt. or other) I threw in a 0 there and it worked. Try that if you run into the same problem.
    HaPpY CoUpOnInG!

    • CouponCasey says:

      I did have the same problem, and the 0 worked. Thanks for the tip, i wouldnt have thought of that lol