Get a free three-cup sample of k-cups! How, you ask? It’s easy! Just “like” the Real Cup Facebook page and register to get a free sample of k-cups. Even better? Share the offer with friends and earn up to four more free samples! Every time one of your friends “likes” the page and registers, earn another three-cup sample pack.

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5 thoughts on “Free K-Cup Sample Pack!”

  1. Christina says:

    Has anyone tried the Martinson k-cups? They have been on sale at Office Depot and seem like a great deal, but I’m not sure how they compare with Green Mountain or Starbucks varieties. I’m not a facebook user, so I can’t participate in the freebie trial pack.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The app. asks permission to access your Friends list. I said OK but probably not from now on. Now they can bug my friends on Facebook.

    • Jerusha Lynn says:

      They don’t post to you friends, it is so you can share the page to your friends.

    • You’re right that you do have to give permission to access friends for this deal. Many of the FB deals require permissions like this; if you ever don’t feel comfortable with something on FB or a part of freebie, just don’t do it. There will always be more freebies to get! : )

    • Anonymous says:

      You can always do a separate facebook page for coupon and sample deals