Get a free three-cup sample of k-cups! How, you ask? It’s easy! Just “like” the Real Cup Facebook page and register to get a free sample of k-cups. Even better? Share the offer with friends and earn up to four more free samples! Every time one of your friends “likes” the page and registers, earn another three-cup sample pack.

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5 thoughts on “Free K-Cup Sample Pack!”

Has anyone tried the Martinson k-cups? They have been on sale at Office Depot and seem like a great deal, but I’m not sure how they compare with Green Mountain or Starbucks varieties. I’m not a facebook user, so I can’t participate in the freebie trial pack.

The app. asks permission to access your Friends list. I said OK but probably not from now on. Now they can bug my friends on Facebook.

They don’t post to you friends, it is so you can share the page to your friends.

You’re right that you do have to give permission to access friends for this deal. Many of the FB deals require permissions like this; if you ever don’t feel comfortable with something on FB or a part of freebie, just don’t do it. There will always be more freebies to get! : )

You can always do a separate facebook page for coupon and sample deals