There are new Target Cartwheel offers for Campbell’s products available. Stacking these offers with manufacturer coupons make for some nice savings! See below for deal ideas:





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8 thoughts on “New Campbell’s Target Cartwheel Offers—Skillet Sauces, Only $0.69 at Target!”

Yes going there today Thanks KCL for the information. I love these deals never dream I could save money like this before :O)

Can you do separate transactions and re-use the cartwheel? The target policy was kind of vague on if you could re-use a certain offer. It says you can use a cartwheel up to 6 times a day, but wasn’t sure if that meant for the same item. Thanks for your help!

I would like to know the same thing Katie!

Here’s the answer straight from the Cartwheel FAQs
Can I reuse Cartwheel offers?
Yes! You can use Cartwheel offers over and over until they expire. We do have a daily limit of 6 Cartwheel barcode scans, meaning you can receive the discount on everything on your Cartwheel list up to 6 times every day. Cartwheel offers are typically weekly, monthly and quarterly

each item has a limit…read the details on the item or on your printable list…many times it’s 4 which means the discount can be used 4 times total before that certain offer expires…in that case you can get the discount for 4 similar items in one transaction OR separately until that offer expires. The 6-times-a-day refers to the Cartwheel barcode in general.

I was able to get Slow Cooker Sauces for Free. I didn’t check out with anything else, so not a money makers. But free is always good! :)

There is also a Target coupon for the slow cooker sauce, $1 on 1, making it a $0.15 moneymaker.

Thanks. I’m really surprised that KCL hasn’t re-posted this yet with the new coupon alerting people to the freebie slow cooker sauce.