Tomorrow, October 8th, Walgreens will have a discount for shoppers 55 years of age and older! Get 15% off almost everything in the store and 20% off all Walgreens brand items. These discounts are even valid on sale items! Visit to read the details and see the list of items excluded from the discount.

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29 thoughts on “Walgreens Senior Savings Day—Tomorrow Only!”

  1. flcruiser20 says:

    You can get the discount with just the AARP card,

  2. emkat13 says:

    I’ve just decided that I’m going to “find” my “grandma” today in Walgreens. Hope she recognizes me ;-)

  3. emkat13 says:

    Dang, Can I PLEASE borrow a “senior”? lol Only time I wish I was 55 lol

  4. mj says:

    wow, do they do every week , or maybe once a month?? thanks

    • They do this once a month, usually toward the beginning on the month on a week day. Stay tuned; we’ll let you know when it is each month!

      • jmt1002 says:

        We’re not really good at putting deals together, do you have any suggestions on how my Mom could get the most bang for her buck? Thanks :)

        • Anonymous says:

          If your mom has BRPs she could do what I am doing:

          2Transactions each the same:

          2 Crest 3D White Mouth Rinse = 6.80
          - 2-$1.50/1 Crest MQ (P&G 9/29)
          - 3,000 BRP
          OOP = $.80 and receive a $4.00 RR

          Now I will have 2-$4.00 RR to pay with and a $2.00 RR from last week so $10.00 total. Then I will do my $25 AARP transaction for October to get my 5,000 BRP from AARP.

          6 Purex = 10.18
          4 Tresseme = 11.88
          2 Suave = 5.10
          1 Tomato Paste = .28 (with WAGS IVC in ad coupon)
          2 Pencils = .20 (with with WAGS IVC in ad coupon)
          Sub Total = 27.64 (threshold met)
          - 3-$1.50/2 Purex MQs (printables)
          - 4-$2.50/1 Tresseme MQs (9/29 inserts)
          - 2-$1.50/1 Suave MQs (9/29 inserts)
          - 2 – 4.00 RRs (transaction #1 and #2)
          - 2.00 RR from last week
          OOP = $.14 and receive 4,000 BRP from the Tresseme, 2,000 BRP from the Suave, and 5,000 BRP from AARP for a total of 11,000 BRPj

          There are lots of different possibilites but the trick is to roll BRPs into RRs and then pay with the RRs to get back BRP and to keep your OOP as low as possible.

          So to recap my three transactions will be total OOP = $1.74 and increase my BRP by 5,000, works for me but taylor this to your mother’s needs and taking into account what is on sale this week. I go through and mark the items in the ad with permanent marker with the “new” discounted price so I don’t have to go back and refigure the math if I have to change up something in the store.

          HTH, it is my favorite day every month and look forward to it every month with anticipation.

          • Bri says:

            What is brp?? My mother in law is visiting and we went on the tresemme deal, she loves couponing! Now, I wanna take her to Walgreens but kinda still new at Walgreens

            • Anonymous says:

              Balance Rewards Points which you acquire by purchasing items that offer them at Walgreen’s. Also to do the monthly 5,000 BRP AARP transaction for the AARP points, you must have your AARP card linked to your account but it can be done right in the store before her first transaction.

            • Bri says:

              Oh! Haha! Can she use my account, or will she need to open a new one?

            • Anonymous says:

              For the Senior Day discount, you just have to ask for it but to get the AARP BRP she should really get a card of her own and link her AARP membership to it.

            • Bri says:

              Ohhh I see… Ok Ty :)

            • Anonymous says:

              You’re welcome, hope it helped.

            • Wendy says:

              I’m a little confused, would you please explain more about the monthly 5,000 BRP AARP transaction AARPpoints
              Many thanks

            • Anonymous says:

              If you have a membership in AARP you can link your card to your Wags account and one time per month if you spend $25, you earn 5000 points. Walgreens often offers free membership in AARP when you buy certain Wags products. Normal membership fees run @ $16 year, if I remember correctly.

            • Click on the “101″ tab at the top of our Walgreens page for lots of helpful tips on shopping at Walgreens!

          • jmt1002 says:

            This is WONDERFUL Dianne0007, tysvm!! My only question is where does the Senior discount get applied? I did the math and the OOP is with coupon, brp, and rr, deductions but no discount.

            • Anonymous says:

              jmt1002 the original price in my scenario already has the 15% discount in the price.

              Wendy if you look on page 78 in the October Savings Book that you find by the ads in the stores it will explain a little but you can also find everything about it on the Walgreen’s site, look at the bottom for the AARP link. It also mentions the Senior Savings Day on page 76 which if you look on the day the booklet comes out, you will know when the day is. There are also some bonus BRP offers for AARP members that if you purchase one (only) of these items, you will get 1,000 BRPs but just like the 5,000 BRP it is once per month, once per offer but hey,that’s great, right?!

            • jmt1002 says:

              Gotcha, thanks again for all your help :)

            • Wendy says:

              Thanks Dianne
              A big help
              One thing about this site, I’m always learning new stuff
              Thanks again

            • Anonymous says:

              Glad I could help you both. Happy Shopping ;)

          • Thanks for those great ideas!