This week at Walgreens, 16-count Scott Extra Soft bathroom tissue big rolls are on sale for $6.99! Stack a printable manufacturer coupon with a $2.00 coupon from the Walgreens monthly coupon booklet. Find the booklet in the front of the store by the weekly ads. To get the high $1.00 manufacturer coupon, be sure to “share” via Facebook, Twitter or email!



Scott Extra Soft Bathroom Tissue Big Rolls, 16 ct $6.99, sale price through 10/12
Use $1.00/1 – Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, 12 rolls or larger, NO doubling, must select “share” to get this value – (
And use $2.00/1 Scott Bathroom Tissue Big Rolls, 16 ct from Walgreens October Savings Book (exp 10/26)
Final Price: $3.99, or $0.25 per roll


Thanks, Facebook Reader Kelly

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51 thoughts on “Scott Bathroom Tissue, Only $0.25 per Roll at Walgreens!”

in my Walgreens it’s a $7.49. then $5.49 with $2 coupon. i tried at scottbrands,com to get the $1.25 coupon for sharing and it didnt take. so i contacted them and they will mail me one. Also the pick up the value site only gave me .75 cents off when i shared

I was going 2 purchase the Scott Extra Soft tissue deal, but I have an issue. I was told by my local Wags store mgr and a rep from corp customer care (toll-free number) that the coupons in the Oct booklet are manufacturer’s cpns, not store cpns and cannot be stacked with the $1 mfr cpn. Meaning I cannot use my three $1 cpns along with the $2 cpn from the Oct booklet that would deduct $2 off per pkg. It’s either one or the other, not both. Is this true? Please help me out, KCL…thanks! :)

I had the same problem, after 3 times i shared it on twitter instead and it worked

is this a a good deal or what? stock up price is what?

I don’t know what they classify as a stock up price. but i got my pack for $2.99 each because of $1 overage from the eyedrops, so i think it’s a good deal

Thank you ! i like this infomation

Just got a pack for free.
buy 4 Visine Max @ 1.99 each w/ $3 off coupon
buy 1 Scott Tissue @6.99 w/ October coupon $2 off = 4.99 – $1 Scott = 3.99 – $4 overage from Visine = 0
Earned 2000 points plus free Scott tissue
BTW I had my sister with me so I can use two $3 coupons (limit one per person)

I thought walgreens didn’t do overage? Either way, that is awesome!

No they don’t, but if your cashier didn’t adjust the coupon and if you buy other stuff beside the Visine it would reduce the cost of your other stuff.

No “print” button ever did appear on the Scott screen (tried two different browsers) so after a third attempt it said I had met my limit so took the Scott and Kleenex coupons I wanted off my screen. At least I can us the $2.00 Walgreens one.

pickupthevalues website
sign up share then print
limit 2 with each sign up

Did that…said “thanks for sharing” and told me on bottom I had selected two coupons….that’s the end of it, no print button anywhere although it does say at top to hit “print” when coupons were selected.

The print button is really small at the bottom right after you select your coupons.

Thanks for the response, by the way.

If you have an SS from 9/22, there is also a $1 coupon in there that expires 10/20. I had issues printing too so this was my best bet.

Thanks! I’m a coupon packrat so should have it!

I had a problem locating it. As well.

No problem. It is there. I just printed two.
I think this is my 6th time printing it. It’s only good for 2 weeks and I was waiting for a good sale and it’s not happening so I keep printing after they expired.

$1.00 off coupon found in S-9/22


this is an awesome deal!! Its hard to find Scotts cheap just left there with 4 packs!!!

Good job!

Does anyone happen to know the number of sheets per roll for this package? I ask because although the “regular” Scott’s tissue has 1000 sheets per roll, the “soft” packages have significantly fewer sheets than that and the sheet count can vary widely depending on the package purchased. I currently have a package of 18 double rolls = 36 rolls and there are 264 sheets per roll. I think I paid around 30 cents per roll after coupon for the 18 pack. Any insight on this particular 16 count package is appreciated.

I don’t know! Good question! I do know that it is less than 1000 sheets, as you mentioned.

According to wags site it is 220 sheets per roll.


How do i get to the coupon after i sign up?

“Share” the offers and then print the coupons you’d like!

I got it. Tks for your help. :)

I did the share for the Scott Tissue but when I went to coupons to print, Scott wasn’t a choice. Please help!

yaya I found a mfr sent via the mail for a $1.50 off whoo-ooo!

i got 2 of that 1.50 mq too..yay!!!


Super coupon!

excellent coupon!

I found a mfr $1.50 and another of .75, the cashier was surprise of the good deal!!!

There is also a newspaper coupon for $1 that expires 10/20/13 (don’t know when it came out though, sorry).


It is in SS 9/22.

When it comes to toilet paper, no one looks forward to the end of the roll. That’s why Pizzaz has been thinking about starting my own brand of toilet paper. If each cardboard roll in the center contained a joke or a funny story, people would have a more pleasant bathroom experience and would be more inclined to change the roll for the next person.

I love reading your comments, and thats a great idea!!

Thank you! I’m always looking for practical solutions to life’s complex problems! 😉

That… OR.. maybe another coupon at the center of the roll…. 😉

Good idea!
How about a fruit roll-up? By the time we get to the end of the roll, who wouldn’t enjoy a nice treat? 😉


Ok Pizzaz, you’re funny, but that is just gross! I’m surprised you didn’t say tootsie roll!

Too many calories…lol :)


I was going to say a treat would be nice! hahahahah but who wants to eat in the bathroom? so I vote coupon!!

And yet another entertaining comment from Pizzaz. I certainly look forward to them!

I think they already have that out lol. I for sure know they have jokes on the actual TP itself.