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Tai Pei Frozen Products are on sale at Kroger through 10/19! Select varieties include Pepper Beef, Shrimp Fried Rice, General Tso’s Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice and more. Get your coupons ready, head to the store, and stock up!


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6 thoughts on “Tai Pei, Only $0.67 at Kroger!”

Can you use a 1 dollar off and a B1G1,since you are still paying for one?

They were $2 here in Southern Indiana, but still a good deal!

Two of these coupons link to coupons for the Tai Pei Asian Garden, which are the Tai Pei “healthy” meals sold in the white boxes. They are normally more expensive and say “Asian Garden” really big under the Tai Pei name. I don’t think the Asian Gardens are included in the Kroger sale. Has anyone seen the Asian Gardens at Kroger? If yes, were they included in the sale? Thanks in advance!

The Asian Garden meals are also included for the same price! :)

Grrrrr! You all get the good deals in your area. At my local Kroger it is 2 for $5 like usual. I was so excited! I love these things

yes I got the b1b1 using the facebook option

theres no b1g1 coupon