Don’t miss these two great razor deals at Walmart! A printable Smart Souce coupon is still available; use it to score a better-than-free high-quality razor. Or use a newspaper coupon to get ten disposable razors and make $1.03!




Schick Plus Razor, Silk Effects, 1 ct $3.98, regular price
Use $4.00/1 – Schick Women’s Razor or Refill – (
Final Price: $0.02 Moneymaker


Schick Disposable Razors, 10 ct $1.97, regular price
Use $3.00/1 Schick Disposable Razor Pack, excludes 2 ct from SS 10/6 (exp 11/17)
Final Price: $1.03 Moneymaker 


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146 thoughts on “Razor Moneymakers at Walmart!”

So I just came back from Walmart. Before even scanning the coupon he said this is not valid coupon. if you use this coupon it will make those razors free and that is not allowed. And then he accused me of using scam coupons. I told him that this is online coupon not a scam coupon. I was really mad at him and he seemed like he did not even bother on what he said. I am very upset. I thought he was being racist because I am an Indian.

I wanted to scream at him ( at least in my mind I was ) but then i thought it was not worth all this ( No point in arguing with dumb ). You know ladies it is not about the coupon or 4 $ free razor it is about being accused of something I did not ever do.
The best part was he never bothered to scan coupon. I am so mad at Walmart I mean not using coupon is different thing but accusing somebody is whole different level.

i heard that its Walmarts policy to only take coupons if the idem is pictured on the coupon is that true if so will the razor deal work there?

I got mine this morning with no problems the lady just scanned it. She looked it over first and told me that I couldn’t have the overage.

It should work, if not explain it to your cashier. Not all cashiers are experienced with coupons.

So does every Walmart do overage? I read in their coupon policy that there is no limit to the # of coupons used, but once you have 40+, a supervisor must be present during the transaction. Can I use UNLIMITED IDENTICAL coupons? I have over 20 $3/1 Schick Disposable MQ and was wondering if I can use them all in one transaction so that my overage will be increased, so I can buy other items. TIA! I’m a coupon newbie & never shopped at Walmart with a coupon ever in my life.

I’ve used large multiples of a coupon at my walmart with no problem but I have a super coupon friendly walmart.

YESSSS I was able to get 3 Schick Disposables 12pk and 5 Schick Silk Effects Plus Razors from Walmart and it was Freeee and I had overage

YESSSS Thank you KCL I was able to get 3 Schick Disposables 12pk and 5 Schick Silk Effects Plus Razors from Walmart and it was Freeee

My 4$ coupon beeped also but the walmart I shop at never gives me trouble like I’ve seen people say on here. So I am happy to have good customer service on that part. Now with that being said I also purchased 2 Chapsticks 0.98 each and used the 1$ off 2 coupon that expires on 10/26 and it beeped which baffled me but we (cashier and I) both knew I bought the chapstick like it stated. I don’t know how you can get the wrong product bc Chapstick is Chapstick I don’t think there are different sizes and the ones purchased were the same shown on the pic on the coupon. Also a 10oz Heinz 57 sauce with a 1$ off 10oz Heinz 57 coupon beeped and she pushed that through also So I think sometimes things with the register and items don’t link correctly.

i used the 3$ at my walmart on 2 and ending up getting the pl tampons FREE cus of the 2$coupon and the 2.06 over

my walmart sucks – doesn’t have the cheap disposables. only has large bags of the other ones. i work with homeless and we’re always needing razors. was looking forward to this one. maybe one day i’ll get out to another walmart in town.

My Walmart said, if it beeps and doesn’t match the picture on the q, then we will not accept. Doesn’t the description on the coupon says, 3.00 off “any” disposable razor? The manager failed to even listen to what I had to say…. Apparently they don’t understand the coupon policy themselves…. But I did get at least two pack from a different walmart…… Smh…..

I don’t think the $4.00 razor coupon has reset. Tried different zip codes and couldn’t pull it up. Not complaining. I was able to get 4 coupons last month. Had my fair share:-)

My Walmart always wants to match the picture on the coupon with the product.

My cashier REFUSED to allow the sale of the Razors. I called a manager over who ALSO refused the sale. I said I have already used these coupons on the same item before and if they didn’t want to take it (by reading the coupon, it qualified) i would call corporate. I got the items. LOL

ok..I keep reading “coupon beeped when scanned but cashier pushed it through” isnt that misusing a coupon? If the coupon doesnt go through when scanned and says item doesnt match, then why is it “pushed” though? I mean there have been other coupons in the past that have not beeped and have scanned but yet this blog has not publized them because the manufacturer didnt intend it for certain products (example clairol coupon a couples months ago) but this use of this coupon is being publized???

Not necessarily bc I have had a coupon from an insert beep that was clearly right for my item. I believe it was 1$ off 10oz Heinz 57 sauce. My item matched the pic and the size and it beeped but the cashier verified it and pushed it through. Seems like my mm coupons always have to be verified as well

My coupon beeped and printed a little piece of paper which told the cashier to verify the purchase on the journal, which she did, and then she pushed it through after we both looked at the coupon and verified that it did not specify a particular Schick razor. I am all for using coupons properly and I do not think this was misuse of a coupon.

Im a walmart cashier and I know a lot of the time if the coupon says off any of a brand it will beep and print out a paper. We just have to double check then we can enter it manually.

just wondering how many of the same identical coupon can i use at walmart in one purchase?

It’s not there on either zip code :-(

My coupons beeped too. Luckily the manager told the cashier as long as the coupon scans, it would be acceptable. Thanks KCL!

So the $4 coupon should work on the electric razors?

how about this – select schick razors are buy 25, get 10EB. there’s a register 4 off of 20 printing, use that, and the 2 x $3 off schick disposable. toss on the 20% in the 10/6 CVS flyer…25 – 5 (20%) = 20, minus 4 from the register coupon leaves 16, subtract 6 from the two SS coupons, leaving you to pay ten dollars, only to get 10 back in extrabucks. schick hydro 5 3-packs aren’t tagged as part of the deal on the shelves, but they work and are 12.50 for a 3 pack….and it’s a +1 bonus back. so that’s 8 free hydro 5 razors. anybody that got that free sample knows they’re pretty nice.

I did this today in 2 Walmart’s. In 1st – 11 packs and in 2nd 17 packs. All which they had. I paid only $1.11 in first for my shopping. I had 2 chicken drums 6.22 per pack. I second I took 1 pack of this chickens drums and 4 different packs for $3.98, $2.68, 2X$2.44 of cheese and 1 snickers bar for $0.68. All for $0.53. Total for 2 transaction was: $85.64. Paid: $1.64. I love it and I still have 11 coupons for next transaction.

If your walmart has a self checkout, use those for better experiences. The only issue you should encounter is when you try to get cash back on a coupon that states no cash back. A way around that is to just add filler items to make your total go by a few cents and no one will ever question you.

I found the coupons but when I tried to print it said I already had printed it even though it did not print?

It’s not a money maker but……The silk effects at Dollar General are $4.50. so they end up being .50 cents after the coupon and the refills are $5 so they are only a $1 after the coupon. I used all of mine in there and didn’t have a problem.

I have a computer and two laptops (kids) and I was able to print it twice from each computer and did two transactions at walmart. I got all 6 for $0.00

Got this deal!!!! Had no problems with the coupons! The lady in line behind me asked how I did it and I told her to come to this site to learn!!

I have quite a few of these coupons but sometimes dealing with the cashiers (especially at walmart) is brutal. I’m glad you guys have better experiences. I live in New York and typically have issues. Plus, all our walmart stores are ALWAYS packed. So, when I go up with a few items and coupons I get really nervous because I don’t want to have to pay full price. I once tried to get the gillette shaving cream deal, brought up 3 of the cans and had this woman tell me she was going to call security on me because she thought I was trying to pull one over on her. I guess those gilette coupons were kind of too good to be true, huh? but luckily another walmart pushed them through and I ended up getting a few cans.

I found the Schick Silk Effects for under 4.00 at Family Dollar too. The cashier was a little concerned because it was over the price, but when it beeped, the manager told her to override it. It worked fine. It also worked fine in the self check out at Walmart.

Did the 3.00 off SS 10/6 coupon beeped? I don’t want to take the risk since they already hate me and my coupons at Walmart ! I am VERY careful with the products and coupons and so far, they never had to denied any of them BUT they have tried SO HARD, trust me! LOL

Everytime a coupon exceeds the price of the item at walmart the register asks the cashier to verify that it is a valid coupon amount

Oohhh! I have gotten that a bunch and they always hit “enter” to accept the coupon, but I never made the connection that it was only on coupons that were for MM! I will pay closer attention!!

I cant find the $3 off coupon from SS. Anybody know the generalized location?

These coupons can be regional–perhaps you did not get it. :(

Definitely regional—I didn’t get one—so if you don’t see it you probably didn’t either.

got ya! there are a few coupons I didn’t get! Maybe next time!

I try printing this coupon but SS won’t allow me to it telling me it disable etc is anyone having this problem please help

I had the same problem. Its some sort of problem with java. I started using Firefox whenever I need to print from a website that uses java and now it works fine

try a different browser; if Chrome, try IE or vice versa

Tried using this coupon on the Schick Silk Effects a few weeks ago at Walmart. Had four razors in my transaction and the coupons beeped. Cashier was only going to allow one coupon because of the wording “one per purchase”. Asked him to get his manager and the manager told me they were no longer accepting internet coupons and I ended up leaving the store with none. I’ve been able to get much better razors for free, so I figured it was not worth the hassle. I’ve really come to not like couponing at walmart. Seems like each time I go, they give me a hard time about some of the coupons I use.

My smartsource does not have the coupon!

So even if the coupon beeps at Wal-mart, they can still override it? I’ve tried this twice already at two different Walmarts and they said no one can authorize it, not even a manager. :( Are they making this up?! Would it make a difference if I showed them their coupon policy?

The cashier pushed mine through. I have read that others have had the same issue as you. I am not sure if it is official corporate policy or just store manager’s discretion to not accept the coupon if it does not scan.

ha ha ha did a manager tell you they couldn’t authorize it? If not and it happens again, ask for them to call over a manager and insist that its the correct product

I got mine at Wal-Mart today with no problems the cashier just said that I can’t have the overage. I said umm ok it’s 2 cents.

went last night forgot about my 4 off coupon i was soo mad lol going back to return and then purchase using coupons

I do not see the $3.00/1 Schick Disposable Razor Pack, excludes 2 ct from SS 10/6…. Is this regional or wrong date maybe

most coupons are regional

I did not get the $3/1 coupon either and I live in Iowa

Is it possible that the coupon is gone? I have tried every zip code given here & also no zip code. I even tried a different browser & I don’t see it.

Perhaps you printed it before? I printed one quite a while ago and I do not see it either–not a re-set.

This coupon isn’t a reset, so like QponGirl said, if you’ve printed it before it won’t be there. But, I’m hoping for a reset soon!

Coupon did not work for the $3.98 razor , although it states it can be used on any razor . Then my cashier said it had to be what was pictured on the coupon .

I used my last night on this exact razor. The register beeped and printed a small ticket telling the cashier to check the journal to verify purchase. She checked that I had indeed bought the razor and then contemplated on what to do. I showed her on the coupon it said Women’s Schick razor, so she pushed it through. Hold onto the coupon and try again.

The cashier doesn’t understand coupons then. Try another cashier next time

try this zipcode 35803.

Opt not to give a zip code and it prints.

Good tip!

They’ve been out of these razors at both of the walmarts near me since the coupon came out!

Yes, but good things come to those who wait–I finally got mine last night!

I found the Schick silk effects at family dollar for under 4.00. I bought one there. Might want to try it. :)

Awesome, thanks!

The coupon is there. Its on the second page

What zip code? I still can’t find it.

77477..second page

if you’ve printed it once, it won’t show the coupon anymore. I kept looking for it because I forgot I had printed and used already.

I tried using the zip code 77477 but I still dont see it.

whoop whoop yaya!!

Do you have a zip code? I cant find it either :-(

I have it under 77477 on page 2.

not there…

I can’t find it there either. :(

I used 23234 and searched for Schick under “brands”

what zip code cant find it anywhere???

I have it under the zip 77477 on page 2.

I’m not sure why, but I searched hi and low for this Q using IE but could not find it anywhere. Then I tried looking for it using Chrome and there it was! I’m confused…but glad I found it.

I tried to use the $4 coupon at my local Walmart & then Dollar General for the $3.98 razor. They said the product didn’t match and would not accept the coupon for it.

Hold onto it and try again when you go. The coupon beeped for me so she verified that I bought a Schick Women’s razor and when I pointed out the wording on the coupon did not specify a particular razor, she pushed the coupon through.

Worst shave I ever had was with the schick silk effects not even worth a free razor unless donating to womens shelter! :(

Oh dear!

The Schick Hydro Silk whatever was the worst for me.

Same here. I am sticking with only Venus from now on. Thank goodness they have good coupons for those.

Oh, great! I have a few Schick razors from the good deal at Target. Being almost winter, I haven’t used any of them yet, and likely won’t until next summer. (I bet you are all envying my husband now, LOL. Married to a Yeti in the winter…)

Naw, this is the ONLY razor I get. I have tried all the others, this is the only one I don’t get serious razor burn with. If they ever took it off the market I’d cry. Great deal AND great product

Good to hear. I have had poor luck with generic razors, or the really cheap disposables like Daisy, so I’m glad to hear these (that normally cost a lot) are decent.

They actually aren’t bad, I find that Venus is better than Schick however, you just have to go slower when shaving with Schick after the initial first shave. lol.

Wait, so you’re saying the razor that doesn’t work is not good enough for you but good enough for women in serious need/pain? maybe that came out wrong on your end. I hope. Maybe I read it work, I also hope. Hah.

I was thinking the same thing as YOU! :o/

I was thinking the same thing. People that are homeless or in a women’s shelter are not beneath us. What is good for us should also be good for them. I really pray that we are reading it wrong and it wasn’t meant to be that way.

Like i said for me i didn’t like the razor but others do its my personal opinion and i can have one if i want. I never said that anyone is beneath me. Others like the razor as u can read! I will however take time to donate a free razor to a womens shelter as my opinon may not be theres!

Well, alright. I was just saying it came out sounding a bit off. It sounds like you just worded it incorrectly. You’re right, something that might not work for you could work for someone else.

Oh I’m glad to hear I am not the only one that thought it was a terrible razor. I got 2 of them and I gave one to my daughter and I used one. It was horrible, I couldn’t hardly even tell I shaved after using it. I will definately not ever pay for that razor. If I do get more coupons for free ones I will donate them, someone will appreciate it.

Here’s my take on that, see If I wouldn’t use it because I think it’s an awful product, I feel bad giving it to someone else just to have their legs nicked up too. I know they’d be grateful for anything simply because they have nothing but I still wouldn’t want to cause them harm just because they don’t have anything, I would just feel better if I found a better product to donate and possibly deconstructed the razor into an art project or something OR recycled it.

it wasnt a nicked up shave just in my opinion the worst shave!

I see.

MY OPINION!!!! MAY NOT BE ANYONE ELSE’S. i wouldnt perso

I’ve asked this on the other Walmart thread, but I’ll ask it again. The $3 Schick coupon says “No cash back if coupon value exceeds purchase price.” It would seem that it can’t be used as a moneymaker, no?

They can’t give cash back, but you can use the overage toward the rest of your purchase!

Sounds like you can’t use it but Kate is right. You might be able to use the overage to other things you want to buy.

Overage is the way to go! I like to get a collection of money maker coupons together and combine it with things I really need so it helps pay for my other purchases

The overage can go towards other items. I am not seeing that fine print on my coupon, so it may just be regional, too.

I did see it on mine, and I did get the overage toward the rest of the purchase.

i didnt had it on mine either and got paid to get 50 packs of razor

I just got 2 x the Silk Effects for -$0.04 since I found an older $4.00/1 printable coupon in my stash. The register took them just fine.

I have way too many razors, now :( Need to find a donation center.

If you are near a homeless shelter or day center that allows clients to take showers, they can always use razors and shaving cream! I work at one and bring my surplus in frequently!

I can’t believe someone down voted this (WTH) This is a super idea–good for you!!

I just put together a stash for the local Women’s Shelter. They are always, ALWAYS in need of body care items

Like “Always”

I’ve looked for homeless and women’s shelters
and there aren’t any nearby. The nearest is along the highway 2+ hours away. If my town keeps developing the way it has been, one might be put in eventually. I hope they do put one in, there are a lot of homeless people around here. They usually sleep in front of the library and it gets way too cold for that in the winter.

Try a church. Especially now that its getting near the holidays a lot of them will put stuff together and take it to a shelter.

I do know a church nearby that gives one meal on Wednesdays to anyone who walks in. Maybe they can help me find a place for these extras. Thank you!

Who knows, maybe your donations will get the ball roll for something good!

or maybe a local food bank that also does clothing or personal care items.

We don’t have a food bank, either.

the VA Hospital can ALWAYS use hygiene items….Citizens need to help ’cause the government DON”T care…..just saying

I am a veteran, myself.
There is a VA clinic just up the road. I’ll look into whether they want donations or not.

What zip code? I can’t find it!

I am having the same issue. Anyone know what zip code to use??

85123 worked for me :)

Thanks! Changed browsers and it worked! :)

Try 77477

No it’s still not there :(

tried the zip code 77477….DID NOT WORK :(

Hmmm, I see it in both 83616 and 77477. Can you try another browser?

23234 worked for me

That is a good zip code…I live there too. 😉

not my zip, wierdly it was just like, defaulted in! ha!

Has the $4 coupon reset I printed it a few weeks ago and cant find it either?

me too!

Just an FYI: The $4 MF beeped for me for the above razor at Walmart stating the product didn’t match. The cashier called over the manager who then said to void the purchase (making the item free) and to toss the coupon. I thought that was odd.

That is odd. Did he perhaps mean void the sale and you could not get it? It makes no sense that he threw the coupon away. I think this just illustrates how little many of these cashiers and managers understand about coupons. BTW, the coupon beeped for me too and the cashier just pushed it through manually.

No, he just wanted the cashier to void it out and still allow me to have the razor. I don’t know why he didn’t just push it through and submit the coupon as I’m sure they would of been reimbursed for it.

strange, is all I can say

Its like he allowed you to steal it, I mean the store wont get reimbursed for that ? That is craziness… I might bring that to a higher attention.. WIERD!

Walmart coupon policy is that the coupon has to scan if it does not scan they are not supposed to use the coupon. but they should have given it back to you. but it should not have been free

Is this “official” policy or store manager’s discretion? I just read through the Walmart policy on their site and it says that the coupon must have a scannable bar code, but it does not specify that if it does not scan, the coupon will be refused. I’m not trying to make this a technicality, but even some legitimate paper coupons with a bar code do not scan or beep.

At my Walmart, almost all coupons beep and a manager has to be called over for them. It is very irritating because the managers tend to take their time coming over because they are tired of having to do this every time someone uses a coupon. I guess they changed their policy in a effort to minimize fraudulent coupons, however it just makes it more difficult to use any coupon at all!

The only time I have had a coupon beep at Walmart is when the coupon value is more than the price of the item being purchased. It is telling the cashier to make sure that you have the correct item. Once the cashier verifies than they usually push them through

By definition “scannable” bar code would only mean the bar code has to be scannable. If the coupon beeps, that in fact means it scanned therefore they should have to take it. Just because their system didnt take it doesnt mean the coupon didnt scan. I know im preaching to the choir, but its a fun point to argue. I have limited myself to couponing very little at Walmart bc they give me nothing but problems. And u are right about the paper coupons not working. I used the one for Hefty trash bags that was in the paper a couple of weeks ago, and it kept coming up that i didnt buy the bags when the cashier confirmed that i had them. So she just typed it in. Walmart is soooo annoying for couponing!

t must depend on the store bc I actually work at Walmart and been there for 9 years and at I shop at my store And 2 others stores that are closer to my house and they don’t have a problem pushing a coupon through as long as the product matches :)

That’s at the store managers discretion it’s not actually their official policy.

I tried to use the 4.00 Schick coupon at one Wal-Mart and it said the same thing. The product didn’t match so I couldn’t get it. Tried it at another Wal-Mart and happened to get lucky, the cashier just keyed it in (they’re not supposed to do that but I wasn’t about to say anything. It was a pain trying to use this coupon, but at least I finally got my razors.

the same thing happened to me the razors were 1.97 the coupon was 3 dollars off of course I chose a new cashier I guess a print out came up and she called the mgr the mgr said void it and push it through printed the receipt and stapled the coupon to it……she called the mgr cause she didn’t think the coupon matched the razors ( im guessing since there were only 2 pictured) even though it says ANY I got frustrated a line was forming so instead of doing 4 separate transactions to get my razors I got one and left I don’t even think they put the dollar towards my purchase……just looked at my receipt did not put it on that they used a coupon they just price overrided it and gave it to me for free…. I don’t understand