Stack a new printable buy two get one free Dial coupon with a buy one get one free Dial promotion at Walgreens! Buy six packages of bar soap. Three will be free from the buy one get one free promotion. Then use two coupons. Each will deduct the maximum value of $3.99. The final price is less than $0.15 per bar!

Note: Although the coupon says “Redeemable at Walmart,” it is a manufacturer coupon and it can be used at Walgreens!




Buy 6 Dial Bar Soap, 8 ct $4.99, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 10/12
Use two B2G1 FREE – Dial or Tone Bar Soaps, 6 pk or larger, up to $3.99, limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip, redeemable at Walmart – (
Final Price: $1.17 each, or $0.15 per bar 

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86 thoughts on “Dial Coupon: Soap, Only $0.15 per Bar at Walgreens!”

Can we use 3 of the buy two get one free coupons?

I have no idea why the buy 2 get 1 free coupons only removed 2.50 for each 3? I asked “why” and they said that’s what came off and they could not override it. I had two wild children with me so I did not stay and argue. It there any way I could go back and get refunded? Or is that the way the coupon worked for everyone?

Tonight I realized new employees aren’t trained on how to handle different types of coupon scenarios. For instance, I encountered a new cashier who was about to multiply my dial purchase x’s 6 and said my Dial coupons were for Walmart. She had a big line so I quickly explained why I needed her to scan each of my soap packages and that unless the MQ said “Redeemable ONLY at …,” then I could use it anywhere MQ’s are accepted.

I just got home from walgreens across the street and got the deal of BOGO free. I used (2) B2G1 coupon and don’t have any problem. I let the cashier scanned my items one at a time then hand her my coupons and my card. I paid $8.00 including taxes for 6 pcs 8 packs. Happy!

Congrats. I payed $8.34 with taxes.

Some body please explain, I just started couponing so I really don’t get this deal?

My Walgreens will pretty much do anything I ask, so how do Itell them how to ring it up? I don’t want to miss out.

This deal was my first experience coupon(ing) and it actually worked. I got it as stated $6.99 + $0.52 tax =$7.51. Thank you guys!

Worked without a hitch in Rogers, Arkansas! We are not a big fan of Dial Gold, which is all they had on the shelf here, so I am going to donate to our local animal shelter. The employees there have to do A LOT of hand washing so I think this will help them!

Worked in Akron, OH

OMG…so I went to my local Walgreens last nite to try and do this deal….of course, they only had 2 packs left :( I walked them up to the register bc we were out of soap and this was an ok deal anyway. I asked the cashier if there were anymore, and explained why I was bummed out, b/c I had a B2G1 coupon and now couldn’t use it. She scanned my rewards card and asked to look at the coupon. THEN she said “well, you still bought 2, and since we don’t have any more in stock, we can still use the coupon for $3.99, as long as your complete total isn’t $0.00” SWEET! SO I think these actually came out less per bar than if I would have done the deal I had planned on! Heres how my receipt read:
Dial soap 8pk- $4.99
Dial soap 8pk- $0.00
MFG CPN- $3.99
Subtotal- $1.00
Sales Tax- $.36
Total – $1.36
So….16 bars of soap for $1.36 INCLUDING tax?! That’s 8 and a half cents a bar!
**Pretty sure I left the store skipping to the sounds of harps in the backround..haha**

Does Walgreens have a problem accepting coupons that have the Walmart name on them? I know CVS rejects coupons with any other store’s name on it… How does Walgreens handle this situation?

I haven’t ever had trouble using these coupons at Walgreens. They are manufacturer coupons, so Walgreens will accept them.

If your store gives you any problems, try making sure they ring each item up separately. The cashier at my store rang them up by typing in a quantity of 6 then scanning one of them, and it made it a little wonky. Once she took everything off then scanned each of them one at a time, my coupons worked fine taking $3.99 off automatically for each one.

Thanks for that tip!

My store does not have a buy one get one on these things and did not let me use more than one Q.

I’m sorry, Stephanie!

at my W the BOGO dial bar soaps are $8.45! for 6 bars wonder if I can use my cupons at another store

this is not about soap but can u help me?? im still new to all those coupons and store policy things…
can I use register reward to get another register reward?
for example: buy one listerine mouth wash $3.99 (1 register rewards)
use one $2 off mf coupon
and one $1 off catalina that I got from the previous purchase of listerine mouth wash at walgreen
: pay $0.99 and get $1 register coupon??

also in this case, I’m gonna use 2 qp on 1 item so I have to purchase something else, right??


sorry, I meant if I can get a register reward from buying a mouthwash with using a catalina coupon that I got from buying a same kind of mouthwash.

Elle, it has been my experience that the catalina’s won’t roll. That if you get one and use it on the same item expecting another one, you will be out of luck….at Walgreens.


thank you so much for your reply!!!
oh… i knew i can’t get another register reward if I use a register reward on a same kind of item.
but since it’s not a register reward, just a $1 off on any listerine mouthwash, I thought this $1 off catalina qp was like a store coupon…. ):


Click on the “101” tab at the top of our Walgreens page for a detailed explanation of “rolling” Register Rewards.

i am a cashier at walmart. we match buy one get one but you can only get two deals. dial 8 pack is $3.97, for two bogo’s pay 3.97 for 4 packs using buy 2 get 1 coupon.


You can use these manufacturer coupons at any store that accepts coupons! That is always the case for manufacturer coupons!


If my dial coupon says “cannot be redeemed with any other offer” , does this mean I cannot stack this coupon with an in-store coupon?

No your ok, its walgreens policy that you may stack a manufacture coupon with a store coupon! That is just some coupon lingo! I wish I could explain better but trust me it will work!

Oh okay, thanks for the info. :) I had a clerk tell me that I could not stack it because the coupon stated not to.

No. That verbiage means another manufacturer coupon cannot apply to the same items as the first manufacturer coupon.

My coupon didn’t take off 3.99 it took off only 2.19. Can someone explain what happened? I bought them anyway bc I didn’t notice until I got home. But I would like to know why I paid almost $4 more than I should have.

That almost happened to me. My cashier rang up 6 all at one time, so it took the price for 1 off each coupon. On mine, they were $4.99 each, so I got them for $2.50 a piece, and it took $2.50 for each. When I pointed it out, she took them all off, rang them up one at a time, then scanned my coupons again, and it took $3.99 of each.

At the nearest Wags I have they will only take coupons which you are purchasing just like RiteAid. =(

My neighborhood Walgreens had been wiped clean within an hour of this posting (sigh), so I had to go to another one a little further away. There were only 4 on the shelves and as I was walking out empty handed, I saw 2 more on an endcap at the very bottom near the cosmetics. Cashier scanned the coupons without looking at them (score). Total was 4.99 plus tax. I paid $1.04 after tax (used $5 in points). It was probably good the first store was out, they always hassle me with my coupons.

Good job!

Can this deal be used at walmart with walgreens ad??????

some walmarts honor that, but you should bring the ad with you.

Same issue here! I had to go to 3 walgreens to finally be able to use 2 coupons. 1st walgreens would only take 1coupon.second walgreens didn’t have 6 dial and the manager told me they loose money cause it says redeemable at walmart.:/ 3rd walgreens it scanned both coupons. Very confusing!?!

im pretty sure this transaction is pretty confusing….aren’t I going to wind up paying for two packs and get four for free?

The sale is “buy one get one free”, so the register will ring up three of them for free. The coupons are “buy two get one free”, so when they scan the coupons they should take off $3.99 each, the max value of the coupon, which is almost the full price of the soap.

$4.99 X 3 = $14.97 Before Q’s.
Minus $3.99 X 2, or $7.98, = $6.99 Total.

So you’re paying full price for 1 ($4.99) + $2 because the coupons don’t discount the full price of the two *free* ones.

I am pretty sure that’s right, but feel free to correct me if my math is wrong somewhere… Some of these are pretty darn confusing, I agree!

my walgreens will not take the second coupon for the 3 i got free

Samething happened to me today but I politely asked them if I could talk to the manager. She came look at the coupon, then the (6) items I purchased then manually entered the value $3.99.

The problem I had was with them ringing up all 6 at once. It worked better when they rang each up individually.

I just got back from my local store and tried to do this deal. The system would only take 1 B2G1 Free coupon because technically it didn’t recognize me “purchasing” 4 packages since 3 rang up free. The system only recognized 3 purchases, the rest were at $0, so therefore I could only use 1 coupon and the cashier would not manually enter. Still a good deal, but just wanted to warn those of you who attempt it that it did not work for me.

this happens to me this morning but I was ready to use my coupons of: $2/2 dial soap and $1/1 dial soap if the manager won’t let me used the second B2G1 coupon ( but luckily she did manually entered the value of the coupon).
If you still have these coupons you will pay $7.98 instead of $6.99 (plus tax). I hope my math is correct.

A friend of mine works at Walgreens and explained why it didn’t work: you scanned your card first. For some reason, when it comes to BOGO items, their computers don’t accept coupons on the free item if you scan your card before they scan the coupons, even though their policy clearly states you can use a coupon on the free item as long as it doesn’t take you under $0 for both items.

She told me to have them scan the card as the last thing you do and it should work fine. I haven’t tested it yet (going tomorrow) but she does it all the time that way.

I don’t think it’s the card scanning thing. My card was scanned beforehand, and it worked okay. The problem I had was them ringing up all 6 at the same time. Once they rang them one a time, it worked fine.

My store rang them up all individually and it still didn’t work, so I’m wondering if it was what Jacqui said and it was due to the card scanning first in my case. I don’t actually have a physical card, but they make me input my ph# at the beginning of each transaction. Who knows! If it’s in their policy that they will accept coupons on free items then I wish I would have printed that out..

I long for a perfect couponing works where all in the same chain do things the same way…

not at my store. They outright refuse Any coupon that has another store’s name on it. I explained to the manager that it’s a suggestion not a requirement, that the coupon is in fact a manufacturer coupon. She has the belief that they will get no cash for these coupons. The GM has yet to phone me back on the issue.

This happened to me at a Walgreens last week. Manager refused to accept a “redeemable at WalMart” coupon, but told me that had the Q stated, “redeemable at Fred Meyer”, she could have accepted it. WEIRD.

Walgreens’ coupon policy says nothing about their in/ability to accept these types of coupons. So I submitted an online “contact us” customer service form about the situation. Within 2 days, they had given me 2,000 balance rewards points to make up for the $2 coupon I was disallowed from using.
So, I’d strongly recommend you write in to Walgreens… not just for the reward, but to inform them that they need to educate their managers better. The more people who contact them with similar situations, the more likely it is that they’ll train managers better.

That’s strange because about a year ago I tried to redeem a Kroger manufacturers coupon at Walgreen and they refused to take it, saying that they do not accept coupons with other store names. I contacted the corporate office and they said that was indeed there policy not to accept manufacturer coupons with other store names.

Scill, she’s not talking about a “true” competitor coupon like for instance the ones Kroger mails out to their preferred customer. Many coupons now say “redemeable at Walmart” on them. That is only a suggestion. At the top they still say manufacturer Q. Bottom line if there is Manufacturer Q at the top, anywhere that accepts coupons should take it unless they specifically don’t take that type…like a Manufacturer Q that would be a BOGO. Does that help clarify for you? I know all of this stuff can at times be confusing. Heck, sometimes it gets cocked sideways in my head. Lol.

So glad to have read this before I could embarrass myself by trying to use a Smith’s (Kroger) preferred customer manufacturer coupon at CVS or Target.

When I took the Kroger preferred customer manufacturer coupon to any other store including Walmart, Target and Meijer they took it without any problem.

Quick question, so you can use coupons that say redeemable at Walmart atdifferent stores than it says?

Redeemable is just a suggestion, if it said “Only at Walmart”(like the Equate pad coupon) then that would be different story.

Thank you…that’s what I figured, but wasn’t sure

Yes, it’s just a suggestion as to what store carries the product. However, if your coupon doesn’t ring up correctly, and a checker/manager looks more closely at the coupon, they will often see, “redeemable at XYZ” and say, “oh, that’s why it’s not working, because this isn’t XYZ store”. So you’ll either want to have the store’s coupon policy on hand, or just be aware that this could preclude you from using the coupon.

Yes. (Read the post above!)

Will this work for Dial for men as well or just regular Dial?

It doesn’t exclude Dial for Men, so you should be able to use it!

I have $2/2 coupon. 3 of them actually. Can i combine with this deal somehow?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. But my understanding is that you can use 3 of $2/2 coupons ONLY If you’re NOT using the B2G1 coupon. Each B2G1 coupons is “applied to” or “used on” 3 of the packages, making all of those packages ineligible for having another MFQ applied to them.

Okay That makes sense! Thank you. So either 3 of the $2/2 or 3 of the B2G1 is still a pretty good price.


Jen, if your $ 2/2 off two dial coupons are printable you need to double check them . I have two printable coupons for dial soap and it says redeemable only at target.

There were some $2/2 in the Red Plum on 10/6 (last Sunday) but it might be regional.

I used it yesterday before i knew about the buy 2 get one and the walgreens i went to took it so i think it all depends,
because on the coupon it says can’t combine with any other offers. So i would just try.

I don’t understand how we use this coupon. Would we end up getting 5 for free after purchasing the two?

When you buy 6 packages you will automatically get 3 for free because it is on sale for buy one get one free.
Because you have 6 packages you can use 2 buy 2 get 1 free coupons, making 2 more for free.

So you will only have to pay for 1 package of soap and get 5 packages for free!

So will the total price for all 6 be $4.99 or $6.99 since the coupon will deduct $3.99. Just checking before I go to the store. Thanks

It should be 6.99 since the maximum is 3.99 per coupon but the price for these packs are 4.99. I guess It’s not truly get 5 free but it’s close enough for me!

Ok Thanks!!



my total ended up being $9.64 (which included tax) for all 6 packages of dial. The woman at the check out was starting to say, oh no this won’t work, you are already getting a buy one get one deal. I said these are manufacture coupons, the special you have is in the ad. She stood there for a while while I was just about to tell her to call the manager and she rang them both in for me. my total savings was $21.63 and saving value of 72%

So after all the copies u still paid 9.64??

Got it!

Could I do the Robitussin deal in one transaction and then use the 3,000 Balance Rewards in a separate transaction to pay for the Dial deal?

Yes, you can! Good idea!

Great! Thank you!

I thought you had to redeem a minimum of 5,000 at a time.

not anymore… its as low as 1,000 now