Make sure to scan your ExtraCare card at the “Magic Coupon Machine” this week, 10/13 at CVS. If you received the $10.00/1 Swisse Vitamin store coupon, use it this week and score free vitamins, or save it and use for an ExtraBucks promotion and a moneymaker starting Sunday, 10/20!

Here’s the deal you can score this week, 10/13–10/19:






Swisse Milk Thistle Liver Detox Tablets, 60 ct $17.99, regular price
Use $10.00/1 – Swisse Product – (
Or $5.00/1 – Swisse Range of Vitamins or Supplements, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Or $5.00/1 Swisse Liver Detox, Hair Skin Nails or Wild Krill Oil from SS 10/6 (exp 12/31)
Or $3.00/1 Swisse Liver Detox, Sleep or Mood from SS 9/8 (exp 11/1)
And use $10.00/1 Swisse Vitamin, CVS Coupon Center Week of 10/13
Final Price: Free


Or, check out this moneymaker deal starting next week, 10/20:


Buy 2 Swisse Milk Thistle Liver Detox Tablets, 60 ct $17.99, regular price
Spend $30.00, Receive $12.00 ExtraBucks OR
Spend $15.00, Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks 10/20–10/26, Limit 1
Use two $10.00/1 – Swisse Product – (
Or $5.00/1 – Swisse Range of Vitamins or Supplements, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Or $5.00/1 Swisse Liver Detox, Hair Skin Nails or Wild Krill Oil from SS 10/6 (exp 12/31)
Or $3.00/1 Swisse Liver Detox, Sleep or Mood from SS 9/8 (exp 11/1)
And use $10.00/1 Swisse Vitamin, CVS Coupon Center Week of 10/13
Pay $5.98, Receive $12.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $6.02 Moneymaker, when you buy 2

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81 thoughts on “Free Swisse Milk Liver Detox Supplement at CVS!”

Yippee! They actually had the liver detox at my store and I got another $10 coupon from the coupon machine so I used 2 $10 mfg q’s and 2 $10 cvs q’s (reduced to the balance amt). I paid nothing and got the $12 ECB’s!!

The $10 coupon keeps saying no longer available. :(

i have tried many times to get the coupon factory q and it wont work only the very bottom shows and no way to bring it down /

Looks like all the printable coups are gone (too bad, especially since I received 2 $10/1 swisse vitamin at the CVS coup machine!) However, there is a $5/1 Swisse Liver Detox, Hair Skin Nails, or Wild Krill Oil (SS 10/06/13). Stack that with a $10/1 swisse vitamin from the coupon machine to still make money with the $5.00 ECB deal on a $15 swisse purchase.
Question: I have a 20% off coup that is good Oct 19 or 20. If I used that with the 2 swisse coupons (1 from cvs and one manufac) the 20% comes off AFTER the coupons have been deducted right?

The $7 coupon is also gone!!! It was just there this morning!!

do i need to put a certain zip code in order to get the 7/1 cvs coupon?

Site says the $10 coupon is no longer available and neither is the $5 one.

I no longer see the $10 swisse coupon. Does anyone else have this issue?

it seems to be gone

The deal is in my paper! It’s also in the circular on iheartcvs page 13 upper left corner. That one deal, while it doesn’t show Swisse it is included in the wording.

Also, if you use the myweeklyad from CVS, you can view the sneak peak and under that deal Swisse products are included! HTH

I did not see this in the weekly ad or in the myweeklyad. Is this under the CVS vitamin deal?

I got it.

Hello, just checked the next week ad and there is no such a deal. Could you help me out where are you seeing this – spend 30$ on swisse and get 12 EB?

Page 13 on the weeklyad.

Got it too, thanks for your help

did anyone else catch that there is a $7 off swiss product cvs printable coupon.. that can be stacked with the printable manufactures one?

Yes. You can use one CVS q with one mfc.
If you get the $10 from MCM you can use that if not, use the printable.

Is anybody else having trouble printing this coupon?

No. I got two of the $5 and two of the $10

i dont see that deal in the up coming flyer on iheartcvs

I have the $10 mfr coupon and $7off of cvs website. Where can I find the “$10.00/1 Swisse Vitamin, CVS Coupon Center Week of10/13” coupon as mentioned in the ad? Is it in the magic coupon machine or somewhere else?

Also, can I use these coupons for some other product from the same company?

Thank You!

If you coupon says “any Swisse” then yes, you can use it on other product.

$10 cvs coupon only prints for some people. Not everyone will get this coupon.

Thanks, Lily Lily.

Does the deal only apply to the Liver Detox formula? Or any of the Swisse products?

I always get confused by this. Say I buy TWO bottles and I have 2 $10 CVS coupons for the Swisse and have 1 $3 off $15 vitamin purchase (a CVS coupon also). Can I use all three cvs coupons even though I only have 3 items?

You can stack specific item coupons ($10/1 item) along with purchase-based coupons ($3/$15). So, your scenario is doable :) HTH!

Our first area CVS just opened about 6 months ago. It is about 10 miles away and I’ve yet to go. From what I’ve read and heard, you can get a ton of great deals but it sounds very complicated! People say Walgreen’s coupon policy is complicated but it is quite simple compared to CVS!

A newbie here. I don’t see where this would be a $12 MM next week. Could someone show me the math? Also where is this week’s $4/$20 vitamin coupon? I have the $10 from the CVS Coupon center ( will try to get 2nd tomorrow). I also have 2 $7 SW product CVS coupons, 2 $10 off SW MFG coupons. Thanks!

Is it “only a $12 MM” because the $20 in coupons per product exceeds the $17.99 reg price, so you don’t get credit for the $2.01? and the $12 is the spend $30, get $12 ECB?

Next week at CVS (10/20) when you spend $30+ on Swiss you get a $12 ECB! So in your case you will have to pay $1.98, get a $12 ECB!! Great Deal!!! and CVS does not do overage but I don’t plan on getting the liver vitamin ($17.99) I plan on getting the women’s multivitamin ($19.99)

Sorry I read your post wrong the first time….but yes the $12 is from the ECB.

In a nutshell: you get more back ($12) than you paid in ($5.98). In the KCL world, the expectation is that you will “roll” that EB into another transaction at some point and get that amount off your next purchase. That’s when the actual savings comes in ($6.02 in “free” EBs).

lol, i used this concept to walk out of CVS this past weekend with over 80 in product for around 5 oop. combine with walgreens deals last week, and a few walmart/dollar tree deals here and there, i know i brought home well over 150 worth for under 10. thanks for this…

Question: I scanned my card yesterday and received the MCM for $10 Swisse vitamins and I also scanned my card today and received the same coupon. Next week, could I purchase 2 of the vitamins and use (2) $10 Swisse MQ and (2) $10 Swisse MCM?

You should be able to!

Sweet! That’s a $12 MM!!!!!!

On the cvs website there is a $7 off CVS store coupon for the swisse vitamins. Can you combine that with the MCM coupon and the $5.00 MQR? Also I have a $4.00/$20 Vitamin purchase. Will these all stack?

Woohoo I hope so….that would be a HUGE moneymaker!!!!

The 7.00/1 coupon is a CVS coupon. This cannot be combined with the CVS MCM coupon because it is also considered a CVS coupon. You have to choose one CVS coupon. You can combined 1 CVS coupon (either the 7.00 internet printable or 10.00 MCM) + 1 manufacturer’s (either the 5.00 or 10.00 internet printable) + you can use your 4.00/20.00 if the item meets or exceeds (or gets pretty close; cashier discretion) the minimum requirement.

Just one MQ and one CVS coupon per purchase. The MCM coupon is considered a CVS coupon. HTH!

Can somebody please tell me if this deal will work out. Two bottles for $17.99 each. Use two $10 MC, a $4/$10 vitamin coupon from CVS, and $10/1 Swiss Vitamin Coupon from the MCM. Total Cost is $35.98 – $20 MC – $14 SC, OOP $1.98 and receive $12 ECB

it should work. gl

Does anyone know if this coupon is one that prints for everyone or one that’s just a possible one? I completely forgot to scan my card today =/

I don’t know if it will be scanning for everyone but you should be able to check online at the website to see which coupons you have available in your card. You can print it straight from the site, as well!

Oh! I didn’t realize they were available from the machine and from online! Thanks!

If the store carries the product, it may print. If the store doesn’t carry the product, it will definitely not print.

The deal says receive $12 extabucks put the scenario says $10. I can’t find it in next weeks ad, so I’m not sure which one is right

We had the pay line and final price line incorrect, you’re right :) Fixed it and it’s an even better moneymaker :)

I can’t get the coupon to print on any of my Macs for the life of me. Neither Safari nor Firefox. Al computers are up to date as can be and both are fairly new. Just be warned. Maybe I need to get a cheap PC laptop for the sole purpose of printing coupons!

I don’t have a Mac but I always print on Chrome—have you tried that yet?

Thank you! Printing from Chrome on my Mac didn’t work either =(

My husbands $4 off $20 would not print either. His has always printed fine in the past, but an error sheet types out. It will not add to card now as it claims it already printed

I had to use FireFox to get it to print on my Mac

Thanks for the suggestion! I have tried it on all my Macs and still for the life of me can’t get it to print. I gave up after trying different ways for 30 minutes. The site keeps crashing my Java Applet.

I was able to print on a Mac using Chrome. Just be prepared to make a couple of authorizations.

Thanks for the idea! I tried Chrome for Mac too, but it keeps timing out and asking me if I want to kill the pages. Nothing works =(

do you have

firefox 3? because when i updates my firefox it worked.

Thank you for the idea. I have Firefox 24.0 for Mac and it is up to date and I still can’t get it to print =(

I’m going to wait on this awesome deal. I can never get my stores ad for the next week until Wednesday. I was wondering is there a website that shows next week ad?

Yes! Go to the website, iheartcvs they usually have future ads posted :)

Question – I had a $4/$20 coupon (I bought something else as well to bring the total to around $27). The register kept beeping. Anyways, the manager told me I could not combine the $10/1 CVS vitamin coupon with the $4/$20 coupon as the vitamin coupon was considered a dollar off transaction coupon and I would need to spend $30. I ended up going to another CVS and the transaction went through with no beeps, but I believe I was fine with what I was doing. Please advise.

The cashier was wrong, the only time you have to add is for $/$$

Yea I was pretty sure, but didn’t feel like arguing. Figured I would just give the business to another CVS.

Call 1-800-shopcvs and let them know about your experience at that store. Obviously the employee was wrong; I don’t think any CS rep would contradict that. Tell them you walked out of the store without buying anything and gave your business to another store. They will pass this on to that store’s district manager, who will take the appropriate steps. They will never learn otherwise.

Good reminder!

This happened to me earlier too. I bought 1 simple eye roll @10.99 and simple scrub @5.99.
Total 16.98
use $3/15 purchase
1 $2 simple mfc
1 Free simple product up to $12.99 mailed from Unilever to me to compensate for buying the moisture and have an allergic reaction to it.
After the cashier scan the “up to $12.99” coupon (was reduce to 10.99 for the eyeroller), it won’t accept the $2 off any cleanser/moisturer. The register just keep beeping and the cashier told me I can’t use it.

I just told him to cancel the transaction and will go some where else if they won’t accept the $2.
He then decided to take it and said, “I still have some time so I will just take it.”
It goes through the second time he void the product then scan again and scan my coupon.

He also told me that CVS will soon change their coupon policy.

The cashier wasn’t wrong. CVS has modified their policy and coupons and now a lot of the coupons like the $2 off $10 eye care product and other similar coupons can not be used with the $ off $$ amount coupons. It is in the fine print of the printed coupons. This store coupon policy change has started in the last week or so.

From what I understand, this reader was trying to use a $4/$20 with a $10/1 MQ (or $10/1 CVS Q), not 2 purchase-based coupons.

I was trying to use 1 purchase based coupon ($4/$20) and one CVS product coupon ($10 off 1 Swisse Vitamin). The scenario you are describing above is not what I was trying to do.

They wouldn’t let me do this either. I was trying to use a $5 off $15 purchase and a $3 off $15 in vitamin purchase, and they said I had to spend $30 to use both.

purchase based coupons will not work with the vitamin coupon which is $10 off. and the same goes for the eye roller.if you’re using more than one CVS coupon do not use the purchase base coupons.

the eyeroller is not a cvs coupon. it is a mfc.

I see what you mean. But your situation is different then the one above. You still can’t use purchase off coupons with other CVS Coupons that $3/$15 of cosmetics, vitamins or shavers these are example.

That is not typical and should not be the case. The $4/$20 is off your total purchase, before coupons. The $10/1 is a manufacturer coupon. The only thing I can think of is that she didn’t scan it first?

I think that was probably the problem. Been doing this for years and have never had a problem with this scenario. New management and new cashiers unaware of the coupon policy makes things more difficult.

It states clearly on the bottom of both coupons that you can not use a $4/$20 with any other $3/$15 or $2/$10 such as Cosmetics. If you have multipable CVS coupons don’t use the one off total purchase because it will not work with the others

I was not using multiple $4/$20, $3/15 coupons. I was doing the vitamin deal mentioned above, had other things in my cart, and wanted to use my $4/$20 purchase!!!!

What didn’t work was the $4/$20 purchase because you can’t use them $10/1 vitamins or $3/1 pain reliever ect.. any coupon that has an dollar amount off on an item($10/1 vitamins) or amount purchased of multiple items ($3/$15 cosmetics) CAN NOT be used with a purchase off coupon. All being cvs coupon. You can use $10/1 vitamins and $3/1 pain reliever.

When did CVS change their coupon policy? Is this update in written.

The $10 on a vitamin coupon is not considered a CVS purchase coupon refer to CVS comment from KCL and confirmed by CVS corporate . I have read their policy and spoke with corporate and the manager handled the situation incorrectly. That was within the couponing guidelines.