You just spent 15 minutes trying to earn rewards with an online survey, then didn’t qualify. Sound familiar?

If you’ve had trouble earning with some of our recently-featured survey panels, Opinion Place needs members. It took us about 5 minutes to register.

Choose between PayPal credits, Amazon gift cards, and American Airlines Advantage Miles. Cash and gift cards are worth $2.00-$5.00. Airline rewards earn 75-100 miles.

Surveys average around 15-20 minutes, and payouts are listed next each survey offer. If you don’t qualify, you’re still automatically enrolled into a cash sweepstakes.

KCL fan Lisa started with Opinion Place in September and said, “I signed up and took a survey right away, and selected Amazon gift card for $4! By Christmas time I’ll have enough to get something for the Secret Santa gift at my work!”

Sign up for Opinion Place:

  • Visit Opinion Place.
  • Submit name and email address.
  • Take a short qualifying survey—about 3 minutes.
  • If you qualify, start your survey. If not, you still get automatic entry into the cash sweepstakes. Check back tomorrow for new surveys.

If you feel like Opinion Place isn’t for you, take a look at Opinion Outpost—a top 10 site that has earned many krazy coupon ladies $50 in gift cards in under a month!

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10 thoughts on “Can’t Qualify for Surveys? Opinion Place Needs Members Now!”

How did you get so much $$$ I did one little survey for 2 dollars and now I cant log in until 10/23 …sure gonna take a long time to get any $$$ from this scam

Apparently I signed up over 6 months ago (it has my old address). I was able to sign in and change my address, then it told me there were no surveys available. I went back and it told me their records indicated I had already visited and wouldn’t be allowed back until tomorrow!?!?

I signed up for Swagbucks last month and already cashed out $75 in toys r us gift cards. They have so many gift card options.

Swagbucks is a pretty awesome site, isn’t it?

I signed up for OpinionOutpost about 7 days ago when you mentioned it. In that week I did about 2 hours a day and have cashed out $60 in Amazon. You will get messages of “not qualified” but keep trying. Don’t wait on emails from them to tell you there are surveys available. Check it throughout the day as you can. Keep clicking Take Survey until it says no more available. Then check it again when you can. I chose Amazon payout but I have heard Paypal works just as fast. When I click cashout…I instantly get my Amazon giftcard code. Thanks for telling me about it!! I also signed up for Opinion Place and it pays high but you can only take one survey a week.

Thanks for sharing, Christy! So glad you’re earning with these sites—they are some of our faves!

2 hours a day all week long for $60 doesn’t seem like a lot? Or was it 2 hours total – that sounds like it would be more worth it.

I’m very shy about sharing my opinions.

We knew that about you, Pizzaz :)

I believe that everyone is entitled to my opinion…Ha! Ha! 😉