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Don’t miss out on this high-value coupon! Save $3 on Axe hair products when you register and refer a friend! It’s fast and easy. Simply click here to get started! Then take this coupon to Walgreens to save big!

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10 thoughts on “New High-Value Coupon: Save $3 on Axe Hair Products!”

It can be used any where it’s a manufactor coupon , I used mine at walmart at self check out 

The $3 version clearly states "Vendor funded offer good only at walgreens"
However the$2 version says "redeemable at walgreens" and does not further mention exclusive vendor funding!

please….walgreens own coupons dont even scan there!

The $3 coupon prints as a manufacturer’s coupon so you can use it anywhere!

I thought that it will scan at other stores as long as it doenst say redeem "ONLY" at walgreens. But I could be wrong I don’t know I think I have got it to work before?

I think the $2/1 can as it says "Redeemable at Walgreens"; however, the $3/1 states "Redeem at WAlgreens with card", so I think it can only be used there.

Can’t this be used at CVS??

Nope. Only walgreens

Cvs accepts competitors coupons, at least in my area they do.

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