Walgreens shoppers know that shopping at the drugstores can really pay off–literally! From cheap eggs and cereal to free toothpaste and lip balm, Walgreens has some unbeatable deals. The large drugstore chain recently released another way to help its shoppers save money: “paperless coupons!”

Paperless coupons are manufacturer eCoupons that can be clipped to your Balance Rewards account and used when you buy qualifying products! Here are the important details:

  • To clip and redeem Walgreens paperless coupons, you must be a Balance Rewards member. You can sign up for the program in a store or sign up online.
  • Visit Walgreens.com from your computer or from the Walgreens app to find the digital coupons.
  • Start clipping coupons! If you are not logged in, you will need to sign in with your username and password. Click on the “Clip” button on each desired coupon to add it to your account. Up to 100 coupons can be clipped to your account at one time.
  • At the top of the Paperless Coupons page, you can view all available coupons, all coupons you’ve clipped to your account, all clipped coupons that are about to expire and all redeemed coupons.
  • After clipping, buy the products that correspond with the coupons. Be sure you have scanned your Balance Rewards card or input your phone number at checkout. The coupon will automatically deduct from your total!
  • Each paperless coupon can only be redeemed one time. Once you have redeemed it, it will be removed from your list of clipped coupons.
  • Paperless coupons are manufacturer coupons. Each one can be stacked with a Walgreens in-ad coupon or a Walgreens coupon from the monthly savings book. Each paperless coupon cannot be stacked with another physical manufacturer coupon on a single item.
  • Paperless coupons can also be clipped using the Walgreens app!
  • For more information, visit the Walgreens Q&A page.

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28 thoughts on “New Paperless Digital Coupons at Walgreens!”

Yes I faced this situation today at Walgreens. I loaded manufacturers coupons to my balance rewards card few days ago but no use. Amount was not deducted. 2pantene shampoo $2 coupon and 1NyQuil $1 coupon.when I showed the cashier the proof of my coupons in my BR card through my ipad as how it’s clipped onto my card, they told me they can’t do anything and I gotto get printed coupons. Then what’s the use in clipping to BR card?If anybody here has faced and has the answer to this please reply. Thank you.

You are not the only one this has happened to. I am on this site because my clipless coupons never seem to work at my Walgreens. When I asked the cashier why they were not showing up, she just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Clearly didn’t want to “deal with it”. Anyway, it is obvious by sites like this that most Walgreens are not coupon friendly. That’s fine, there are stores that are more than happy to take my coupons and my money.

Has anyone used the digital coupons at Walgreens yet? I loaded some onto my card a few weeks ago but they never deducted at the register. It was when they had the sale on Dixie napkins and I’d loaded one of the coupons to my card but it wasn’t deducted when they swiped my card. Luckily I had paper coupons as well so it wasn’t a big deal.

Yes I faced this situation today at Walgreens. I loaded manufacturers coupons to my balance rewards card few days ago but no use. Amount was not deducted. 2pantene shampoo $2 coupon and 1NyQuil $1 coupon.when I showed the cashier the proof of my coupons in my BR card through my ipad as how it’s clipped onto my card, they told me they can’t do anything and I gotto get printed coupons. Then what’s the use in clipping to BR card?If anybody here has faced and has the answer to this please reply. Thank you.

Our Walgreens in valdosta, ga will now only accept ONE printable coupon per day, per customer. The cashier kindly showed us the policy change taped to the back of the register. Why the knew policy changes?  

The good have to suffer for the bad. There is a lot of fraud going on out there and the stores lose bundles of money when people use fake coupons or photocopy coupons.

I reject that conclusion. Without a documented source stating a wide spread coupon copying fraud, I tend to think it’s the workload incurred by management accumulating & reconciling a mass of coupons rather than fraud.

Before I ever walk out the front door feeling like an accused thief, I ask to speak to the manager. I tell the manager I am a Balance Reward member. I am identified by Walgreens every time I input my number and furthermore by my

un-stolen credit card. Would you like my drivers license also? I find it highly insulting to visit your store, and if this doesn’t result in a satisfying conclusion, please provide your district managers contact information. " Be well."  

You are more than entitled to your opinion and no, I did not search for a documented source to support my own opinion.  However, I have been couponing and doing rebates for 30 years and I have personally seen the restrictions and changes in couponing, especially in the last couple of years.  No disrespect, but you are naive if you think there is not massive coupon fraud taking place.  The detrimental effect of coupon fraud on stores does not need to be done on a large scale by a handful of people who, "if’  caught, may make the news cycle. When coupon fraud is done on a small scale by many, the damaging effect can be just as great or even greater.  

Yes it happens. There are internet based coupon selling scams,  and jail time convictions. There is also some interesting reading about the Extreme Couponing show on the TLC network. But let’s not lump everybody into the bad apple barrel.

Here’s a source link:


I stand by my original statement that the good have to suffer for the bad.  That is how life works–something similar to the old saying that you do not put locks on your doors to keep your friends and family from entering your home, but to keep the "bad guys" out of your home. While the scale of misuse/abuse of coupons may be debatable, we cannot deny that there are people who misuse/abuse coupons, either knowingly or unknowingly.  Any way it happens, the stores lose money.  Ultimately, we as consumers, couponers and non-couponers alike, will feel the repercussions of those losses from increased prices to more stringent coupon acceptance policies.

BTW, I responded to a post from Anonymous and I quoted the Coupon Information Center (CIC) before I read your post and saw the link you posted. 

Naïve. Do you know of a single instance of your massive coupon fraud blanket statements? What is the percentage of photocopied coupons that make it past the bar scanners? Where is the fake coupon broiler room that also get past the bar code reader? Is massive on the same level as the credit card information breach at Target? Your personal experience is not equivalent to expertise and blanket statements based in your own assumptions is nothing more than rumor mongering. Truth is based in facts. Do you have any?

Have you ever heard of the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC)?  Google it and you can read about coupon fraud.  

The following is taken from the CIC site:

Coupon fraud
occurs whenever someone intentionally uses a coupon for a product that he/she
has NOT purchased or otherwise fails to satisfy the terms and conditions for
redemption, when a retailer submits coupons for products they have not sold or
that were not properly redeemed by a consumer in connection with a retail
purchase; or when coupons are altered/counterfeited. These activities are
almost always in violation of Federal, State or local laws.

Coupon fraud
costs consumer product manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars every

Coupon fraud
also increases costs for consumers and makes it more difficult for honest
consumers to legitimately use coupons.

This was also taken from the CIC site:

Fraud schemes
involving more than $750 million have been exposed.

BTW, why are you anonymous?

The reality is that manufacturers only pay out so much to retailers for the coupons. Like say in one month x brand will give walgreens store $10,000 in coupon credit but sally couponer brought in over $20000 in coupons. Who do you think picks up the extra $10000? That’s right walgreens. There’s no paperwork for coupons we just dump them in an envelope. Also there are people out there that use coupons then go in for full returns to be able to cash out those coupons. Then of course the mass produced coupons that clearly say one per household. All this calls for new laws and rules based on your store managers discretion. But its not always Walgreens fault check your coupons those rules are changing too.

The problem is with " sally couponer " then, isn’t it? I’m sure Walgreens has a shoplifting problem too, but they don’t corral & frisk all their customers. You describe a problem that should be resolved by policy and management, not by indicting everyone that prints legitimate manufacturer coupons. If Walgreens just "dumps" $20,000.00 worth of coupons into an envelope, they must have a dumpster diving problem and a real need for extra training in Deerfield, Illinois.

Here’s what my printed manufacturer coupons " clearly say."

Consumer: This coupon good only on the purchase of product(s) indicated. Limit one (1) coupon per item(s) purchased. Limit of four (4) like coupons in the same day.( I seem to be missing the clearly stated one per household part on all my coupons )

Retailer: If submitted in accordance with our Coupon Redemption Policy, you will be reimbursed face value plus 8 cents handling.

That would be an 8 cent Moneymaker on each one of those coupons dumped in envelopes chain wide. 

That’s what my local stores in Houston claim.  No printed coupons accepted at all and they all know me.

Leah I would print coupon policy off Walgreens.com and show them if they still refused I would call corp.  ~ printed right in the company coupon policy it says they accept print coupons.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Teresa! I would recommend that you try going to another Walgreens, if you have one. Maybe after awhile your local Walgreens will soften a bit on that policy.

I would print company policy off website and show to them or just call 1-800

My local Houston Walgreen’s (all 3 near me) will no longer accept printable coupons regardless of where they were obtained.  This started 2 weeks ago.  Is there anything I can do since this is clearly a regional manager not corporate policy?

Unfortunately, no. Individual stores and regions have the authority to make decisions like that. You can call Corporate and express your displeasure with this, though. Hopefully they might take notice and change the store or regional policy.

I chose not to call corporate.  I had a CVS manager refused to take some tearpad $1 coupons for starbucks refreshers last fall.  These were not a printed coupon and it did NOT make the item free, it made them $.50, sale price $1.50.  He flat refused.  I called corporate and they said they stood by their manager.  I was livid.  I went to another CVS used my coupons and all my Extra Bucks and have not shopped their since.  Its a win-win for me.  My CVS never has anything in stock because there are 2 extreme couponers who clear the store every week. It was always a wasted trip.

Walgreens is better because they have banned those 2 couponers after they caught them re-selling at a local flea market!!

It is not illegal to resell stuff!!!! How do you think Bealls and Marshalls and ETC are in business???? I would sue those Walgreens, because you can’t get banned for reselling!

Mine, did since before Christmas and my Tom Thumb did too

Is there still a limit, quantity of products = quantity of coupons? Or that’s only for physical coupons? 😉

The digital coupons can only be used one time for each coupon. The digital coupons ARE included in the manufacturer coupon-to-product ratio requirement; you still must have as many or more products in your transaction as you have manufacturer coupons (including these digital coupons) and Register Rewards used as payment.