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New Quilted Northern Coupon: Bath Tissue, $6.11 at Target, Starting 3/30!

QUilted Northern Target 30 packStarting tomorrow, Quilted Northern 30-packs of bath tissue will be on promotion at Target: buy two and receive a $10.00 Target gift card. Stack a new printable manufacturer coupon with Target coupons and a Target Cartwheel offer. Grab two 30-packs of Quilted Northern bath tissue for just $6.11 after the coupon stack and gift card! That’s only $0.20 per roll!

Buy 2 Quilted Northern Double Roll Bath Tissue, 30 pk $15.00, sale price 3/30-4/5

Buy 2, Receive $10.00 Target Gift Card 3/30-4/5

Use two $1.00/1 Quilted Northern Double Roll Bath Tissue, 24 pack or larger (

And use one $0.50/1Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 12 pk or larger, Target Coupon (

And use one $1.00/1Quilted Northern Bath Tissue, 12 pk or larger, Target Mobile Coupon, Text OFFERS to 827438 

And use 15% Off – Qulited Northern Bath Tissue, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 4/5) – (

Pay $22.23, Receive $10.00 Target Gift Card

Final Price: $6.11 each, when you buy 2

$1.00 off any Quilted Northern 24 Double Roll

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84 thoughts on “New Quilted Northern Coupon: Bath Tissue, $6.11 at Target, Starting 3/30!”

  1. Krystina Turnblom says:

    If my husband and I both go can we scan two phone just like using two coupons?

    • Kelly Martinez says:

      You can. But then you might not be able to use the $0.50 target coupon. You would have 2 $1 mobile coupon for 2 items I don’t see why wouldn’t you be able to

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes you can!

  3. Leslie Camacho says:

    how is everyone using target and mobile on the same item?. the policy says you can use either the target coupon or the mobile. CANT use both on 1 item……plus i have tried it before and it wont take confused

  4. Nisrine Elhage says:

    how did u get the target coupon,i text and they keeo telling they didnt identify it>

  5. Deidre Blanton says:

    Can you use the 15% off Cartwheel offer more than once? Was hoping to roll over the first $10 GC over to the 2nd transaction of toilet paper…

    • Alaine Dimmett says:

      Let me know if that works because I don’t think they will let you use the GC that day at least that’s what I was told

      • Kelly Martinez says:

        I always do separate transactions and use the GC right away. At least my target allows that

    • Kelly Martinez says:

      Yes you can use your cartwheel up to 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction and up to 6 cartwheel barcode transactions per day

  6. Karina Garcia says:

    I used (2) 1.50 off 1 quilted northern manufacter, target cartwheel, (2).50 target coupon, and the $1 mobile. And got the 10 gift card…

  7. Sarah Gosselin says:

    I am knew at this I dont understand the whole cartwheel thing ?? Can someone help me out I want this deal ????

    • Kelly Martinez says:

      Cartwheel its a app that you download on your phone and then surf through the app and click on items that you plat to purchase and you get the discount that it stated on it ( for example in this deal the cartwheel offer its 15% quilted toilet paper) there’s many other ones. Then when ready to checkout given your coupons and then open the cartwheel app and it will have a barcode loaded.  With the. Items you decided to get the discount on, have the cashier scan it and bingo that’s it… hope it makes sense

  8. Reene Rippy says:

    Has anyone use cartwheel with Manufacturer and Target Coupons for quilted northern. I was told I could not use target coupon with cartwheel and manufacturer coupon

    • emkat13 says:

      you were told wrong unfortunately. You can call their customer service line and they’ll talk to the store manager to let them know so they can inform their staff properly. 

    • Alaine Dimmett says:

      You can use MQ, Target Q, CW and mobile Q per item.  

  9. adelgado says:

    Can someone please help me, in what order should I give my coupons? Cartwheel, target coupons or MQ coupons first?

    • samlindsay says:

      I know for sure they take the cartwheel last at least thats what all the targets tell me.

      • Alaine Dimmett says:

        Yes…I tried to give her my CW fist but she said she had to take that off last.  It ended up taking off like $8.78 per pack for me.

        • Alaine Dimmett says:

          I just realized it took 15% off per pack….not deal.  I was thiking it was only going to be about $4.50 off the deal but it was per pack…not per deal.  Got a better deal than I thought.  :D

    • Anonymous says:

      Not sure that it makes much difference as long as Cartwheel is last, sometimes the cash registers will crash if any coupons are entered after Cartwheel, the of course gift cards are a form of payment so those would be after cartwheel

  10. Sabrina Buckrucker says:

    I paid 6.05 for each pack. $30- $1.50-1.50- 0.50- 0.50 – 3.90(Cartwheel)- $10 (Giftcard) = $12.10/2 = $6.05 ;)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Can i use (2) Target web coupon printable $.50/1 with (2) $1.50 MQ coupons on these two products as well as the $1 off Mobile Q and cartwheel?

    • Anonymous says:

      No. You can only use one target coupon per item (this does not include the cartwheel). So you can use either the $1/1 and .50/1 OR (2) .50/1 (although the latter would not be the best deal).

    • Alaine Dimmett says:

      Yes…you can use a total of 2 Target and 2 MQ per deal.  The CW will take off for all the items, however, the mobile Q will only let you use it once on one item.

  12. Alaine Dimmett says:

    I wanted to buy four packs. Would the cartwheel take off for all of them or just one?

    • Anonymous says:

      The cartwheel should take off of all of them. And the order in this case doesn’t matter because you didn’t have to reach a certain cash amount to use any of the coupons, but good questions because in some stores and depending on the coupons it can very well make a difference in the order you need to hand them over to your cashier.

      • Alaine Dimmett says:

        I guess im wondering if the 15% comes off the 30.00 or after the coupons.   It makes a difference in the total off

        • Anonymous says:

          It comes off the 30.

          • MJR121 says:

            It’s more complicated than that.  It comes off AFTER the target coupons, but BEORE the manufaturer’s coupons.  In the scenario above, it’s $30 – $1 mobile – $0.50 target = $28.5.  THEN the 15% Cartwheel, so $24.23.  Then the $2 in manufacturers coupons comes off at the bottom of the receipt, making it $22.23!

    • Anonymous says:

      Also since you said this is your first time I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did. Make sure to take screen shots or already have up your mobile and cartwheel coupon barcode when you get to the store because I can never manage to get into it from inside even though it is supposed to have free wi fi. Good luck :)

  13. Alaine Dimmett says:

    What does the 15% come off of?  Should I give the cartwheel first or does it matter what order I give them in?

  14. Alaine Dimmett says:

    I wanted to stock up on these.  Can I only use my Target mobile coupon once?

  15. jessiesgirl says:

    I’m new to all this…can I use the $1/1 from even though it says Redeemable at Walmart

    • Kelly Martinez says:

      Yes you can… but try target coupons they have a $1.50 manufacturing coupon + a $0.50 target coupon

    • emkat13 says:

      Redeemable at such and such store is basically just an advertisement for said store it doesn’t mean you HAVE to go there. However, if any coupon you come across says ONLY redeemable at or must redeem at blah blah then you can only use it at that particular store…you should take a look at the beginners section here on KCL to help you with all your questions…but for now, HTH

  16. Christy Leimer Farrow says:

    My cartwheel took $8.71 off Angel soft deal and $8.71 off the quilted northern deal. Not sure how this happened but it made my total like $6.xx and $7.xx for each deal. Anyone else have this happen to them. Maybe it factored in the price of the gift card????

    • Alaine Dimmett says:

      I paid $7.22 after $10 GC.  I think the 15% actually came off each package and not per deal.  It was a much better deal than I expected because I was figuring 15% off $30, which would only be about $4.50

      I’m not sure what price the CW figured the discount from.
  17. Dani Steele says:

    The local Target add says you only get a $5 gift card if you purchase 2 charmin–not quilted northern. Anyone else see this or have this problem???

  18. Yill Dominguez says:

    I am new at couponing I haven’t done my first shopping trip yet, but I am low on TP. Can i just got o target and buy this item or no I need to have a certain number of things in m cart.

  19. Rebecca Rodriguez says:

    I just did this deal at my local Target. Printed up the $1.50 /1 manufacturers coupon that they have on the target website which is a better value than using the $1/1 coupon you find at Also printed up the 50./1 target coupon off their site. Was able to use the cartwheel 15% and the mobile coupon of $1/1. Pretty much did the exact deal outlined with the exception of using a higher value manufacturers coupon. And got the ten dollar gift card.

    While there I decided to take a look around and saw that if you purchase 5 car febreeze clips you get a five dollar gift card. Combined that with P&G’s insert today that is B1G1 and that’s also a great deal while you’re already there.

  20. Kelly Martinez says:

    I had use target mobile coupons but today it won’t do anything when I send OFFERS…I want this deal coupon to use but it won’t send me anything, its there another word that I can use besides OFFERS????

  21. Chels says:

    Muriel, I thought the same thing but then I found the deal on page 5 of my Target ad.

  22. Muriel Essary says:

    Can you use a printed Target .50 coupon and a mobile Target coupon together

    • MissyC says:

      If you purchase 2 of the same purchase – otherwise it’s a one or the other, if you are getting one. Use both if you are getting 2 tps!

  23. 2VavaIvanova22 says:

    KCL- Why aren’t you telling people about the $1.50 coupon that Target has on their site? The coupon gives a way better deal….

  24. Paola Rodriguez says:

    Can i use two $1.50/1 and two $.50/1 coupons on these two products?

  25. swt001 says:

    Where did you get the $1.50/1 from? I can’t find it on target website.

  26. Natasha Tocamoto says:

    is there any charge if u use target mobile coupon?

  27. Dena Hix says:

    I printed the $1 off coupon and it says redeemable at Walmart. Can we still use it at Target? please help with this one.

  28. Nuri Saadullah says:

    whats the difference between the text message coupon and target app coupon? I get the same coupon on the app that I received from the text message, also if I have unlimited messing will I get charged a fee?   

    • emkat13 says:

      they’re both target coupons however, in different forms that’s all and you are just getting more than 1 coupon. There isn’t a difference except in how they come to you. …It depends on your carrier, I don’t get charged for them and have unlimited if that helps you

  29. Queen Qupon says:

    Ok…..never mind…I got it now!!!!! One is for the first pack, the other for the second!!!  Sorry about that!!!  My coffee hasn’t taken effect yet…..hee hee!!! :-)

  30. Queen Qupon says:

    Sorry. I am new to this….you can use the $.50 printable Target coupon with the $1/1 Mobile coupon?  I thought you couldn’t stack Target coupons together……

  31. Anonymous says:

    is there any charge if u use target mobile coupon?

  32. Anonymous says:

    thank u

  33. Anonymous says:

    The $1.50/1  coupon on the target website is a manufacturers coupon so you can use it with the .50. In fact you can use 2 of the $1.50 and one of the .50 :)

  34. Anonymous says:

    can I use two of 1.50 target coupon?since  I get two of this item?help pls

  35. Anonymous says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Courtni, I believe you could but print both q’s to take with you. 

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you can Dena. If they give you hard time, but print the $1.50 mq on target’s website to take with you in case they don’t take it. 

  38. Anonymous says:

    I printed the $1 off coupon and it says redeemable at Walmart. Can we still use it at Target? please help with this one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Can we use the $1.50 off target coupon? instead of the .50?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Ok…..never mind…I got it now!!!!! One is for the first pack, the other for the second!!!  Sorry about that!!!  My coffee hasn’t taken effect yet…..hee hee!!! :-)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Sorry. I am new to this….you can use the $.50 printable Target coupon with the $1/1 Mobile coupon?  I thought you couldn’t stack Target coupons together……

  42. Anonymous says:

    No worries!