What to do if your Catalina Doesn’t Print

If you think you were supposed to receive a Catalina and you nothing printed here's what you can do:

1. First, take a look at your receipt and make sure you reached the minimum spending requirement quantity or value.  This amount is before ANY tax or coupons (unless your store advertisements specifically state "After Coupons". ) If your store employees tell you the minimum purchase amount is the "after coupon" price and the advertisements do not specify, you should be skeptical of what the store is telling you.  If you needed to spend a minimum of $20 and you bought 10 products at $1.99 each, you did NOT reach the minimum; you only spend $19.95.

2. Speak with a store manager or customer service rep and request that they force the Catalina or give you a credit.  They should have record of all current Catalinas, but in my experience they often do NOT have any such list.  If the product is marked as participating in a Catalina, then they will definitely fix the problem, but often Catalina promos are unmarked, so you have to handle it outside of the store.

3. Sometimes I skip step 2 and go straight to step 3, just because it's easier!  Here's how to request your Catalina from Catalina Marketing Corp.

  • Call 1-888-8COUPON, or 1-888-826-8766

Press 3 if you are a consumer, then wait for a customer service rep

  • OR, If you wish to request a coupon you should have received, you may submit your request via email.  Simply provide your mailing info, the store name and address, the date and time shopped and the what offer you were expecting to receive.  Please send your request to: ncsc@catalinamarketing.com
  • for processing.  You will receive a response within 2-3 business days.

Tip* It's never a bad idea to make sure the little green "on" light is shining before you pick your checkout lane.  You don't want a Catalina machine that is out of paper or not functioning properly.

We collect our Catalina Data from a variety of sources and we do our best to state "Unconfirmed" if there is ANY question with the Catalina.  The most common problem with Catalinas printing is first, coupon user-error and second a defect in the Catalina system.  Catalina will take care of you and can look up your purchase by your shopper card; rest assured you will get your coupons or a credit in that amount!