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    A national phenomenon…

    What started out as two eager young women shouting deals from their home computers has grown into a national phenomenon. Heather and Joanie have appeared on the Today Show, The Early Show, TLC, The Nate Berkus Show, Fox & Friends, and been featured in many national web and print articles. The two friends now run a highly successful company of women (and a few secure men), who work tirelessly to uncover the best deals in every category so that families everywhere can afford to live well! They continue to live by the mantra that “You’d be krazy not to be one of us!”

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    Don’t be fooled…

    These twenty-something authors aim their brand at the new generation of young coupon moms, asserting that a krazy coupon lady should carry her coupon binder (that likely weighs more than her infant) to the grocery store and endorsing “profiling” of younger male cashiers to make your checkout run more smoothly!

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    Heather is the queen of creativity

    when it come to earning from home. As a licensed cosmetologist, Heather operated a salon out of her home before couponing became a full-time gig. Heather’s resume also includes time spent buying and selling real estate, flipping furniture, and two years working from home as a mortgage lender. Now the sole breadwinner for her family, this entrepreneur has in two years paid off over $50,000 of debt. A firm believer in going to extremes to remain debt free, Heather has her sights set on paying cash for a house, and with her uncanny knack for finding deals, there’s nothing standing in her way!

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    Heather turned to couponing

    after slashing her household budget while on a mission toward financial independence. When she could have folded and given up, Heather fought tooth and nail and developed some serious penny pinching skills that she’s now sharing with thousands of readers across the…

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    How it Started

    TheKrazyCouponLady.com was founded, quite by accident, when two stay-at-home moms began blogging about their strategic coupon clipping in Boise, Idaho. Founders Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer were tired of spending $500 per month feeding their young families and wanted to find a way to cut that number in half. Soon, they were “stacking” coupons, sales, and store promotions and walking

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    Joanie has always…had an eye for a bargain

    She never imagined that she could take her tightwad tendencies and create a successful business simply by
    taking her savings to the next level and sharing what she’d been doing all along.

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    Joanie knows how to stretch a dollar…

    No stranger to being a work-at-home mom, Joanie is an accomplished pianist and taught lessons from home for eight years before her full-time coupon conversion! Running a family household on a single military income taught Joanie how to stretch a dollar. Joanie still loves to shop with coupons because “It’s just too easy not to!” She says that “Once you learn how to get razors for fifty cents, cereal for a dollar, and shampoo for free, you can never go back!” She adamantly maintains that Mr. Trump should use coupons.

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    Meet the Krazy Coupon Ladies

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    Save BIG Money and make the grocery aisle your catwalk!

    Whether you’re ready to pay off debt and become financially self-sufficient, save for that glam family vacation, or splurge on a pair of designer high heels, the krazy coupon ladies and their book Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey will make good on their promise to save you BIG Money and make the grocery aisle your catwalk!