Small haul, great savings @CVS!

top brag

Small haul, great savings @CVS!

top brag

$5.52 OOP at CVS!

by: yy7 2014-07-27 22:56:50

Small haul, great savings @CVS!

top brag

Great Savings at Rite Aid!

by: colbycheese24 2014-07-27 20:03:30

Small haul, great savings @CVS!

top brag

TIDE UP at Walgreens!!!

by: Tom Luu 2014-07-27 17:10:19

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Small haul, great savings @CVS!

Small haul, great savings @CVS!

imageI was very surprised to find the always radiant on clearance. This actually went towards the p&g products of spend $20 get $5ECB. I needed like $6-$7 in order to get the $5.Even if it didn’t went towards it, I was still going to buy it since it was $2.39 and we have coupons that expire today $2. I hope everybody’s shopping went well this week:)


5 always radiant clearance price of $2.39

2 Febreze candles $2.99

2 Febreze Noticeables $3.99

4 St Ives hydration lotion b1g1 50% 1st 7.49+3.74

3 Ragu 3/$5

2 Flintstones vitamins b1g1 50% 7.49+3.74

total: $64.61+tax

coupons used:

(2) febreze b1g1 free up to 3.99p&g 7/27

(5) $2 always radiant p&g 7/07

$4 pads, liners or tampons CVS

(2) st Ives b1g1 free up to $7.99( deducted $7.99 automatically twice)

$2 off 2 lotions CVS

$3 any St Ives lotions CVS

(1) $1.25/3 Ragu inserts 7/27

$5 kids vitamins

(2) $1 Flintstones inserts 7/27

$2 off $10 vitamins, CVS included CVS coupon


OOP: $11.14

gave $10ECB paid: $1.14

received:$5ECB from p&g

$5 ECB from st ives


2nd transaction:

i had bought these a few days ago(hubby’s card)

2 Flintstones vitamins 7.49+3.74

$5 kids vitamins CVS

(2)$1 Flintstones vitamins inserts 7/27

$2 off $10 vitamins, Cvs brand included cvs coupon

OOp: $2.23-$2ECB= .23 cents


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Freebies at Rite Aid!

Freebies at Rite Aid!



Here’s What I Bought:

4 Tide:  Sale $4.94

2 Crest Pro-Health Rinse:  Sale $3.99

2 Covergirl Glosstinis: $3.79, BOGO 50%

2 Suave Hair/Body Care: $2.74, BOGO 50%

1 Tresemme Styler:  Sale $4.00

2 Oral-B Toothbrushes:  Sale $3.00

1 Oral-B Battery Toothbrush:  Sale $6.00

1 E.P.T. Test 3pk:  Sale $14.99

1 Axe Body Spray:  Sale $4.00

1 Axe Deodorant:  Sale $4.00

3 School Supplies:  Sale 3/$0.99

1 Wet N Wild Fergie Nail Enamel:  Sale $2.09

1 InkJoy Pens 8pk:  Sale $1.99


Here’s What I Used:

$2/1 Tide MFQ

$5/3 Tide MFQ

$1/1 InkJoy Adperk

$1.50/2 Oral-B Toothbrushes MFQ

$1/1 Tresemme Catalina

$1/1 Fergie Nail Enamel MFQ

$0.50/1 Fergie Nail Enamel Adperk

$2/1 Oral-B Battery Toothbrush MFQ

$2/2 Crest Pro-Health Rinse MFQ

$0.50/1 Suave Body Wash MFQ

$1/1 Suave Body Wash Adperk

$1/1 Suave Kids MFQ

Buy 1 Axe Body Spray Get 1 Axe Deodorant Free

$3/1 E.P.T. MFQ

$3/2 Covergirl MFQ

(2) $8 off a purchase of $40 or more


Here’s What I Earned:

(2) $2.50 +Up from Oral-B Toothbrushes

(2) $3 +Up from Crest Rinse

$4 +Up from Oral-B Battery Toothbrush

$10 +Up from E.P.T.

$5 +Up WYB $15 in Select Unilever

$10 Gas Card WYB $30 in Select P&G


Here’s What I Saved:

Total Spent After Coupons and Rewards Earned:  $2.89 MM!!!!  That’s $135.98 worth of product for FREE!!!!

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Amazing Glade Money Maker at Target!!

Janie Fraley
Amazing Glade Money Maker at Target!!

I went to Target with the intentions of taking advantage of the amazing Glade sales out there, but was happily surprised to see several items on clearance, too!

Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit – (regular $9.99)
Glade Automatic Spray Refill – (regular $4.99) Clearance $2.48

Glade Scented Oil Warmer – (regular $1.39)
Glade Scented Oil Twin Refill – (regular $4.89) Clearance $2.44

I used 3 manufacturer coupons from 7/27
$0.75/1 Automatic Spray Refill
$0.75/1 Scented Oil Refill
$2.00/1 Automatic Spray Starter Kit
I used 2 Target coupons $1.00/2 Glade Air products
5% Cartwheel offer deducted an addition $0.53

At the register, the Automatic Spray Starter Kit rang up for only $4.89. I don’t know if it was a mistake or was on clearance as well and just not marked. It was a happy surprise! Regular price – $21.26 OOP

-$5.17 Checkout 51
- $5.00 rebate Ibotta
- $6.00 PLUS I earned two BONUS Ibotta credits!
$0.50 Triple Play for redeeming 3 in-store rebates (ends Sunday)
$1.00 Glade Best Feelings rebate for redeeming 3 unique Glade rebates

Final verdict?? $7.33 MONEYMAKER for $21.26 worth of products!!!

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  1. Janie Fraley It is actually fairly simple. You download the apps and set up your accounts, which is sounds like you have already taken care of. With Ibotta, you will select the store you are shopping and be sure to unlock the credits. There is often times more than one thing you will have to unlock - so make sure you get them all! You will click the redeem button at the bottom, select the store you shopped at, and click Verify Items. It will ask you to scan the barcode on the item. Then you will submit a receipt by taking a picture of your receipt with the app. You will need to make sure it has the store logo, date of purchase, and the full receipt, including the total you spent. It usually take a little bit, but soon you'll get a notification that your rebate was successful. Then you have a few choices on how to get your money back. Good luck!
  2. Ashlynne Levin Never mind I read your post wrong. Great post!
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My First Brag!

My First Brag!

Yesterday I made a trip to Harris Teeter and Walmart and received these specials! Walmart: Crest Toothpaste .75 $2/3 Coupon .08 each Bird’s Eye Vegetables 1.00 $1/1 Coupon Free Gain Flings 5ct. $2.24 $2/1 Coupon .24 Harris Teeter : Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner 3.00 $3.00/2 Coupon $3/2 evic FREE Head and Shoulders Shampoo $5.00 $5.00/2 coupon $5.00/2 evic Free Vidal Sasson Shampoo and Conditioner 2.49 $3.00/2 Coupon $3.00/2 evic $1.02 Money Maker Lipton Tea Bags 1.50 .60/1 coupon .40/1 evic .10 Moneymaker I got everything pictured for 1.66 including tax.

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  1. cherryloveskcl what's an evic?
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Good deals:)

Good deals:)



Transaction 1: I bought one Glade aerosol spray (originally .99 cents marked down to .68 cents.) I also bought one Bayer chewable aspirin for 2.08 and used a $2 off of 1 Bayer product making it .08 cents. I also bought 3 Old Spice deodorants for 2.69 each (buy 3 get a $5 Target gift card). I used one .75 cents off of one Old Spice product and one 2 off of 2 Old Spice products coupon. My total came to 6.36 and I used previous Target gift cards to pay for it and received a 5 dollar gift card.

Transaction 2: I bought 3 Old Spice deodorants and used a .75 cent off any Old Spice Product and a $2 off of 2 Old Spice Products.  My total came to $4.30. I paid with my gift card from the first transaction and received another $5 dollar gift card.

I just double checked my receipt because I was not sure how in the world my total only came to $4.3o and I saw that somehow it took off 2 $2 off coupons instead of the one $2 off coupon and one .75 cent off coupon..not sure how because I only gave the one $2 off of 2 coupon and one .75 cent off coupon, but I’m not complaining. Just letting everyone know that it really should cost a little more than that.


I bought three Crest baking soda toothpastes on rollback for .75 cents each and used a 2 off of three coupon making them .08 cents each. I bought a 5 ct bag of Tide pods for 2.24 and used a $2 off of 1 coupon ( so happy to find them because the coupon expired today and they have been out of stock forever)  making it .24 cents. Then I bought two Revlon nail clippers at a $1.47 each and 5 Revlon nail files at $1.97 each. I used 7 $3 off of 1 Revlon nail product coupons resulting in $8.21 cents in overage:) Which I used to buy the four bags of chips (plus one more that my boyfriend already ate lol). I also bought one box of airheads 5 ct and one box of Mentos candy  each .98 cents and I had two $1 off coupons that I received from the manufacturer. My subtotal was 27.14 before coupons and after coupons I paid $1.42!!

On a different trip I bought the six packs of Bic Razors for $2.82 each and used 6 $3 off of 1 Bic razor coupons resulting in $1.08 of overage.

Dollar Tree

I didn’t use any coupons on these but it was still an awesome deal. My Dollar Tree had these full size boxes of Club crackers, just they weren’t in a box they were just wrapped like this, but a $1 for a full box of Club crackers I consider outstanding.

I was really happy after everything, I had some bad experiences at Walgreens earlier this week, and this helped remind me that for every bad experience I have couponing I have alot of great times as well.

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Money Makers Suave, Purell and Revlon Nail Polish!

Julie DeGuia
Money Makers Suave, Purell and Revlon Nail Polish!

photo (47)


This was my first time shopping the clearance section and on a whim I brought a $3/1 coupon for Revlon Nail Polish.

Revlon Color Stay nail polish. Regular price $7.99 on sale for 3.99 – Buy One Get One 50% off.

Use August Saving Book Coupon – $3/2 Revlon Nail Color, Care or Appliques

Use $3/1 MQ from (a recent insert – sorry didn’t mark the date down)

This is the way the register rang these up with the August Savings coupon – 1st bottle $3.99 – $1.50 =2.49 – 2nd bottle $0.19 – 0.19 = Free

Final Price $2.49 – $3.00 MQ = $0.51 Money Maker


Chex Mix Reg. Price $3.19 – Sale 4/$6.00, Buy 4 get 2000 rewards points

Use four $.50/1 MQ (

Pay $4.00, receive 2000 points ($2.00)

Final Price $2.00


Buy three Glade Solid Air Fresheners (this was all they had at my Walgreens on the 3/$3 deal)

Use three $1/1 MQ for any Glade Product (

Final Price – FREE


Purell 12oz – Regular Price $3.49 on sale for $2.99 with card.

Use one $1/1 August Coupon book coupon

Use one $2/1 MQ from Purell website (the loyalty program is awesome!)

Final Price – $0.01 Money-Maker


Butterball Turkey Bacon (not pictured) Regular Price $1.99 on sale for $.99

Use one $.75/one MQ (I got mine from All You Magazine)

Final Price $.24


Price for all 11 products. Paid $3.72 (plus tax) received 2000 points ($2.00) = $1.72



Suave Professionals Natural Infusion – Regular Price $2.88

Use one $1.50/1 MQ (RP 7/27)

Submit $1.50 rebate to Checkout 51 (expired)

Final Price $.12 Money-Maker


Gold Bond 4oz – Regular Price $.97

Use two $1/1 MQ (

Final Price $.06 Money Maker


WinCo – (I also bought GM cereal using the Ibotta rebates good through 7-31)

Nature Valley Granola Bars – Regular Price $1.98

Use one $.60/1 MQ

Submit $.50 rebate to Ibotta

Final Price $.88


Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches 4 count – Regular Price $1.48

Submit $.75 rebate to Ibotta

Final Price – $.73


Final Price for everything pictured (plus bacon) is $3.80

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  1. Julie DeGuia Correction - Gold Bond was a 1oz, bottle NOT 4 oz.
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$2.10 for $84 worth of products!

Rebekka Bernique
$2.10 for $84 worth of products!

CVS STARTED WITH $9ECB LEFT WITH $10ECB TRANS 1: Sale—SPEND $10 on select products receive $5ECB (limit 2 per card) BUY- 2 SoftSoap Body Wash @ $4.49ea=$8.98 2 Speed Stick Gear Deodorants @ $5.49ea=$10.98 USE- 2-$.75/1 SoftSoap BW manu q’s from 7/27/14 insert(check database for exact insert) BOGO Speed Stick Gear Manu Q- deducted $4.29 from 7/27 insert(check database for exact insert) 30% CVS Q- deducted $4.67 2-$2ECBS $2.50 deodorant cvs Q $3/2 Soft Soap BW CVS Q Pay nothing received $10ECB TRANS 2: BUY- 2- Oral-B Cross Action Power Toothbrushes @5.99ea receive $3ECB for every 1(earned$6ecb) 2-Colgate Total Mouthwash 1Ltr @5.99ea receive $2 for every 1(earned$4ecb) USE- 2-$2/1 Oral-B power toothbrush q from 7/27 insert(check database for exact insert) 2-$2/1 Colgate Total Mouthwash 32oz or larger Q from 7/27 insert(check database for exact insert) $10ecb from first transaction $4/$20 oral care cvs q Pay 2.10 after tax and receive $10ECB($6 & $4) TRANS 3: SALE-SPEND $15 ON SELECT PRODUCTS RECEIVE $5ECB (BOGO 50%) BUY- 4-ST. IVES FRESH HYDRATION LOTIONS @8.29X2 & 4.14X2 USE- 2-BOGO FREE ST.IVES FRESH HYDRATION LOTION MANU Q’S from 7/27insert(check database for exact insert) deducted $7.99×2(max value of q) $2 any lotion cvs q $10ecb from previous transaction(she didn’t tell me I was going to lose $3.12 in ECBs she just pressed enter so I’ll call corporate tomorrow) Pay nothing and receive $5ECB.

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  1. Elliana Oooh I saw it coupon online that takes $3 off any st. Ives purchase of $10 or more. But wow, that whole purchase was awesome.
  2. Tammy Thank u for posting! I'm gonna try to copy exact trip u did :)!
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GREAT Savings At Rite Aid

Becky Fraser
GREAT Savings At Rite Aid

I purchased:

Oral B Glide Floss
Paid $3.00
(FORGOT to use my $.50/1 coupon BOO BUT I don’t know if it would have worked. My total before tax with OUT this coupon was only $.48 So would my total not in fact have to be at least the value of the coupon? Or would it have taken the $.48 off?)
Received $2.50+UP

Crest Complete Toothpaste
Paid $3.00
Used $.50/1
Received $2.50+UP

Nexxus Shampoo
Paid $5.99
Used $3/1 nexxus product FROM RITE AID VIDEO VALUES
Total Cost $2.99
Recieved $3.00 +UP

E.P.T Fertility Testing Kit
ORIGINALLY over $40.00 on sale for $14.99
Used $5/1 E.p.t fertility Kit
Total Cost $9.99
Received $10.00 +UP

Grand Total BEFORE Coupons was $26.98
I used $8.50 worth of coupons making the total $18.48.
From my last shopping trip, I used my $18.00 worth of +UP points.

Which made my GRAND TOTAL $.48 + tax for a total of $2.44
And I EARNED $18.00 back in +UP

(As a side note, if you are planning on using the E.P.T fertility kit right away, for the woman, you have to wait until the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle. And it is a 2 kit, one for EACH male and female!)

riteaid3 riteaidreciet

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Almost HALF off at Walmart

Becky Fraser
Almost HALF off at Walmart

For being my first ever Wal-mart couponing trip, I was excited. I have seen far better, but I am still happy with my savings.
(All of the following coupons I used, unless other wise noted, came from or and


I purchased the following;

Glade Jar Candle
Paid $2.75 (Used a price match from Dollar General Ad)
Used a $1/1 Glade Product
Submitted for $.55 Ibotta and .75 Checkout51
(After all coupons, total cost was 45 cents.)

Glade Auto Spray Starter Kit
Paid $9.92
Used $2/1 Glade Auto Spray
Submitted for $2.00 Ibotta and $3.00 Checkout51
(After all coupons, total cost was $2.92)

Glade Oil Starter Kit
Paid $4.88
Used $2/1 Oil Starter Kit
Submitted for $2.00 Ibotta
(After all coupons, total cost was $.88)
(And I received a $1.00 credit on Ibotta for buying 3 Glade products.)

4 Mitchum Deodorants
Paid $2.97 each
Used (4) $2/1 found from my newspaper insert on 7/27
Total Cost $.97 each

Speedstick GEAR deodorant
Paid $2.98
Used $2/1 Speedstick Gear
Total Cost $.98

SpeedStick GEAR Body Spray
Paid $2.98
Used $1.50/1 Speedstick Gear
Total Cost $1.48

2 Biotene Mouthwash (They were out of ALL but the last 2 I got!)
Paid $.97 each
Used $2.50/2 any Biotene products
Total Cost $.56 MONEYMAKER

2 Playtex Gentle Glide 360 Tampons
Paid 6.47
Used (2) $3./1 Playtex Tampon
Total Cost $3.47 each

Olay Soap 6ct.
Paid $5.88
Used $1/1 Olay Prodcut
Total Cost $4.88

Garnier Hair Cream
Paid $3.47
Used $1/1 Coupon (Peelie on bottles of Garnier Product)
Total Cost $2.47

3 pack Dial Soap
Paid $1.97
Submitted for $1.00 Ibotta
Total Cost $.97

2 Gold Bond Powder (Found in the trial size section)
Paid $.97 each
Used (2) $1./1 Any Gold Bond Product
Total Cost $.06 MONEYMAKER

Snickers Ice Cream Bars 12 Count
Paid $6.08
Used $1.50/1 Snickers Ice Cream bars
Total Cost $4.58

Tide 40z
Paid $4.97
Used $1.50/1
Total Cost $3.47

2 Shick Disposal Razor
Paid $9.97
Used (2) $4./1
Total Cost $5.97 each

My total BEFORE coupons was $100.93.
And adding in my ibotta and Checkout51 saving, it brings it down to
A grand Total of $53.43.

I know for me $53.43 is still a lot of money, but I saved almost half, all on products that I buy regularly! So I was super excited about this shopping trip. I can’t wait to do it again..and again..and again.
Happy Shopping.

photo 3 photo 4


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Kroger Mega Sale. .52 cents per item!

Kroger Mega Sale. .52 cents per item!

Mega Sale SavingsWith this Mega Sale, it is time to stock up! I was able to find a few things but not all. I could not find any of the huggies wipes(just one since they had left it in the register), Old spice body spray, cover girl eyeshadows, etc.


12 Gillette Satin Care Olay $1.19

8 Febreze $2.99

4 Mini Oreo Bite Size $.99

1 Huggies wipes $.99

5 Kraft Chese $1.99(2 are not in the picture since I have it to a family member)

5 Capri Sun .98(gave 2 to a family member)

1 M & M chocolate clearance $.25

total:58.31 these items have the mega sale price.

Coupons used:

(12) $1 Gillette product

(4) B1G1 Febreze product up to $3.99( it took off the $3.99 on each)

(1) $.50 huggies wipes

eCoupon $1.50 Kraft Cheese( deducted 1.50 5X)

Kroger Coupon received on mail: 4 off $10 shaving product

total after coupons: $18.35 for 35 products or .52 cents an item.






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  1. Melanie321 $1.19 without the coupon. After coupon it is .19 cents each. Remember that you need to buy 5 items in order to get these prices. Also, you can combine and take the items you need.
  2. xolauramariexo Where the gilette shaving creams 1.19 with or without the coupon? TIA! :)
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Retails $155.59 Oop $10.67!!

Kristin Supalo
Retails $155.59 Oop $10.67!!


Oral-B kids Toothbrushes : $4.97 each at Walmart
Use $5/1 mq (Oral-B Vitality Electric Toothbrush, Professional Series 1000, 2500, Deep Sweep 1000 or Pulsonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush)  in 7/27  P&G exp
8/10/14 Oop -$0.03 each

32 Load Tide: Pm Walgreens ad @ $2.99 each (Target) Use $2/1 Tide detergent mq in 7/27 P&G (exp 8/31) , also $1/2 Target q in the 7/27 RP (exp 8/31)
Oop $0.49 each

Herbal Essences: Pm Walgreens ad @ 2/$3 (Target Use $3/2 Herbal Essences mq 7/27 P&G (exp 8/31)
Oop: All Free!!
*smaller bottle are free travel sizes that came with the regular size product*

Suave Kids Shampoos and Conditioners: $1.50 each @ Walmart Use $1/1 Suave kids hair or body was mq 7/27/ RP (exp 8/24/14)
Oop $0.50 each

Razors: $2.99 each at Target use $3/1 Bic disposable razor mq 7/27 SS (exp 8/23)  Oop Free!!

Secret: $3.99 each at Target (buy 3 get $5 gc) use $4/3 Secret Outlast, Destinations or Scent Expressions Deodorants or Body Spray mq 7/06 P&G (exp 7/31). Rolled $5 gc and got back another $5 gc. Oop $0.99 each and you get back the $5 gc (so technially MM)


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  1. Kristen So this was my first coupon trip ever i went to target and they said i couldn't get the price match because it said with card for 4.99. I was willing to pay the 4.99 but they said no? i went to Walmart and got the toothbrushes hello kitty ones.
  2. crubert Don't worry about it, people do make mistakes. Some people have nothing better do but to rag on all comments and brags. Learn from it and move on :)
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Rite Aid: Awesome Money Maker!

Vanessa Medina
Rite Aid: Awesome Money Maker!



I am super excited to share my wonderful shopping experience today at Rite Aid!

(4) Nestle Crunch Single Bars: $0.59 each
(2) $0.50/2 Regular Crunch Candy Bars (SS 7/13)
Subtotal: 1.36

(4) Covergirl Lashblast Mascara: $8.99 each B1G1 50% off
(4) $3/1 Covergirl Lashblast Mascara (PG 7/6)
Subtotal: 14.97

(2) Covergirl Single Eyeshadow: $3.39 each B1G1 50% off
(1) $3/2 Covergirl Products (PG 7/27)
Subtotal: 2.08

$4/$20 Rite Aid Catalina
$9 +UP Rewards

Total With Tax: $7.00
Received $10 +UP Reward & $10 Gas Card

OVERALL: $13 Moneymaker

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$4.10 Moneymaker at Kmart

$4.10 Moneymaker at Kmart

I have been couponing a while but this is my first brag! I did 2 separate transaction at Kmart. Transaction #1- 3 Tide Pods 16ct 2/$10 used 3 MFG coupon from PG 7/27 $2/1, paid OOP $9.66 received $5 catalina and 5,000 pts. Transaction #2- 3 regular Downy 64 oz $3.49 ea, used 1 MFG coupon $5/3 paid OOP $6.24 received another $5 catalina and 5,000 more pts! Total OOP $15.90 received $10 in catalinas and 10,000 pts making that a $4.10 moneymaker!   I could not roll the catalinas since they can’t be used until the next day and the points won’t be in my account for 24-48 hrs.


Nov 2013-July 2014 316

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  1. tee jay I've done a few transactions at Kmart myself this week! Now on the Tide, the coupons I have from the 7/27 P&G exclude the Tide Pods. The ones from the 7/6 P&G do not, so if anyone is planning to do this deal, make sure to read the fine print.
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$1.89 for 24 items!

$1.89 for 24 items!


I couldn’t wait til Sunday to get the newspaper. I had been practicing on some trial runs with basic small quantities on items. This time I was ready to try out a bigger shopping trip using my coupons. With that said, I spent a total of $1.89 on 24 items!!!

Transaction #1


3-Crest toothpaste $.94 each

Used 1-$2/3 coupon (P&G 7/6)
2-Tena active liners $2.86 each

Used 2-$7/1 coupons (
2 Lady speed stick deodorants $.98 each

Used 2 -$.50/1 coupons (
4-Speed stick gear deodorants $2.98 each

Used 2-$1.50/1 coupons (
Used 2-B1G1 coupons (SS 7/27)
1-Carefree liners $.94

Used 1-$.50/1 coupon (SS 7/27)
2-Bic simply soliel disposable razors rollback=$3.63 each

Used 2-$3/1 coupons (SS 7/27)
4-White cloud 3-ply 4-pk toilet paper $1.97 each

Used 2-free 4-pk coupons (
Used 2-$1/1 coupons (
Subtotal: $38.50

After coupons $.10!


Transaction #2


1-Suave kids bodywash $1.69

Used 1-$1/1 coupon (RP 7/13)
2-Suave gold infusion shampoo $2.89 each

Used 2-$1.50/1 coupons (RP 7/27)
3-Suave naturals shampoo $.94 each

Used 2-$.50/1 any suave item (
Used 1.$.50/1 coupon (RP 7/13)
Used $3 off $10 Suave purchase coupon (

After coupons $1.79


Grand Total= $1.89 for all 24 items ($.07 per item!)

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  1. Jessica Dusseau How can I follow you? This is a great deal that I want to try out!