CVS trip

top brag

CVS trip

top brag

CVS trip

top brag

Newbie's First Big Multi-Store Brag!

by: Kimberly Anderson-2 2014-07-06 18:14:03

CVS trip

top brag

$3.99 at Target!

by: Catherine Stabio 2014-07-06 09:53:08

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CVS trip

CVS trip

brag Today I went to CVS to use my 25% off coupon and to get the saving star freebie. I wanted to buy some L’Oreal eye shadows, but the single one in the store are all the same color, besides, the $4/$12 cosmetic coupon can be used only once, so I decide to give up the L’Oreal deals. I have raincheck for Benedryl anti-itching stick, but it’s still out of stock. They never have it in my city. The small whole milk is also out of stock, quite a waste for the 25% off coupon. Anyway, here goes the detail:

physicians formula eye shadow $7.79 regular price (on KCL’s site it’s only $6.99. Oh my evil state~~~)

physicians formula mascara $10.49 regular price (there are other cheaper choice, but I don’t need them)

buy 2, get $10 ECB; Applied $4/$12 CVS cosmetic Q

Scott 1000 single roll $1.19 regular price. (will be 100% refunded by saving star)

Applied 25% CVS Q, final total: $0.41 (it could be a money maker if they apply the $4/$12 after the 25%, but I dont know if I can request so)

Original price: $19.47, saved $19.06, saved 98%.

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Shopping at CVSwas fun when i got paid $12 to do so

Shopping at CVSwas fun when i got paid $12 to do so


Had a wowie shopping at CVS today with more number of coupons than the products …lolz


1 scott 1000 bath roll reg 1.27 , with savigstar rebate – free

3 derma 5 min face lift reg $9.79(only two in the pic, one is resting in the rear end of the car boot and i was lazy to bring it :) )

used 3 $5/1 MF coupon and used $10 off $30 facial care

paid $4.37 rec $10 EBs making it a MM of $5.63

1 metamucil $2.99

used $1/1 mf coupon from sunday insert

received $1.99 EB

final -free

3 snicker bars @1.8 each sale B2GO

final-3.74 somehow my gas card deal was showing $4 to next award and it printed as a surprise for me :)

earned $10 EBs since they ran out of gas cards so a 6.26 MM
total before savings = $39.03

total after savings = $ 11.89 Money maker


Thank you KCL for the inspiration.. :)

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Get it Home Before it Melts!

Michah Gordon
Get it Home Before it Melts!

kroger 7-13

Well, my husband is an ice cream freak, really, this will not last a week at my house, he eats one a day! I got up early to get my newspaper as usual on Sunday mornings, and took advantage of the sun not being in full force yet so I could get some ice cream home before it got hotter than Hades outside! My Kroger trip this morning had a retail value of $64.52, I paid $22.44, savings of $42.08/65%.

6 Eddy’s Ice Cream, reg. price $5.99, sale price $3.00, used $2/2 kecoupon (I would have gotten 4 more if my freezer could hold it, lol), paid $12/$2 each

3 Secret Body Spray, reg. price $4.29, sale price $1.99, used 1 $4/3 from p&g insert, paid $1.97/$.66 each

4 Tic Tac, reg. price $1.09, sale price $1.00, used $1/2 from newspaper inserts, paid $2/$.50 each

2 packs of Tyson Chicken Wings, reg. price $5.79 & $5.56, manager special $4.32 & $4.15, used 2 $1/1 printables, paid $6.47/$3.23 each

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Winco Trip with $10/$50

Winco Trip with $10/$50


I have no idea why my pictures keep coming out upside down. I realized that my Winco coupon for $10/$50 was expiring today so I went to get a few things.

2 boxes Vanilla Waffers $2.48 each
4 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.88 each
2 boxes Motts fruit snacks $0.98 each
2 boxes Cheez it’s $1.78 each
Totinos party pack pizzas $3.48
2 3 packs pizza crust $2.50 each
Snack pack pudding $0.98
2 bottles ketchup $1.72 each
Oreos $1.97
2 Newmans Spaghetti sauce $1.88 each
2 chex mix $0.98 each
1lb turkey lunch meat $2.97
2 cans spam $2.38 each
2 2 liter diet dr pepper $0.98 each
Bounce dryer sheets $2.07
$10/$50 Winco coupon
Free Oreos WC
2 Free dr pepper WC
Free Totinos pizza WC
2 $1 wafers
4 $0.75 cinnamon toast crunch
$0.50/2 Motts fruit snacks
$0.50/2 chex mix
$1/2 Cheez it’s
2 $0.50 ketchup
2 $1 pizza crust
2 $0.50 Newmans pasta sauce
$0.75 land of frost lunch meat
$0.50 bounce
$1/2 spam
Paid $19.82 submitted $0.25 for ketchup checkout 51
Saved $30.91 about 62%!!

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CVS Clearance and Coupon

Jenny Roberts
CVS Clearance and Coupon


There wasn’t a lot I needed in the CVS ad this week, but I did have a 30% off coupon so I figured I should go and see if I could work out any deals (and check the clearance of course)…

Gillette Razor $9.99 – 30% – $1 QP from red machine last week = $5.99
Secret deodorant $5.99 – 30% – $1.50 catalina from ?? = $2.69
(2) Old Spice deodorant $3.99 – 30% – (2) $1 QP = $1.79 each
Gillette shave cream $3.69 – 30% – Free with razor purchase QP (took off $6) = $3.41 MM
Received $5 ECB for spending $25 on Gillette/Old Spice/Secret. Total for razor, shaving cream, and 3 deodorants was $3.85
Clearance Finds:
(2) Dermasilk Night Repair $9.99 each – $5 QP -$10ECB = FREE
(2) Axe spray clearance price $2.74 each – (2) $1 QP = $1.74 each
(3) Crest clearance price $1.02 each – $2/3 QP = .35 each

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Walmart Quick Deals

Jenny Roberts
Walmart Quick Deals


My Walmart prices are usually higher than posted on KCL and they never have everything I am after, but I did manage to get a few things today:

(2) Luz Sweet Tea .98 each = 1.96 – (2) .75 QP

(3) Crest .94 each – 10% discount – $2/3 QP

(6) Tide pods @ 2.24 each – 10% discount – (2) $2 QP and (2) $3/2 QP

(2) Bath tissue @ 1.97 each – 10% discount – B1G1 QP

Total before tax = $4.22 plus I needed to spend a couple more dollars for the Tide rebate and this got me there!

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  1. JD What is the 10% discount from?
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Free Cereal at Family Dollar

Jenny Roberts
Free Cereal at Family Dollar


I was wasting some time at Family Dollar and found this new Fiber One cereal with a tear pad “Try Me Free.”

On sale at $3.25- submit for $3.25 rebate = FREE

I hope it tastes good!

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  1. Justina Inez Lewis nice! I love tearpads and blinkies, they seem to be making a comeback, I've picked up great ones for Oxi Clean, Orville Redenbacher, and Lipton tea in the past month. I'll look out for this one this week. thanks!
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Last minute Target Trip

Sarah Barker
Last minute Target Trip

I scored a last minute deal at target on men’s and women’s deodorant:)

two $1.00/1 – Degree Men with Motionsense (

two $1.00/1 – Degree Women with Motionsense (

Men’s 5.78 for two, Women’s 4.98 for two

Total before coupons and tax 11.51

After coupons= 7.71 and I got a $5 target coupon making it more like 2.51 or .63 each :) WIN_20140711_100822

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Last minute CVS trip last night

Sarah Barker
Last minute CVS trip last night

I am so happy that I stopped off at CVS last night! I gotAlways Pads, Olay lotion, and Metamucil.

Used a $2 off Always coupon from P&G, $1 off metamucil

Metacmucil $2.99- $1 coup.= 1.99 —- got 1.99 in Extra bucks=Free after EcB

Always pads $ 4.49 – $2 coupon= 2.49 and $1 ECB

Olay moisturizer 3.29 clearance item

Total before coupons= 11.52

After Coupons=8.52 with $2.99 in ECB (like 5.53 after ECB)!!! 52% savingsWIN_20140711_100910

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Walmart, 7 Products, all FREE PLUS MONEYMAKER!

Walmart, 7 Products, all FREE PLUS MONEYMAKER!


The JINGIT deal for Men’s SpeedStick Gear deodorant has been going on a while now, at least a few months.  It also has reset after every time I purchase them, so I keep getting additional rebates, which mean additional FREEBIES and MONEYMAKERS!  Just make sure it has “reset” before you purchase more, which is typically just a few days.  Plus, while purchasing the deal, or just going into Walmart, there are always several “check ins” you can do on JINGIT for free money, right now $1.40 to scan 3 items. which paid for my Sunny D Chillers, and made them free!


I went to our clearance section which is huge right now.  In a big tub, was a bunch of Disney Princess items, party favors, etc.  They were not marked, so I brought 3 to the register and asked for the price.  The earplugs had an initial markdown to $9.95, but wasn’t ringing up.  The manager priced them all at $0.25!  Wish I would have grabbed more!


  • Buy 2 Men’s SpeedStick Gear Deodorant $2.98

Use two $2 off SpeedStick Gear Deodorant printable SWAGBUCKS coupon (you are also paid $0.10 for each coupon you redeem)

Buy 2 SpeedStick Gear or Irish Spring Deodorant and receive $2.50 rebate from JINGIT

pay $1.96, receive $2.50 rebate from JINGIT

=FREE Plus $0.54 MONEYMAKER for each 2


  • 2 Sunny D Chillers $1

Use $1 off 2 Sunny Delight Chillers printable from

=$0.50 each


  • Disney Princess Charming Earbuds clearance $0.25
  • Disney Princess Tattoos clearance $0.25
  • Sofia the First Activity Kit $0.25


=$0.25 each after manager priced unmarked clearance


Paid $3.71, got $2.50 JINGIT rebate, and $1.40 Walmart check in for 3 products with JINGIT

=FREE Plus $0.19 MONEYMAKER for 7 items


Total Retail $23.91  Total Savings $23.91 plus an extra $0.19!

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Whole Foods Whole Check??? Says Who?

Whole Foods Whole Check??? Says Who?

Had a super fast trip to Whole Foods yesterday for their awesome 2/$6 sale on Ciao Bella gelato (reg price $5.49 EACH)

So, here’s how I saved:

- Bought 2 Ciao Bella Gelato 2/$6

Used 2 – $1 MF Coupons

$4 for both (saved over $7!!!)

- Also purchased 2 Gardein Chick’n packs – on sale $3.39 ($1 off reg price)

Used 2 – $1 Store Coupons

$4.70 for both!! (saved over $4)

- Finally, purchased 2 – 12 pk cases of Vintage Seltzer Water – on sale 2/$6 ($2 off reg price )

Used 1 – $1/2 MF Coupon

$5 For 24 cans ($3 saved!!!)







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CONNECTRESS - WIN_20140712_201518 (2)


Had a WONDERFUL trip to CVS yesterday!!


Transaction 1:

1 - Derma 1 minute Wrinkle Eraser ($19.99) on Clearance $4.99

Used $5 Coupon



Transaction #2

1 Derma 5 Minute Peel ($39.99) Clearance $9.99

1 Derma Night Repair ($39.99) Clearance $9.99

Used 2 – $5 MF Coupons

OOP $10.68

Received $10 ECB



Transaction #3

(I only needed to spend $14 for gas card)

2 – Dawn Ultra – $1.98

Used 1 – .25 off MF Coupon

2 – Febreeze Air Effects – BOGO 50% – $4.98

Used 2 – .75 MF Coupons

2 – Febreeze – BOGO 50% – $4.98

Used 1 – .75 MF Coupon

Used $10 ECB from previous transaction

OOP $1.48

Plus$10 Gas Card (which this store refused to convert to ECB)

$9.52 Money Maker!!!


Transaction #4

2 – Powerade drinks – $1.76

2 – CVS Lotions – BOGO 50% – $4.58

1 – Puppy training pad – $9.99

Total OOP – 17.37 (would’ve been $7.37 if they would’ve allowed the $10ECB in lieu of gas card, but oh well)

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  1. Brooke Mastin I didn't think they were allowed to convert the gas cards into ECBs to begin with. That is why they are Gas Car deals--not $10 ECB deals. My CVS was out of the cards one day when I went there and they gave me the "ECB receipt", instructed me come back to claim it in a few days when they get more in. I was going to have to get the gas card no matter what; was not allowed to make it into ECBs (even though the receipt said that it was $10 ECBs).
  2. Felicia my CVS in Boston also refused to change gas card to ECB.