Amope pedi file..
$15 q
$10 ecb
30% just for you from email

Sub 9.99
Plus tax 12.44
Got $10 ecb back

Like getting it for 2.44

Love it😀😀😀


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4 thoughts on “I ❤️ pedi foot file”

You buy it for $49.99 use the $15 coupon on coupon. com or the SS 7/10, if you got the 30% (email) that a lot of us got , then use it, if you have ecbs use them too, so your oop will lower.
•If you don’t have any coupons and ecbs
Then $49.99 you will get $10 ecbs back, meaning you gotta pay the whole $49.99 plus taxes.
•If you have the $15 coupons then is $49.99-15= $34.99 and that’s what your pay plus taxes.
•If you have the (30%) then 49.99-14.99(30%)-15(coupon)-=$19.99 is what you pay.
•And in her case she had a $10 ecbs so out the $19.99-10ecbs= she paid $12.44 with taxes but she received the $10 ecbs for buying the Amope, it’s like she got it for $2.44


So I’m not getting this. Did you take off 2/ $10 ecb


I agree as well I’m confused how that worked out


Great job